Citizen – the world’s largest wristwatch manufacturer

Citizen – the world’s largest wristwatch manufacturer.


Citizen is well-known for being the world’s largest watch manufacturer. They are responsible for roughly 22% of the world’s watch production. In 1996, Citizen manufactured 240 million timepieces. It is a major success for the company, but it deserves all of the accolades it receives for producing the best watches made from the best materials and employing only the most skilled artisans to make them available to the public in exceptional quality.


Citizen began working as a research center in Tokyo in 1918. In 1924, Citizen made the first pocket watch and, six years later, became a Citizen Watch Company company. Tokyo’s Mayor, Shinpei Gotoh, called Citizen wristwatches so that everyone can have certain rooms in their own right.

However, their sales in the U.S. began modestly, accounting for just 10% of brand overall sales in 1977. Citizen’s business has diversified and has made significant sales of the analog quartz watch and its multifunctional digital watch, putting them in a great position to go beyond Seiko. It was a great success and success for the Japanese wristwatch industry. The market is now dominated by Citizen over earlier years when he had almost no chance against Switzerland one.

How citizen becomes the world’s largest wristwatch manufacturer

Unquestionably, Citizen has made a name for itself in the world of watches and, thanks to his latest development, and to the fact that the play is environmentally friendly, making Citizen ever more famous. Eco-Drive is the name of the watch. Instead of the battery-powered watch, a built-in solar sensor is used. Many watchmaking companies have followed this idea. However, none of these watch companies have had originality. This originality belongs to Citizen only. There is no doubt that the solar-sensing watch will continue to be copied by other companies, but for how long? Maybe before Citizen suggests another great idea. In the world of wristwatches, no watch company moves… unless Citizen takes the first step.

This is why Citizen has become the largest watch manufacturer globally and the richest company in the world. Citizen employs about 3,000 people, and each of them is looking for new forms to train the timepiece that has been popular around the world and will continue to last.


There’s no watch that anyone should buy, so how do you decide which watch is best for you, your family or friends? The history of society and the reason for its popularity may help you to make a decision. Actually, it is a good start to try to make a decision. When you think how strong Citizen has been pushing to get recognized, the good ideas they have put out for the new designs and those that followed should be a reason for people all over the world to get those things on them.

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