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Top 15 Necessaries That Every Traveler Takes With Them

15 Necessaries That Every Traveler Takes With Them: The eternal problem of any traveler is too many things in a suitcase or backpack. Even an experienced traveler can face such a situation. It was just that at the moment of a certain mood when packing suitcases.

I did not want to part with some contraption, or it seemed that it, the contraption, would definitely come in handy in some way. And every time, going on a trip, you find something superfluous and think: “I would rather buy delicious food home than drag it from home.”

In this difficult business, you need to tune in to minimalism and cold-blooded calculation. Let’s consider typical mistakes.  If you want to visit these places by train then you can check the print train ticket using the PNR number.

Top 15 Necessities Every Traveler Takes With Him But Never Uses:

1. Whole wardrobe.

Throughout our life, so many clothes have been collected in our wardrobes that, perhaps, we can dress a company of soldiers or another someone’s company. These volumes will not even fit into any closet, let alone a suitcase.

2. Towels and bed linen.

Typically, this kind of stuff is stocked up in hotels, hostels, and rental apartments such as Airbnb apartments. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to take sheets and duvet covers with you, unless you neglect and do not go to India – even our apartment with Airbnb was not in the best condition there, not to mention the sheets.

I’d better make the bed. Towels are everywhere. You also need to consider the fact that wet towels weigh even more, and your luggage does not need extra pounds.

3. Paper books.

A paper book is a dead weight at the bottom of a suitcase. It is better to download the electronic version to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your travel light.

4. Valuable things and decorations.

I doubt very much that you will not be upset when your values ​​fall into the wrong hands. A gold heirloom ring that you only wear once a month, large gemstone earrings will only catch the attention of intruders.

5. Heeled shoes.

To have time to see everything in the city, you need to be in “high-speed”, that is, in comfortable shoes. If you even want to go to a restaurant in the evening.

It is better to look at practical shoes. You don’t want to wear high-heeled shoes in your carry-on luggage, in your bag, or worse, pay for a heavy suitcase at the airport.

6. Hairdryer.

The problem with the girl. Your hair needs to be styled, but you shouldn’t take a hairdryer with you on your trip. The owners of hotels, hostels, and apartments have already taken care of this.

7. More than jeans.

The jeans are very heavy. And if you hold on to a pair of jeans, you will already get at least 3 kilograms. For a change, while the jeans are in the wash, it is best to take pants from a lighter material.

8. More than one warm jacket.

Warm sweatshirts, which cannot be carried on the plane to reduce the weight of the suitcase, take up a lot of space in the backpack/suitcase.

Of course, the number of sweaters may depend on the weather conditions of the country you are traveling to. But, as practice shows, one warm blouse is enough. If not, you can mix and match layers of clothing. You can even put on a whole suitcase 🙂

9. Aircraft cushion.

This accessory has always surprised me. Crowds of people walk towards the plane, and everyone has neck pillows neatly attached to their backpacks.

It is advisable to use such pillows only on long flights – from 6 hours or more. If the flight lasts 4 hours, there is a risk of not even noticing this time during the flight, let alone sleeping.

10. Something not seasonal.

Everything is simple here. When going to a certain climatic zone, you should not take off clothes that cannot be worn.

11. Hats.

A truly “fragile” thing. I put it in the wrong suitcase – I crumpled it. I didn’t fold it, so I took it upon myself on the plane. Where there is nowhere to decompose your bodies.

12. Multiple pairs of sunglasses.

Even if you are a fan of sunglasses accessories, this is not a reason to take all your favorites with you on your trip. Badly folded – probably broken. And as for me, nothing can be worse than broken glasses 🙂

13. Entire bag with sauna accessories.

Shower gel, soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided in every hotel. Do not take body oil and a liter of shampoo with you. As a last resort, take shampoo with you in special travel packages. The same goes for toothpaste and shower gel.

14. All your cosmetics.

Determine for yourself what you are using on an ongoing basis. And get ready to cut your makeup use down to 3 products. Beauty and convenience.

15. Things in the “Fire accident”.

As practice shows, such things will never come in handy on a trip. If you have such thoughts, feel free to hide this thing back in the closet. Decide on a rough plan and what you would like to do on this trip, and pack your bags intelligently and easily.

Easy packs and fun travel for everyone!


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