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Christmas Is Near – 14 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Home

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The most beautiful time of the year is almost upon us. While we might not have been able to celebrate with our loved ones last year, this year is luckily a bit different. Gatherings are okay under certain conditions so we can finally go all out and make our homes as festive as possible. Here are some interesting ways you can decorate your home for the holidays.

Start with your porch

No matter if you will be expecting visitors or not, you still want to dedicate some time to your porch as pretty much everyone who passes your home will see it. With that in mind, you can add some minor details like a holiday wreath on the door, a few garlands on the frame, and a welcoming doormat. However, you can also be a bit bolder. For example, a big DIY Santa can be put next to the door or in a rocking chair that you usually keep on the porch. A small Christmas tree can also be placed here if you’re ready to go all out. Lastly, you don’t want to forget the lights.

Make the entrance grand

Once people are enthralled by your porch and front door, you want to keep the feeling going when they step into your home. There are plenty of ways you can decorate your lovely abode’s entryway. For instance, if you have a holiday-themed runner rug, you can put it down. Then, a garland can also be put above your coat rack while you can also consider hanging a few pine boughs instead. Plus, boughs like these can also look nice in vases near the door. To set the scene right away, you can keep a scented candle near the entrance or an oil diffuser.

Decorate the windows too

If you want to keep the décor minimal, you can simply put some decorations in the windows with professional christmas lights that can be seen from both inside and outside. For example, you can make the décor repetitive and put a mini wreath in every window. Then, you can also look for stars that are easy to hang up in most windows. Besides buying them, you can also make some as a DIY project, from paper, wood, and metal. What is more, the simplest way to decorate windows can be by opting for some holiday-themed curtains.

Add holiday details to the kitchen

The kitchen is another area that is fairly easy to decorate and comes with a wide array of options you can decide on. Start by purchasing some kitchen towels with a holiday design and using them during this time. Then, you can also get tableware that is appropriate for the season. Other décor ideas include putting up Christmas lights, placing boughs in vases in empty corners, and hanging a strand or garland above your cabinets. You can also use the red, green, and white color scheme to create a holiday vibe without too much effort.

Dress up the mantle

In case your home has a fireplace, you surely know the importance of dressing up the mantel. Fortunately, there are so many interesting options here. From displaying matching stockings to hanging up decorated garlands, the mantel is always the focal point. However, even if you don’t have a fireplace, you’ll be glad to hear that you can easily fake a mantel. For example, putting a shelf above your radiators will allow you to create a fun little centerpiece. You can also hang stockings and decorate it just like you would a mantel. Furthermore, you can simply use a dresser for this purpose, cover it with a nice cloth, and light a few candles.

Spruce up the banisters

Homeowners with banisters have another excellent opportunity to further decorate their lovely abodes. While banisters are most easily adorned with garlands, you can do something more. Further dress them up by adding long ribbons to the garland. You can also use ornaments of various shapes and sizes as well as incorporate lights into the whole design. Perhaps you can even add some paint to the banister that will later serve as a nice pop of color to your home.

Set the table

Regardless of whether it will be just your household members or your extended family, you want the table to look nice. Therefore, deck it out with your most prized runner tablecloths. If you don’t own any, start looking online and in stores before they all fly off the shelves. Then, you can use a garland or a small tree as a centerpiece. However, some fresh Christmas flowers might be a better option if your whole home is already full of pine needles. Add a few candles to tie it all together.

Introduce a DIY cocoa station

Hot drinks are always an essential part of the Christmas experience. So, why not have a little dedicated station to hot cocoa, chocolate, or whatever your family prefers? While you can simply transform your bar cart, you can also cover an unused table with a tablecloth, add cute mugs and the necessary beverage equipment, and point it out with a nice customized sign on a wooden board. You can do something similar for mulled wine or eggnog – make as many stations as you can fit into your home!

Bring in pops of plaid

In addition to the red, green, and white color scheme, you also cannot overlook plaid during the holiday season. Luckily, the ways abound when it comes to incorporating this pattern into your home. For starters, you can have plaid curtains custom-made. They are sure to transform any room and put you all in the festive mood. Then, you can look for plaid blankets and throw pillow covers. To bring the Christmas atmosphere into the bedroom, plaid bed linens are a must. While everything from runner tablecloths to hand towels for the bathroom will work in plaid, be careful not to go overboard and make the rooms feel too busy.

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Be creative with advent calendars

These days, advent calendars come in all sorts of themes. However, this is an area of décor that you can apply your craftiness to. In case you’re bored of the cookie-cutter advent calendars that come with chocolates or toys, you can try making your own. For example, you can hang a mitten or a burlap sack for each day before the big day and fill them with heartfelt notes, trinkets, or treats. On the other hand, advent calendars don’t have to be about material presents at all. You can also hang up envelopes with dates on them. Each envelope can contain instructions on what the family should do that day. Include everything from building a snowman to watching a family movie together.

Opt for different trees

Of course, there is no way to forget the tree. However, it’s a good thing to keep in mind that you don’t have to obsess over finding the tallest and biggest tree if your family isn’t a fan of that style. While you can go all out and put every single piece of décor you have on the tree, you can also keep it small. A tree of a smaller variety can easily fit on a side table or in an unused corner and no big changes have to be made to the layout of your home. No matter your approach, to bring in some variety, you can opt for a collar instead of a skirt or vice versa below your tree.

Try using craft trees

Even if you live in a small apartment with no way to incorporate a tree, fret not, as you still have festive options. For instance, you can place a few pots or vases with spruce seedlings on your table or a bookshelf so that they bring in the holiday vibe. Complement them with a few baubles and lights. Then, if you have a chalkboard wall, why not draw a stunning tree with all sorts of decorations. Even a mini tree with a bow on top can work as a gorgeous centerpiece in your dining room while you can also make a cute one by layering a few branches on top of each other.

Find a new use for ornaments

Besides putting ornaments on trees and garlands, you can use them in various other ways. One example is simply dangling them on the windows. That way, they will be seen both by the people inside and those passing by. Additionally, you can place a few baubles in a bowl and use it as a focal point of the mantle or coffee table.

Design interesting vignettes

If you have the space and creativity, you can also set up different festive scenes around the house. For example, in the kitchen, you can have a small sleigh with Santa and his reindeer helpers. Then, you can set up a nativity scene near the tree. Finally, if you have plenty of time on your hands, make a miniature version of your home with all the household members and have it on display.

The holidays will be here before you know it. Start preparing on time to be able to deck it all out as you desire. Have fun!

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