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Precast Concrete Technology: the Future of Construction

Precast concrete technology is fast becoming popular in modern construction projects, especially in large projects. Its popularity is many, but to name a few, It provides better structural strength with comparatively lesser material and space. It is economical, and it is aesthetically more appealing. It is a lot less cumbersome compared to constructing with traditional concrete. So it is a win-win deal for all parties, end-users, construction companies, and precast factories. Though 2020 was an exception before that, demand for precast concrete was soaring globally. Let’s dig deeper into all these areas.

1.Structurally superior and resilient

Precast concrete has a much better span to depth ratio and handles load better as it is manufactured in a modern factory where the quality of each component is pre-checked, mixed in exact quantity, and cured adequately following all prerequisite conditions in a controlled environment. The lighter weight also reduces the size of materials and foundation depth. According to the NPCA Guide regarding precast concrete compared to the conventional concrete building, precast concrete can decrease floor depth to 4 inches. This saving is = 20 feet for a sixty-floor building. Despite being lighter, precast concrete does not sacrifice resilience or structural strength.

2.Faster Construction Work

Arranging all material, workforce, machinery, and mixing, pouring, and curing concrete conventionally is a tedious and time-consuming job. Precast factories consistently churn out precast concrete as per required specification while site preparation taking place. Precast concrete transported ready to assemble on site. Also, plumbing, wiring duct systems, and even windows done at the casting stage decrease the period significantly.

3.Thermally Efficient

Precast concrete has a much denser component and weak thermal conductor. That means it is fragile at transferring heat through the structure. That translates into rich savings in energy bills as in winter days, it resists transfer internal heat out and vice versa. Similarly, in summer, it keeps heat out. Compared to inappropriate materials, precast concrete will yield huge savings.

4.Precast Concrete Is Resistant To Rust

Precast concrete has become preferred for bridges, overpasses, and docks to withstand rain weather abuse easily. Precast concrete blocks also resist damage in case of fuel or oil spill. Its rust resistance property is even better compared to traditional concrete. It also fights most water microorganisms typically. Compared to conventional concrete precast concrete, it is less likely to expose inner steel, so it is more likely to preserve its integrity. That’s why demand is growing, and precast concrete most probably the future of construction technology.

5.Precast Concrete Is Fire Resistant

Precast concrete blocks themselves do not catch fire. It will resist the spread of fire into adjoining rooms when built properly with appropriate insulation and paneling along walls and ceiling. When precast concrete used for all the walls, ceilings, and stairs will reduce the chances of spreading fire significantly. Even in the fire, structures made with precast concrete will mostly stay undamaged up to a certain period, as per IS:456:2000. The damage to the building most likely to be superficial, not structural. Most flooring and ceiling will probably need to apply a coat of paint, and some cleaning might be required.

6.It Helps Pest Control

Precast concrete is widely used because it also helps you control pests. It is a dense inorganic material, so it can easily restrain nuisance like rats or termites. Organic building material like wood is food for some bugs. With time bugs eat away part of the wood that may affect the integrity of the structure. So one can easily understand that precast concrete is the future of construction, and its demand will only multiply.

7.It Is Customizable

Large or small, all the construction projects are likely to be unique with tailor-made requirements of shape and sizes. Precast concrete can be molded into any shape. It is possible to manufacture precast concrete into different kinds of bend, curve, or angle. It is possible with custom molds to build customized segments.

8.It Is Economical

By using precast concrete technology, you can expedite construction time significantly compared to conventional methods. That will lower the cost of financing projects. During the manufacturing process of precast concrete segments, all the materials are precisely calculated and dumped in a mixer, and wastage is the bare minimum. Unused material goes back to the production cycle. On top of that, the maintenance cost of this material remains very low for many years, and it will save the owner lots of money.

Final Words

Precast concrete has many advantages over traditional concrete, and fact makes it the future of construction. It is a sturdy material that can withstand much abuse.

Without compromising its integrity. In 2020, there was a supply shock due to corona, but the future is very bright for this industry, especially for large projects that cannot be completed within stipulated time without the use of precast concrete efficiently.

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