How to Ease Your Stress Through The Pandemic Period?

3 Methods To Ease Your Stress Through The Pandemic Period

Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, some people will be psychologically impacted. This causing symptoms such as stress, anxiety, panic, and insomnia. How to relieve this pressure and let yourself pass the epidemic smoothly? With this free article online, you can overcome it by trying the following ways.

1. Understand Your Psychological Stress

First of all, we must understand the law of the psychological crisis of the epidemic. After experiencing an abnormal major event, many people may experience psychological stress, which usually goes through 4 stages: The first stage is the alert response period. Mainly manifested as stress, shock, panic, high alertness, overwhelming, or a blank mind. The second stage is the passive defense period. In order to restore psychological balance and control bad emotions, individuals will instinctively activate self-protection mechanisms. For example denial, withdrawal, avoidance, depression, anxiety or disregard for the existence of danger, or control the expression of sadness. Also, stress can affect your appetite as well.

The third stage is the reality adaptation period. After a period of crisis, people can adopt a positive attitude to face and accept reality, seek various resources, and try to solve current problems. Anxiety is gradually reduced, social function is improved, and self-confidence is increased. The fourth stage is the recovery period. Most people become more rational after experiencing the crisis. You will become more mature psychologically and behaviourally. Also, begin to acquire positive coping skills through certain channels.

2. Know About The Main Manifestations of Stress

Second, we must understand the main manifestations of the psychological stress of the epidemic. Some people experience excessive psychological reactions in the aspects of cognition, emotion, behavior, and body when experiencing the four periods of the epidemic crisis. In terms of cognition, some people are inattentive because they are worried about infectious diseases, they are always concerned about the epidemic, and they often don’t pay enough attention to other things. And will pay special attention to the abnormal sensations of the body, will associate the physical discomfort and other abnormal feelings with the new coronary pneumonia, in a sense of threat of infection, thinking that there may be a risk of infection anytime and anywhere.

Emotionally, there may be tension, worry, anxiety, and panic. Those who are always uncontrollable worry that they and their family members will be infected. Others feel helpless, desperate, or easily irritated, especially when they are prone to tantrums towards those close to them. In terms of behaviour, there will also be some special manifestations, the most common being avoidance. Without going out for a long time during the epidemic, the whole life at home is a chaotic state. A small number of people may have behaviours such as taking drugs and alcohol, and want to use these behaviours to relieve their emotional or behavioural problems caused by panic and anxiety. Physically, there will be some uncomfortable feelings. Such as palpitation, headache, whole body sweating, fatigue, lack of energy, loss of appetite and other reactions.

3. Actively Respond To Your Stress

Finally, we must actively respond to the psychological stress of the epidemic. In the face of excessive psychological reactions caused by the epidemic, you can deal with it in the five aspects of positively regulating your emotions, avoiding excessive attention, maintaining social connections, regular life and rest, and learning to seek appropriate help. In terms of positively mediating emotions, it is necessary to realise that everyone will have some negative emotions such as anxiety and worry after experiencing major negative events. Most of these are normal reactions. Accept and allow yourself to have these emotions. Consciously stabilise your state, you can do some deep breathing relaxation, music relaxation, meditation and other training.

In order to avoid excessive attention, moderate and controlled attention to the epidemic information, neither slacking down nor neglecting it, will help stabilise the state of mind. To maintain social contact, you can keep in touch with your relatives, friends, and colleagues through telephone, video, etc., accept the support of others, but also help support others, experience a sense of commitment, and enhance your sense of happiness. In terms of regular life and rest, maintain a stable rhythm of life, go to bed and wake up on time, ensure three meals a day, read, exercise, and do things that interest you or enhance your sense of pleasure.

Hence, make sure that the time of the day is fulfilling. In learning to seek appropriate help, when encountering a psychological dilemma, you can find family members and friends you trust to talk to, or find a place of privacy, cry a lot, and ease your emotions. If necessary, you can call the psychological assistance hotline or seek help from a psychologist. If you need help, our hospital hotline and experts can provide services. Keep healthy lifestyle and stay optimistic!

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