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Complete Maldives Budget Travel Guide with Destinations

We know that beaches are the most attractive place for tourists. But have ever pondered the reason behind it? It’s because visiting the beach makes an individual feel dreamy, have super fun, relax nerves, aids to experience stargazing, and much more. However, before you decide on a beach vacation it’s pivotal to know what kind of beaches you are in love with. There are two ways to find it number one on budget and the other is luxury.  What if you come to know that you can get both in one place? Yes, you read the statement correctly, now visit your dream destination beaches with all your budget. Here in this blog, we are going to throw some light on Maldives budget travel which is the ideal destination for many. 

Impressive Maldive Budget Travel Guide

The Maldives considered a chain of coral islands in the Indian Ocean derived its name from the Sanskrit word,  maladvipa meaning “garland of islands,” where the word mala means “garland” and “dvipa ” meaning island. It is located southwest of India and Sri Lanka, it’s a tropical archipelago nation consisting of 26 coral atolls which are fragmented into 1100 islands. These act as a magnet for the tourist. If you dream of visiting the palace but running out of your budget then worry not. Following the smart Maldives budget travel guide will aid you to fulfill your dream: 

Wisely Choose your Accommodation 

Instead of a private Inn or resort choose the local, smaller hotels or guesthouses. Infinite numbers of affordable and cheap hotels are available within walking distance of the beach. You will have several alternative options for accommodation in your budget. However, if you don’t wish to compromise with the luxuries and beautiful hotels then you should cut your budget by choosing the good one for them at the most convenient place. This is one of the useful tips for Maldives budget travel trips. 

Avoid Dine In Rather, Eat Out

Well, as mentioned previously staying in the local and smaller hotels on the public island aid you to save a lot in food and drink as you have an option to eat out. Whereas, selecting a resort on the private island is too costly as you have to eat and drink there only. However, if you are getting confused about choosing affordable hotels then in this case you can take the Maldives budget travel guide from the travel agency. 

Off Season Travel 

The more tourists there will be, the higher the prices will be. December to March is the peak season when the island is filled with tourists. If you want to do Maldives budget travel then plan for the off seasons which is between May to October. You will notice jaw-dropping lower prices on the island from the accommodation to the activities. 

Travel like Locals 

Before you plan your visit you must do some homework. Homework like how to hop the entire island. Individuals thought that flying to the island is the only costly thing but it’s not. Traveling to the remote island is costlier once you reach the Maldives. However, several ways aid you to cut your transportation cost.  

  • One of the best Maldives budget travel guides is to cut your transportation cost by sticking to one island. 
  • Island hopping by ferry

Choose Cheap Flights 

Cheap FlightNever jump on your first search. If you have set your mind on the Maldives budget journey then always set a price drop alert there are several tools that aid you through pushing the notification at the very moment, these are Airfare Watchdog, Skyscanner, and much more. You must also check the flight’s price at mid especially on the weekdays between Monday to Wednesday as you will find cheaper flights at this time. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are others such as a price to choose your activities, cheap flight tickets, and much more. As you are in your dream destination then you must visit the few famous places on the island. Let’s know the place you can visit. 

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Unique Places to Visit at Your Dream Destination

We all know, anywhere deep down in our hearts we definitely think visiting the most gorgeous place on the globe is the Maldives. Many plan their honeymoon vacation, and some their holiday planning or few visits to simply chill. Here is a list of the few famous places you must see when you are on the island.

Male Atoll

Male AtollIf you want to enjoy the urban vibes of the Island then do visit Male atoll. It is the largest and the most popular city located at the southern edge of the Kaafu atoll. It is well known for its abode of Royal dynasties and therefore also called the King island or the Mahal. Whether you seek the Maldives budget travel guide or not you must include this place in your plan. 

Major Attractions: The Grand Friday Mosque, Scuba diving, and snorkeling, Male Fish Market, Malé’s National Museum, Tsunami Monument, Dive Club Maldives, Underwater Scooters.
Best Time to Visit: From the month of November to the month of April.
Best Place to Stay: Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa, Hotel Octave, The Beehive.

