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Is Composite Decking Less Expensive Than Wood Decking?

Wood decking is more expensive than composite decking. When you go to a store to buy composite decking, you’ll see that it’s somewhat more expensive than wood decking. Is this, however, a reason to avoid using composite decking for your patio? Let’s learn more about wood plastic composite decking to address the query. And get the right one for you 

What Is Composite Decking? 

What Is Composite Decking? 

Composite decking is a long-lasting outdoor flooring option for creating a patio in your garden. That’s a quick definition of composite decking, and it sounds like something a kindergartner might say. Let’s take a look at the material composition of composite decking to see why it’s so resilient. Composite decking is made from a combination of wood and plastic. That is why composite decking is sometimes known as wood plastic composite decking. They collect the materials and transport them to a plant where they are processed and mixed with an adhesive to keep them together. The mixture is then heated until it creates composite decking planks. They then shape the composite decking board so that you can use it to construct your patio.

What Is the Best Composite Decking?

As previously stated, the most cost-effective composite decking is the one that suits your needs. Assume you’re working on a project to install outdoor flooring. There are two types of composite decking to consider: capped composite decking and grooved composite decking. There are single decking boards available with capped surfaces, grooved sides, and a hollow core.

What is wood decking?

What is wood decking?

Because of its natural, pleasant appearance, many people prefer genuine wood for their decks. It just makes me happy. There is, however, wood…and then there is wood. The type of material you use for a trädäck has a significant impact on its lifetime and ease of upkeep. Treated lumber, sometimes known as “PT” for “pressure-treated,” is a popular and affordable alternative. PT wood is created from fir that has been treated with anti-rot and insecticides. Its natural hue is brownish-green, but you may dye it to make it more appealing.

Cost of Composite Decking

You already know that composite decking is a composite material made up of wood and plastic. Timber does not include any plastic; instead, it is made up entirely of the wood fiber. Composite decking costs between €27 and €42 per square foot due to its synthetic nature. This implies that if you want to create a 300-square-foot composite deck in your garden, you’ll have to spend €8100 on the project. It’s important to remember that the cost of composite decking is determined by the brand and grade of the decking you choose. Some brands of composite decking are more expensive than others. Some composite decking boards, on the other hand, are of greater quality and top-grade.

As a result, higher-grade composite decking will be more expensive than lower-grade composite decking. The Timeless composite decking lines from Bygghandel, for example, are of superior quality and cost more than the Essential collections. This isn’t to say that the Essential collections aren’t worthwhile. However, there is a difference in the warranty and how long the color will persist. Timeless composite decking has a 25-year lifespan, whereas Essential composite decking has a 10-year lifespan.

Let’s move on to wood decking now. A wooden deck might cost anything from €12 to €22 per square foot. So, if you want to create a 300-square-foot wood deck in your garden, you’ll have to budget €3600. Wood decking costs differ based on the brand. Then there’s pressure-treated softwood decking. There’s also the hardwood decking to consider. Because pressure-treated softwood decking isn’t inherently sturdy, it requires chemicals to make it so.

Softwood decking manufacturers often pressure-treat their products to make them more durable. Hardwood decking is the other form of a wooden deck. This type of decking is inherently durable and does not require the use of chemicals. Softwood decking is more expensive than hardwood decking. The above-mentioned wood decking pricing is for softwood. Hardwood decking costs between €22 and €27 per square meter. As you can see, the price of hardwood decking is comparable to that of composite decking.

The Benefits of Composite Decking for Homeowners

Despite the fact that composite decking is more expensive than wood decking, homeowners choose to utilize it for their decking projects. Consider the advantages of using wood plastic composite decking.


When it comes to durability, composite decking is the first choice. Wood decking is less durable than plastic wood decking. It can withstand insect attacks. Aside from insect infestation, composite decking does not bloat, warp, or splinter when exposed to the elements. In terms of water absorption, wood plastic composite decking is less absorbent than wood decking. Composite decking is also mold and mildew-resistant. Low Intensity When it comes to preserving your outdoor decking, you won’t have to spend money on paint or staining with composite decking. All you have to do is use soap and water to clean your wood plastic composite decking. Furthermore, unlike wood decking, the method is simple and does not require much effort. 

Aesthetic Value 

Aesthetic Value 

Outdoor decking is not only less expensive than wood, but it is also more attractive. After you’ve built composite decking, it looks fantastic. When you go to the store to get one, you might select a different color of wood plastic composite decking. In addition, composite decking’s color will stay longer than wood decking. Although your composite decking will lose some color over time, it will remain attractive for a long period.

Composite boards are usually only available in a few hues, and the brown tones might appear flat and false. This is most likely why a genuine wood deck provides greater resale value to your property than a composite deck.



Is composite decking less expensive to maintain than wood? Yes! Composite decking requires far less upkeep than wood, so you’ll save money in the long term. Every year, wood decking requires a lot of upkeep, such as sealing, staining, and painting. If not, it may twist, deteriorate, or crack. Not only may this care be pricey in and of itself, but failing to maintain your wood decking properly can result in significant repair or replacement charges. Composite decking, on the other hand, requires extremely little upkeep. You’ll just have to sweep it and spray it down a few times a year. It will also most likely persist a lot longer. So, while buying in advance is more expensive, it will pay for itself quite fast.

Environmental impact

Of course, I can’t discuss the advantages of composite decking without mentioning one of the most important considerations for many homeowners: ensuring that their decking is environmentally friendly. You may feel confident that if you buy your timber from a responsible merchant, it will be produced in an ecologically sustainable manner. Composite board production may also be very sustainable and ecologically beneficial.


Wood decking is more expensive than composite decking. It is long-lasting, attractive, and low-maintenance. Composite decking allows you to enjoy your deck rather than spend time maintaining it. Invest in composite decking if you value low-maintenance living. Get cedar if you like the appearance of wood and don’t mind some annual maintenance. If saving money is your first priority, pressure-treated timber is the way to go.

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