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9 Common Health Tips & Natural Food Items to Live Healthy LifeStyle

Thousands of health tips are broadcast on social networks, where bloggers share tips from their lifestyle, and share recommendations on a variety of topics. How do we know who we really believe? It was found that there were 9 common health tips that were the worst of all.

9 Common Health Tips

It doesn’t matter when you eat.

The authors argue that food can be eaten at any time, but with a small amount containing a low calorie rate. It’s wrong advice, because most studies have found that eating late in the evening speeds up aging processes in the body, stores more fat and causes increased hunger the next morning. Nutrition experts are therefore advised to have dinner at least 4 hours before bed.

Rest after eating is necessary:

It is true that exercise immediately after eating is not recommended, but sleep or nap is also unacceptable, especially after a heavy meal. In this case, walking is the right solution. Post-meal activity improves insulin resistance and then decreases blood sugar.

A pregnant woman must eat :

Pregnant women are particularly impressed by this advice that they eat a fat meal under medical approval, but it can cause weight gain and even pregnancy diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Doctors say that in the last months of pregnancy only 300-500 calories must be added, which can be a sandwich with an egg a day, and in the first months, the calorie intake of the entire system and growth are relatively small.

Eating too many small meals improves metabolism:

Over the past few years, articles and recommendations have been pouring around eating so many small meals over the course of the day that we don’t feel hungry and accelerate our metabolic rate. But the truth is, of course, we won’t be hungry with this system, being eaten all day.

This diet has not reduced obesity rates, on the contrary, it has consistently increased with those who followed.

The fruit has a lot of sugar and will destroy your diet:

We hear this advice from all places and it’s wrong. The fruit contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed by the body.

In addition, eating vitamin C-containing fruits like mango, apples and oranges helps us absorb different metals better like iron, which many people lack.

Vitamin C prevents cold drops:

A variety of studies have found that vitamin C improves the function of our immune system, but immune system strengthening results from a range of procedures, good and appropriate eating for your needs, adequate comfort, stress reduction, good sleep and so on. Vitamin C is not a miracle pill that would do all this stuff for you, but it can support you all the way when you do the right things over time. It takes a long time to strengthen the immune system.

Exercise didn’t work because you didn’t feel muscle pain:

Do you know those who will tell you that if your muscle pain is not detected the day after training, your training isn’t worth it? Don’t listen to them.

Do you know the cause of muscle pain the day after exercise? This usually happens after taking a rest of several days/weeks between rehearsals, which may have increased the weights of the exercise, changed the style of training, and not taken enough rest between the training and the menu.

May be you are looking for some Natural Discover health tips. If yes, then you are in the right place. Natural health tips can easily improve your life standards. I am giving you some proven natural health tips that you can use to improve your health and quality of life, as well as help prevent disease.

5 Natural Food Items To Consume For A Healthy

There’s something special about winters– the cool breeze, colorful markets, and cozy winters clothes make this season perfect. It’s cold, dry air is good for your lungs, and it also helps clear your sinuses. The top home remedies include a combination of hot water in which you add a little lemon juice or honey; hot ginger tea; steam inhalation; medicated nasal drops; nasal irrigation with salt solution; applying petroleum jelly around nose; gargling with salt water; neti pot to flush out mucus from your nasal area etc.

Winters are here, and we all know that during winter season it is harder to stay healthy. It is true! Winters make all of us a little lazy and so we start looking for some easy, quick, and comfortable food options. When this type of food is ingested, it depletes one’s power while bringing imbalance in the body that can direct to Kapha, Vata, and Pitta dosha. Moreover, decreased physical activity in chilly winter results in gastrointestinal discomfort or amplifies gastrointestinal disorders.

4 Natural  foods for a Healthy


Whole grain

Whole grain food items are really the best for a healthy gut in every season. They can load various vital nutrients to our body and help us prevent various health problems. Grains like maize, barley, oats are just perfect to keep you warm this chilly cold season. According to Ayurveda, the digestive fires are augmented in winters, and eating whole grains can prepare your body to properly process complex carbohydrates throughout the year.


Jaggery might not be a very well-known food item. It’s basically a type of syrup or sometimes it can be called molasses or even sugarcane juice. In fact, it is extracted from the sugarcane plant. These days, there are numerous health benefits attached to this sweetener and people have been consuming this food item for quite some time in order to avoid cough and flu. Jaggery has these amazing properties that help in giving a boost to the body’s immune system and thereby strengthen it. It also works as one of the best digestives that can help in improving your body digestion skills while aiding in detoxifying your body.

Dry fruits

As the winter season approaches, there are some foods that can help you to overcome the lack of enthusiasm that is associated with the season. In Indian cuisine, we consume a lot of dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates, cashews, and pistachio. These fruits not only do they help us to generate warmth within the body, but also provide the stamina required to combat winter laziness.


Ginger has been used for its medicinal value across the world. It has been used since long time to treat rashes, cold and even constipation. It is very useful ingredient in our daily food items. One can also call this as a magical ingredient, you can add in all food items you prepare like soup, herbal tea, khichdi, etc.


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