Banana Reef

banana reefIf you wish for a great diving experience then visiting Banana reef will fulfill all your goals and desires. Well, this place is the first which gets worldwide recognition and achieved a license for diving and training.  The place is the banana-in shape and has a choc-a-bloc reef where you find exuberant marine life, stunning cliffs, fantastic corals, and much more. 

Major Attractions: Underwater activities like Scuba, snorkeling, and Jet skiing in the reef; places like Maldive Victory, Hulhumal-, Alimatha Island, Biyadhoo Island, and Manta Point.

Best Time to Visit: From the month of May to the month of July.
Best Place to Stay: Coco Bodhu Hithi, Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas 

HP Reefs

HP reefOne of the most tourist attraction sites in the Maldives is the HP reef. It comprises a variety of marine creatures, colorful fishes, unique caves, hangovers, and much more. Do add the place to your Maldives budget travel holiday packages and enjoy your holidays. 

Major Attractions: Explore Marine life
Best Time to Visit: From the month of December to the month of April.
Best Place to Stay: Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Seahouses TopDeck, The Somerset Hotel

Baros Island 

Baros IslandIt is considered to be the most ideal place. If you don’t like crowds and want to hop in peace then do visit Baros island as it stays the crowd at bay. It is popular for its natural elegance, sun-kissed beaches, luxurious resorts, pristine waters, and much more. If you are planning a honeymoon Maldives budget travel trip then add it to your visiting list today.

Major Attractions: Snorkeling, Scuba diving, a Coral reef
Best Time to Visit: From the month of November to the month of March.
Best Place to Stay:  Baros Maldives, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Angsana Ihuru, and Grand Park Kodhipparu

COMO Cocoa Island 

COMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa island is said to be the most gorgeous island in the entire island of Maldives. It is because it is covered to be a slice of tropical heaven that aids you to relax and rejuvenate. Around 33 resorts are available on the island which resembles the home of large villas and resorts. Feel the softness of the white powder sand of the beach having crystal clear blue water. 

Major Attractions: Snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming pools, infinity edge bathtubs,
Best Time to Visit: From the month of November to the month of April.
Best Place to Stay: COMO Cocoa Island hotel, Holiday Inn Resort

Sun Island

Sun IslandOne of the top places to see in the Maldives is Sun Island popularly known as Nalaguraidhoo Island, located in the  South Ari Atoll adorned with stunning tropical settings and pristine blue water. You will be amazed by its charm and luxury resorts. The place is covered with gorgeous fragmented colorful flowers, unbeatable beaches, and much more. 

Major Attractions: snorkeling, windsurfing, diving, and relaxing at the world-class spa.
Best Time to Visit: From the month of November to the month of April.
Best Place to Stay: Sun Island Resort, Royal Island, LUX South Ari Atoll, and much more.

Maldives Glowing Beach 

Maldives Glowing BeachThe Maldives Glowing beach is mainly situated at Mudhdhoo Island also known asVaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll. The place is mainly popular for its phenomenal fluorescent glowing beach. 

Major Attractions: snorkeling, scuba diving
Best Time to Visit: From the month of July to the month of December.
Best Place to Stay: You can stay in a water bungalow such as Cheval Blanc Randheli

Along with the places mentioned above add a few more places to your Maldives budget travel guide such as Whale Submarine, Rangali Island, Kanuhura Island, Maafushi island, Huvahendhoo Island, Mirihi island, Dhigu Island, Majeedhee Magu, National Museum of Maldives, Kudadoo Island much more. If you find it tedious to plan your trip to your favorite destination then purchase the holiday package from the best travel agency in Noida at a bargain price and avail the best additional services: 

  • Get travel guidance all around the clock 
  • Uninterrupted client support 
  • Heavy discounts and offers 
  • Day-wise planned trip includes everything from the pickup, and stay-in to eating out and much more.

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