Premium Range Smart TVs That You Can Consider Buying


Television has come a long way from being an audio-visual device to watch footage from faraway lands. In other words, the function of the TV as a device of information has somewhat receded, and made way for a more unique experience. Consumers now want a device that simulates reality for them as much as possible so that the screen becomes a portal to the desired space. With the advent of the LED TVs, the demand for more has gained momentum. Let us now look at the relevant features of a few premium TVs that you should consider while buying the perfect 32-inch TV.

Sony Bravia Android Smart OLED TV KD-55A8G

Sony offers a lavish OLED display which ensures the most immersive TV experience. The pixels are backlit by this technology and you get vibrant images with appropriate depth. The 4K Ultra HD experience makes Sony a top choice among consumers. You can watch all your favourite shows across streaming platforms on Sony Bravia, but with a richer and vivid view.

The user interface is also easy to navigate, making the model a favourite among consumers. Along with superior quality images, the 40-watt speakers on the TV make sure you do not miss any detail from your favourite show. 

Samsung Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV UA55TUE60AKBXL

The Samsung Wondertainment series is built for the new generation of watchers who prefer both—quality and affordability. Samsung seems to have pulled off the impossible—perfectly combining both. This LED TV has an Ultra HD display, which is a pretty decent offering at this price range. Furthermore, this is a smart TV, so you can binge all your favourite shows on a bigger screen. Armed with a crystal processor 4K, the TV has integrated technology for a great viewing experience. Go for a 32-inch TV. If you have a small to medium-sized room, but consider upgrading the size for bigger rooms.

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Vu Masterpiece TV

The Masterpiece is probably the best premium Vu TV available in the market, with a quad-core processor ensuring a lag-free experience. With 16 GB storage space and 2 GB RAM, you can easily connect a flash drive and play your favourite movies/ TV shows, and download various apps.

The TV supports most streaming apps from the Play Store, so you can expect to watch those binge-worthy shows on a grand scale. With inbuilt front-firing speakers running on the Dolby MS12 technology, the Vu TV makes sure you are immediately hooked to the TV.


The Mi QLED TV rode the burgeoning trend of reduced prices of premium TVs and shot to fame and popularity. Apart from being an affordable 55-inch TV, it is not short on premium features. The TV supports the HDR mode, which means you get stunning outdoor visuals on the movies you watch.

 The Dolby Vision ensures that no detail escapes your eye, so no one beats you in a TV show trivia. The 64 GB flash storage combined with 2 GB RAM makes sure you do not fumble for space at any point in time. The MediaTek MT9611 processor makes sure you do not get those irritating lags in the middle of a show.

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LG 4K Ultra HD Smart Nano Cell TV 65 NANO 86TH 

If you can upgrade your 32-inch TV budget by a bit, this TV should be your automatic choice. Armed with the Nano Cell technology, the TV does not discriminate between viewing angles of viewing. The colour reproduction from the original image is so amazing that your viewing and gaming experience becomes unforgettable. The slim bezels on the screen make sure you get the maximum of the 65 inches you paid for. The smart remote it comes with gives you more control over the device regarding changing the streaming service or a voice command. 

Samsung Q Series 4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV QA65Q6FNAK 

With a 200 Hz refresh rate, this Samsung TV does not lag, and is great for gaming, as well as for binging shows. The 4K resolution, Q colour technology and HDR features produce beautiful moving images that leave a lasting impression. You can opt to increase the colour output by up to 100%, so it is all in your control. Furthermore, a TM1240A Remote Control feature helps you access the TV seamlessly. The sound output of 40 watts is ideal for compellingly original sound effects. 

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