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Tips for a happy marriage and remove the conflict

In married life, the relationship between every husband and wife can only be base on trust. If the husband has faith in the wife and the wife has faith in the husband, then most of your problems get resolve automatically. If there is a feeling of love and trust between the two, then it becomes like a fragrance in gold. But sometimes situations become such that trust shaken and lack of love is also visible, in such a situation the car of the household starts derailing.

To make the household happy and easy, it is necessary to keep the relation of husband and wife smooth and sweet, when these relations start souring or misunderstandings start raising their heads, then it is better than fighting across. To get some divine help, we are giving some tricks here, these tricks have proved beneficial for someone in the past, and they can prove useful for you too.

Desi camphor should be kept on the wife’s bed and Kamiya vermilion on the husband’s bed while sleeping at night. The next morning at sunrise, the husband should burn desi camphor and the wife should spread vermilion in the house. This is an intense tantric remedy, due to which the mutual quarrel between husband and wife completely ends in a few days.

Take a green banyan leaf and rub red sandalwood on it and write the name of the person concerned. After this, put red rose leaves on the leaves and grind them all finely. Make as many tablets of this fine dust as the number of letters in the name of the person whose name is written. Throw one bullet daily at the main gate of that person’s/woman’s house. Soon the separation between the two will be removed and mutual relations will be favorable and there will be a reunion.

If there is a lot of trouble or quarrel in someone’s house, then he can do this remedy. Whenever you want to get flour milled at home, get it ground only on Monday. Before grinding, put some black gram in it. As soon as everyone in the house eats this mix flour, all the quarrels in the house will be over.

To be successful in a love marriage:

If you are facing problems in a love marriage then: Starting from Thursday of Shukla Paksha chant the “Om Lakshmi Narayanaya Namah” mantra in front of an idol or photo of Goddess Vishnu and Lakshmi. Chant three rounds daily on the Sphatik Mala. Start it only on Thursday of Shukla Paksha. Every Thursday for three months offer prasad to the Lord in the temple and pray for the success of your marriage.

To control the husband:

This experiment should done in Shukla Paksha. Take a betel leaf, mix sandalwood and saffron powder on it, then sit in front of Durga Mata’s photo and recite Chandi Stotra from Durga Stuti for 43 days. After reciting, apply tilak of sandalwood and saffron which was place on the betel leaf, on your forehead, and then apply tilak and go in front of the husband. If the husband is not there, then go in front of his photo. Take the address of the paan daily, which is whole, not chopped or torn from anywhere. Keep the betel leaf used daily in a separate place. After 43 days, make those betel leaves flow with water. The problem will be solve.

If marital love is disturb because of the husband’s intoxicant habit, then after taking the sweat of a horse and reciting the mantra to make conjugal love sweeter 54 times, putting it in his hands and smelling the husband gets rid of the habit of intoxication.

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To remove the troubles of husband and wife and to increase love, the husband should wear 30 cents diamond or white topaz five Ratti on Friday and Thursday in the ring finger of the right hand. The wife should wear five Ratti pearls in silver or gold on the ring finger of the left hand on Monday.

To get marital happiness, make a solution of Goronchan turmeric on three leaves of vine and write the name of your husband with the pen of a peacock feather and fill it in a silver box and keep it at the feet of the mother where the leaves taken, marital happiness will be achieve.

Mantra to bring sweetness in husband wife relationship

Vidhehi Devi Kalyanam Vidhehi Parama Shriyam.

Roopam Dehi Jayam Dehi Yasho Dehi Dwisho Jahi.

Take measures for mutual love and harmony. While sleeping at night, husband and wife should sleep by keeping camphor and red vermilion under the pillow. Burn camphor in the morning and sprinkle vermilion all over the house. Mutual love will increase.

On the Navami day of Navratri, bring a plant of Svetark i.e. white Madar and plant it in the house. Worship the plant on the day of Diwali. You will definitely benefit from the worship of the white madar plant. The love between husband and wife will definitely increase.

To remove the enmity between husband and wife:

While sleeping at night, the wife should keep one vermilion casserole on the husband’s pillow and 2 cakes of camphor on the husband’s pillow. Throw the vermilion pudding out of the house in the morning and after taking out the camphor, burn that room.

To subdue husband:

On Saturday night, take 7 cloves and blow it 21 times with the name of the person to be subdue and burn them in the fire on the next Sunday. By doing this experiment 7 times in a row, the desired person gets captivate.

If your husband is attach to some other woman and fights with you etc. So this experiment is very effective for you, every Sunday in your home and bedroom give Google smoke. Before doing dhuni, take the name of the woman and wish that your husband gets out of her affair soon. Doing it with faith and belief will definitely give you benefits. If your boyfriend or husband’s behavior has been such that these days you feel that you are not in love. So remember Lord Krishna after taking a bath on Friday and keep three cardamoms with you after touching your body. Now grind this cardamom in food or tea and drink it on Saturday morning, if you do this every Friday for three weeks, then you will start seeing a difference in their behavior.

