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Vastu Tips for Bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your house. It is a place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Having an orderly and systematic bedroom does wonders and lets you have a good night’s sleep after a long hard day’s work. Especially, with the advice of Vastu, you can now improve your lifestyle for the better.

If you’re new to Vastu Shastra, it is based on the flow of cosmic energy within a space, which aims to improve living conditions and promote harmony. Moreover, when restricted to just the bedroom, Vastu advice has benefited many and has resulted in improved sleep patterns, and overall ensures you feel refreshed when you wake up to a new day. Staying in tune with energies produced around you is important as it can enhance health benefits, leading to optimized functioning.

Here are some insightful Vastu tips for bedrooms :


1.The Position

According to Vastu, ideally, a bedroom should be located in the corner of the house, either the south or the west. This will influence improved sleep quality and the health of the family. However, never locate the bedroom in the centre of the house.

2.Placement of the Bed

The bed should be placed near the southwest wall. Always ensure never to place a bed directly opposite the door as this can trigger nightmares. The bed should be placed along the central part of the wall, so there’s enough space to move around.  Also, avoid sleeping in an irregular shaped bed, instead go in either for a square or rectangular-shaped one. Above all, it is advised to sleep with the head towards the south or east direction, this will ensure a good night’s rest.


Colours not only brighten our lives, but they also affect our moods, health and overall wellbeing. Choosing the right colour for the bedroom can provide a boost to your senses. Hence, painting the room with pleasant shades, much in tune with nature like light rose, mellow greens or cool blue would provide a soothing effect and be most suitable.

4.Mirror Placement

Mirrors too have a place of their own in a bedroom and it definitely isn’t on the opposite end of the bed. A mirror shouldn’t reflect your body while sleeping, as it can be considered to be auspicious. Instead, placing a dressing table cum mirror on the side adjacent to the bed would be best. Also, Vastu advises that the mirror if hung in the room should be placed 4-5 feet above the ground. Additionally, if there is more than one mirror in the room, no two mirrors should be placed opposite each other, this can attract negative energy.

5.Placement of Furniture

Correct placement of the furniture in a bedroom can emanate a homely aura. While you might want to arrange your room to suit your convenience, Vastu suggests placing heavy objects like cupboards and almirahs in the South, South-West or West direction in a bedroom. Other furniture such as wardrobes can be placed in the North-West direction of the room. The placement of the furniture in these directions will increase the flow of positive energy.

6.Decorate the Room with Pleasant Objects

The first thing in your line of sight when you wake up should be a pleasant object. Placing items such as an elegant flower arrangement, attractive wall hangings, even a family portrait can liven up the room in turn enhancing joy. Even when you go to sleep at night, it can help you sleep better.

7.Keep Away Electronic Devices

Not only do health experts warn, but even Vastu Shastra emphasizes that electronic gadgets, cell phones and other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation should have no place in the bedroom. The waves from these devices interfere with sleeping patterns and end up affecting sleep. Therefore, banishing all devices with a screen is suggested, however, if you cannot do without a television set or mobile phone in the bedroom, make sure it is placed at a distance from the bed.

8.Do Not Keep Any Broken Items

Broken or chipped items should be discarded from the bedroom. It’s considered to bring bad luck and can be harmful to the person using the room. Removing all such items will help you get rid of any lingering negative vibes that might be affecting you.

Following these few tips can help keep away any bad aura that might be affecting your health. You no longer need to feel tired anymore as living in one of the best real estate projects in Goa– Rainforest Estates, you’ll never have a day without sound sleep. These homes ensure nothing but the most luxurious and comfortable living with magnificent views and the best amenities such as a private pool, gated community and much more, which boosts the quality of living and well-being. Make a change now for an upgraded lifestyle. Also feel free to check out some of our Luxury villas in North Goa



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