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Should you eat before or after a workout?

Nutrition and exercise- these are the two keys to a wonderful life. One affects another in many ways and you cannot live without having at least one of them. Nutrition helps to fuel your body and causes fast recovery with the proper adaptation of a proper diet. If you are worried about what to eat before or after a workout, then you are not alone. It is one of the most common questions that people ask. For this, you are likely to understand whether or not you need a food diet before or after having your exercise. Also, if you or anyone you know is going through aggressive changes of having routine exercise you may connect with the experts of Aster RV Hospital.

Some related facts

  • Fasted and fed exercise may have different impacts on your body. If you want to have your body respond in a specific way, you can opt for any of these options.
  • Also, your body shows different responses when you eat before or after a workout. This may impact how your exercises are giving you the desired results.
  • Most importantly, the body needs fuel that should contain the proper amount of carbohydrates and fats in minimal quantities.
  • Fat is generally stored as triglycerides in fat tissues and carbs are stored in the muscles or the liver molecules in the form of glycogen. Carbs or carbohydrates are available in different forms of blood sugar in the body.
  • In case you eat before having your workout, the blood sugar level increases and it persists during the exercise.
  • This is the reason that most people adopt a carbs diet before they actually go gymming and often use energy booster food items.
  • In case you perform your exercises while having an empty stomach, more of your body’s energy is met by the breaking down of fats already stored in your body. This leads to fat burning and the type of exercise is called fasted exercise. On the other hand, glucose and insulin levels are higher when you have non-fasted exercise.
  • This is how the body functions under normal conditions or when you exercise with or without having any diet ready in your hands!

Lose your worries about what to eat before or after a workout- eating before a workout may lead to fat burn

If you are favoring fat loss from your body, you can prefer to have fasted exercise. It is tempting to think that it will help you to lose fat within a few hours of performance. However, your body responds differently when you have fasted exercise compared to exercise while having a full stomach. The ability of the muscles to burn fat and the ability of blood sugar levels to remain in continuous use improve with fasted exercise. For this reason, some scientists advise that you should have a fasted workout and eat accordingly after the workout only. However, no evidence can show that fasted exercises lead to faster burning of fats or weight loss. 

Fasted exercises may not likely impact your body in anyways

Many people develop an area of interest in knowing how the body reacts when you perform exercises with or without eating meals. This is because they often develop their interest in understanding the body’s reaction. There are a majority of statements and researchers that give evidence of having no large difference in performance between those who eat before a workout and those who do not. There are very similar results in both cases. You may likely have equal results when you perform with or without eating.

  • This can be because a human body has its storage of energy that always remains there in the cells because of the food you had last time. The body stores at least 2,000 calories in the form of glycogen and much more in the form of fats.
  • Everything remains stored and develops your body in case you do not have any exercise to perform. This is why the little consumption of carbohydrates before you go for a workout is essential especially if you want to improve the intake of energy to perform heavy workouts like lifting weight.
  • Eating before a workout helps to improve performance and make you act like a real athlete. However, it is dependent on your choice of what you want to opt for better goals.

What to eat before or after a workout: What if you eat before long durations of exercise?

  • Exercising (with moderate range) lasting for more than an hour can have a better impact on your food choices and the food you consume.
  • Pre-exercise feeding helps consume carbohydrates and burn fat with exercise.
  • On the other hand, slower-digesting food may have its benefits on your body. It remains for hours even if you have completed your exercise. This ultimately affects the quantity you eat after a workout.
  • If you are an athlete, you should have your high-carb diet at least before three or four hours of the workout.
  • The body shows its impact when you consume carbs and have at least one hour of a gap between your meal and exercise.
  • Overall, it is beneficial and does not likely to impact your body in any negative way especially if you have your meals before long hours of short-duration exercises.

What if you do not eat before having your workout?

While it is one of the important steps to have your meals or even a snack before having an hour-long workout, most of the researchers agree that it is highly beneficial to have a meal before going for a workout. This is because when you provide your body with necessary nutrients, particularly carbs and protein, you are helping your body to recover faster and adapt to the continuous change of having an exercise session.

  • Eating after a session of exercise is important when you have fasted exercise. If you eat several hours before having a workout, the nutrients remain present in the body. This makes the blood flow at a greater rate and helps you with the immediate need for nutrients after you complete your exercise. 
  • Continuous or routine exercise causes the wear or tear of the muscles/tissues of the body. The nutrients you take in the form of meals before having a workout helps you to have faster recovery of muscles. For example, amino acids help build muscles, and carbs are helpful for the storage of energy in the form of glycogen.
  • If you choose to have fasted exercise, your body will use the fuel in the form of energy that is already stored in the body. However, you should take a meal after exercise. It will help you recover faster and work in the same way as you have a meal before your workout.


Eating is important after you have your exercise, but not immediately after you complete your workout. Carbohydrates that are stored in muscles need at least two hours of cycling to rejuvenate the body with nutrients. It doesn’t mean that you should begin eating immediately after exercising or while in another trial you are waiting for at least two hours. The muscles remain on the continuous cycle of tearing or recovering. There is no difference between whether you should weigh for eight hours or 24 hours to have your muscle recovery. Also, if you have the intake of proteins after your workout, it can give you mixed results in regards to gaining nutrients and having the store of energy again in the body.

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