How to Troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection

Many people use set-top boxes and TVs to access the Internet to varying degrees. They will encounter the problem of set-top boxes and TVs.

Here is a brief introduction to some tips on how to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection of set-top boxes and TVs. I hope to help you solve them. Some practical issues.

The first measure: turn off and restart the Wi-Fi connection.

When T.V cannot connect to WI-FI, use the set-top box and T.V to surf the Internet. The set-top box and TV will reserve a network IP address assigned by the Wi-Fi connection. If the address does not appear don’t worry about conflicts. If there is a conflict, you have to close and restart the Wi-Fi connection.

The method is as follows:

Open the set-top box and TV menu. Enter the “Settings” column, select “Wireless and network settings”. Enter the “Wi-Fi settings” item, select “Turn off Wi-Fi” in the new window. After completing the shutdown operation, Re-enter the project. And then select “Turn on Wi-Fi” to restart the Wi-Fi connection.

The second measure: Ignore the network

If the above method does not work, you should choose to let the Android device ignore the network and add it again.

The operation method is as follows:

Go outside the coverage area where the network needs to be ignored, ignore the network, return to the coverage area, wait for the network to wait accordingly, and then pass the network to login Enter the word. Thus, the Android set-top box and TV should get a new address and work normally.

The third measure: check the Wi-Fi password

Under normal circumstances, the Wi-Fi password should be changed regularly; however, when the network makes such adjustments, the set-top box and TV will not be automatically updated, and the Wi-Fi password needs to be updated manually.

Move beyond the coverage of the problematic network enter the Wi-Fi configuration item that needs to be adjusted for. Select Adjust network settings, enter a new password in the window and review the entered password information. Finally select “Save password”. Then Wi-Fi can work normally.

Fourth trick: Check Wi-Fi advanced settings

If none of the above mechanisms can solve the problem, the next thing to do is to enter the main settings of the Android set-top box and TV Wi-Fi for related settings to fix the error (how to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection).

Open the set-top box, TV menu, enter the “Settings” window, select Wireless and Network. Enter Wi-Fi Settings, then enter the Advanced option, enter Proxy Server Settings. Approve that the Android device does not use a proxy server.


There are common problems with Wi-Fi, it is not wrong to choose to check these items.

The fifth trick: set a static IP address

Another result is to set a static IP address for the Android machine. This indicates that there may be a DHCP address allocation problem on the router that the user needs to connect to, or the device has obtained the wrong address. In order to set a static IP address, you need to enter the static IP address setting column and enter the information (IP address, gateway, subnet mask, DNS, etc.).

The only problem with setting a static IP address is that it will apply to all Wi-Fi. That method can only be use to solve the problem when the user is only connected to one Wi-Fi.

The sixth trick: Turn off the Wi-Fi sleep policy.

If Wi-Fi problems often occur, users should try to set the Wi-Fi sleep policy to Never to see if the problem disappears. If the policy is never resolve but not seen elsewhere it also makes the Wi-Fi connection more stable.

In fact, just Troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection can solve the problem of Wi-Fi unable to connect.

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