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Reasons to Try the Barrel Aged Coffee

New coffee trends have emerged over the years, giving unique tastes that caffeine lovers will definitely appreciate. The plain, stale, and bland taste of regular coffee is enhanced to bring out all of its rich and flavorful qualities, through different methods and processes. And part of these trends is the development of an experiment with the use of coffee beans inside retired liquor barrels. It is called barrel aged coffee. This new coffee trend is slowly rolling out in the industry these days, and has been loved by many.

Barrel Aged Coffee

Barrel aged coffee is a coffee that has been preserved and aged inside old liquor barrels where alcohols like whiskey, bourbon, and rum were made. The method used in this process includes the emphasis of the complex and the natural characteristics of a coffee bean, while not disregarding its structure. This process, at all costs, holds the minimum accountability relating to the beans having negative characteristics.

The beans used in this process are only stored inside the barrels for weeks, letting them develop and enhance their flavors. This is where the beans get their unique and interesting flavors from. Also, the beans used here are not just the usual beans you usually have lying around. They are letting the green beans, or those beans that have not been roasted yet, be put inside the said oak barrel, sealing them and letting them sit for several weeks and more. These beans take in all the flavor that is left inside the barrels, and this is where all its flavorful qualities are developed.

Barrel Aging Process

Actually, this barrel aging process has already been known to be ideated thousands of years ago. But it has been tried and processed just a few years back. Roasters were trying to figure out how they will make their self-made coffee with the barrel aging process a unique one, experimenting with barrels that used to hold various types of liquor. Imagine mixing coffee and certain liquors into one drink. It may taste weird if you think about it, but it may be better than your regular cup of joe. And as lots of people have been eager to try the said coffee trend, some bartenders and baristas are starting to incorporate it into their menus, letting the people taste one delightful drink — the more reason why it needs to be tried out.

Develops Uniquely Interesting Flavors

Imagining how coffee with a spike of liquor would taste like, may not be pleasing at some point, not until you taste it. The beans that will be put into the retired liquor barrels will soak up the fragrances and stand up to the intense flavors from them. Then after a few weeks, and after they have been taken out of the barrel, the roasting process begins. This process brings out all of the aromatic and flavorful qualities that have been developed over the weeks it has been stored inside the barrel.

Good aged coffee does not taste like a stale, generic one, unlike a coffee that is simply old which will definitely taste boring and flat. Once barrel aged coffee has been discovered by lots of people all over the world, there are chances that they will begin to experiment more around this type of coffee trend. They will try to age the beans themselves in their own styles, giving them far greater control over the roasting process. Thus, this so-called experiment will contribute a whole new range of flavors and aromas, and each having their own interestingly unique flavors.

Variety of Coffee You Can Brew

Coffees are brewed either hot or cold, and then sipped as is. You can incorporate whipped cream, skimmed milk, and even caramel syrups, and it just makes the whole coffee experience better. Same goes with barrel aged coffee. With this type of coffee, you have been given the opportunity to make whatever you like with them. Whether you want them hot or cold brew, the taste results will be the same. You will still smell the amazing aroma from the moment you start grinding the beans.

If it is your first time to taste a barrel aged coffee, brewing a batch of cold brew coffee is recommended as it will expand your coffee palate, giving you an idea what it would taste like when you brew a hot one.

With how versatile the barrel aged coffee is, you have a variety of coffee options you can explore and experiment with. It is not just about brewing a hot or a cold version of coffee, you can also try blending them into fresh new cocktails while exploring new depths of distilled flavors. Actually, there is a lot more that can be done to find more coffee flavors with the use of the barrel age ones. Possibilities are endless!

A New Choice from the Coffee Menu

Putting the barrel aged coffee in the coffee menu might pique the interest of the customers, and find themselves trying it out. Adding a new and an interesting variation as this one might encourage them to veer a little away from what they usually drink. The uniqueness is a big allure for the customers. It might increase engagement with your brand as well, giving your shop something interesting to sell.

Barrel aged beers were a trend before, and customers may have heard of it already. But it is a new take on a drink being preserved inside an oak barrel. A coffee that has been aged in whiskey or rum barrels is a new idea. Customers would be curious enough to get them to try it.

Key Takeaway

If you are looking for a bit of a unique adventure in your regular cup of joe, having yourself to try a barrel aged coffee might give you a taste that will fill your caffeine satisfaction. Give this new coffee trend a shot either as a regular brew, or even on the rocks and sipped like a cocktail. And it is guaranteed that once you try this one, you might forget your ordinary, stale coffee beans. Barrel aged coffee is indeed a game changer that can pass on as a unique, interesting beverage.

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