If you want to attract someone towards you, then mix yellow turmeric, cow’s ghee, cow urine, mustard and betel juice and grind it together and then apply it on the body, women are attract by it.

If you are afraid about that if your lover might leave you midway, then you have to adopt this trick for this. Grind coconut, datura seeds, camphor etc. and mix honey in it. Do tilak with this paste everydayin the morning, he will never leave you.

Lack of interest:

If the husband has lost interest in his wife for some time, then both of you should eat together. And at mealtime the wife should secretly put some food from her plate in her husband’s food. By doing this the husband gets attract towards his wife again.

It often happens with one or the other that the husband gets closer to another woman. In such a situation, if the troubled wife takes this remedy, then her husband can get out of the possession of that woman. On Thursday at 12 o’clock in the night, secretly cut some hair of the husband and then burn it. After this, rub the burnt residue with your feet, see how the husband gets better.

Take 5 cloves on the Sunday of Shukla Paksha and keep it at such a place in the body where sweating occurs. After this, dry that clove and make powder. Then if this powder is mixed with anything and given to them, then their attraction towards you will remain.

If you want to attract a woman towards you, then grind Kakjungha, Tagar, Kesar by mixing them all and put it on the head and under the feet of that woman, she will become addicted to you.

If the wife is sick, then donate. Planting a Tulsi plant in the house where women are constantly suffering from health problems, and taking care of it with reverence ends disease pains.

Simple ways to remove the conflict between husband and wife

Remedies to remove conflict between husband and wife Hello friends, today we will tell you the ways to remove the trouble between husband and wife so that there should never be any fight, quarrel and rift between you, it is believe that the relationship between husband and wife is very difficult. Friends, you guys rarely argue with your parents, but sometimes it happens that you fight and argue a lot with your wife.

First of all, you should know that it is very common to have quarrels between husband and wife, I have not seen any such wife or husband till date, who do not fight, fight between husband and wife, fights do happen. C gets angry.

After that, both of them start talking to each other and both forget that there was a fight between us and show the family that nothing has happened between us, if it happens between husband and wife then you need to do something. No, and no measures needed.

If we now talk about what is the meaning of removing the tribulation between husband and wife and what is the remedy to remove the tribulation, there is daily fight between husband and wife and the resentment lasts for a long time or the wife does not love. Or you like your husband or wife, there are similar relationships for some husband and wife, the quarrel goes on for a long time and there is trouble in it, so today we will tell you that there is trouble in husband and wife. What is the remedy?

What is tribulation?

Grief is such a sentence, we know it by the name of misery. Like suffering in a person’s life or suffering in someone’s house, we call these things as misery.

How to remove the dispute between husband and wife?

How to remove the trouble between husband and wife, it is necessary to have two things between husband and wife.

Must be wise

Should not be selfish

If these two things do not happen in this relationship then there will never be any conflict in the relationship. Because selfishness makes the relationship hollow.

Giving water to the Sun is said to be an astrological remedy. If there is any problem in someone’s relationship then it would be good to give water to the Sun.

It is good if kheer is made on the full moon day. But kheer should be made from cow’s milk only. After making that kheer, feed it to your husband and only one kheer should be eaten. Just to say that both of you guys together.  By eating this kheer, the full moon date is complete in itself.

Remedies to remove trouble in husband and wife

There should be two things in the relationship between husband and wife, understanding and selfishness should not be there.

Therefore, it is important to keep these things in mind that the husband also needs that your wife trusts you. Or the wife also needs that if your husband trusts you. Then don’t let his trust break you and you should respect him too. This is what astrology says that how you can overcome this deficiency.

Giving water to the Sun is said to be an astrological remedy, if there is any problem in one’s relationship. It is said that the solution is to offer water to the Sun every day. If you do not worship any other person. Then to bring sweetness in the relationship, mix jaggery in the sun and give water to the sun god. So gradually the closeness starts increasing in the relationship of Patti wife. Because when you offer water to the Sun God, its sweetness starts getting to the Sun God in your life. If you also have this kind of problem. So by adopting this remedy, you too can overcome the problems in your relationship.

Turmeric is related to the planet Jupiter. And the mutual relation between husband and wife is due to marital happiness, due to which Jupiter is there. And to please Jupiter, both husband and wife should wear yellow clothes on Thursday. By taking a bath with turmeric mixed in water on Thursday, the planet Jupiter becomes strong. And with the force of Jupiter planet, understanding between husband and wife increases and love increases.

By drinking turmeric mixed with milk on the day of Jupiter, Jupiter becomes strong. And with its strength, the life of the householder remains happy, happiness is filled in him. Apart from this, to remove tension in husband and wife, you can directly connect with our world famous astrologer through our page dainikastrologyservices. Who is fully capable of solving any of your love problem solution.

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