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Video-rate per minute: all the prices to help you compare in 2021

Video-rate per minute: all the prices to help you compare in 2021


Video remains the most practical way to explain a service or demonstrate the qualities of an item or the know-how of a company. The choice of the type of video production service in belfast will be made in the first place according to the message you want to convey. But the price of a minute of video will also be a big factor.

The video rate per minute remains the most practical way to compare different providers. But between the different types of videos intended for companies, how do navigate? What are the differences between motion design, corporate video or 3D animation video? We explain everything in this 2019 guide on the prices of a minute videography company in belfast.

Corporate video: what is the video rate per minute?

To understand the value of a corporate video, just watch this video:

As you will have understood, a corporate video mainly demonstrates the expertise of a company or its know-how. But when the video is intended for employees, it can help strengthen the corporate spirit and attract new talent.

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How much does a minute of corporate video cost?

The price of a corporate video varies mainly according to the means deployed and the reputation of the agency in charge of the video. Indeed, the video will not have the same price if it is a simple interview or a factory shoot with a drone…

What is the price for one minute video of Motion Design?

Motion design is increasingly popular in the business world. Whether it is to explain the interest in a service or a product, the motion design video is fun and very didactic.

Again, by searching on the internet, we realize that several prices for a minute of motion design professional seo agency belfast are presented. These prices vary according to the different techniques used: level of graphic details and animation, voice-over, subtitles, etc.

Here are the average prices for a minute of motion design video recorded in 2019:

Faced with the wide variety of styles or options in terms of motion design or drawn video, the easiest way to get an idea of ​​the cost of a one-minute video is to consult this site which has lots of prices. 

What is the video rate per minute for a 3D animation

The major advantage of video animation is that it frees the limits of the imagination. Whatever your idea, the 3D animation marketing video production belfast allows you to put it into the image. Animation is widely used for the production of advertising spots but it is also beneficial for presenting projects that have not been realised.

Here is a commercial that mixes real sequences with 3D animations to promote a brand of mattresses. Studio 3D can produce this type of professional seo agency belfast:

Understanding Video Per Minute Rate for Real Estate

3D animation video for real estate is becoming more and more popular. It is very useful for selling off-plan real estate or for attracting investors. In addition to exposing the project’s strengths, the 3D animation reflects the professionalism and scope of the professional seo agency belfast.

The one-minute video rate to promote a real estate project is generally calculated according to the number of spaces to be represented as well as various options, such as the presence of an outdoor sequence, the insertion of animated characters, voice-overs or a soundtrack.

How much does a corporate video cost?

The creation of advertising, corporate or tourist films are specialities of our Video Production Agency, in High Definition HD, or 4K.

Very often our clients have not yet had experience shooting a corporate film when they ask us for a quote for a video service. If they are not supposed to master the technical aspects of the work, they do not master the costing process of a project either. For many of them, the why of how much rests solely on the use of technology. Just launch the camera and you’re done. It is nothing, far from it. A video, regardless of its length or complexity, has incompressible costs and requires significant time for preparation and editing. Others are dictated by more or less important customer requirements. This costing is not specific to a particular company, it is that of an entire profession.seo companies belfast

In 2020, 2 types of videos are essential: video with real images and video in Motion Design.

It all starts with the specifications

Like any project, a corporate video shoot depends on the establishment of specifications. It allows, even before the brainstorming sessions that allow you to describe the project, to identify your needs and quickly realize if they can be satisfied with the budget you have set. You must define the main objectives of your video as well as the targets you want to reach. You need to state a clear message that you want to convey to them. It is necessary to define the framework in which the video will be broadcast and above all to establish its duration now.

Scenario 1: How much does a video with live images cost?

How much does experience or quality cost? That is the question.

A good part of the budget of a corporate film is devoted to the experience acquired by those who will make it. Learning and experimenting is a personal investment that the professional pays for himself as the quality work he delivers. A beginner director may ask for 20 € per hour while a confirmed pro will be closer to 500 to 1000 euros per project professional seo agency belfast. Especially since experience reduces filming times and therefore reduces the budget. The inevitable problems encountered are quickly solved, but these are still as many savings made.

Each project is made up of 80% reflection and 20% action. The reverse practice is reserved for amateurs. This preparation is called a scenario, script, storyboarding, etc. The beginner screenwriter will post prices close to 50 euros each while a professional will claim at least 500 €. The same goes for assembly. Depending on its complexity, the rates will vary between 80 and 170 euros per hour.

What is the real price for calling on professional external contributors?

Depending on the size and duration of the video, we may need a team, however small it may be. A sound engineer, director, cameraman, technician, hairdresser and make-up artist are often part of small productions. Most of them only work part-time.linkedin marketing agency You can expect to pay between 50 and 150 euros per hour for their skills. It depends on the importance of their function and their experience. Similarly, if we use a presenter or a presenter, or an actor, he or she will be paid between 50 and 500 € per hour depending on his notoriety.

Without materials: corporate video shooting point

Of course, a shoot cannot be done without a camera. They are included in our ground filming prices. They are rented by the day for prices that vary between 200 and 2000 euros. For some very high-end models the price can exceed 3000 € per day and you can add as much for a good set of lenses. The images shot and the sounds captured must be processed in the studio, during the “sound design” part.

The colourimetry is also taken up, shot by shot, it is the calibration. Depending on their size and their material resources, they are rented daily for prices between 1000 and 5000 €. You may need to create a soundtrack there, it costs between 80 and 1500 euros. Photos from an image bank cost 5 to 50 euros per unit. For highly specialized equipment such as drones, cranes and other travelling trolleys and rails the budget is established on a case-by-case basis. The same goes for the lights.

There are costs when creating a video that we do not plan enough

If the video uses the technique of storytelling, in motion design, for example, it is essential to use the talent of a good voice-over (voice-over). Depending on the notoriety of the actor, it is negotiated between 300 and 1500 € per narration. If the production is multilingual, an additional 10 to 20% of the total


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