10 Car Maintenance Tips That Are Actually Myths

We’ve all got individuals in our lives who can’t stop giving us car maintenance guidance. Whether it’s a patrolled buddy or a well-meaning, it’s a lot to take in if you aren’t aware of vehicles. 

There are a lot of tricks and advice on the dole. We regularly hear about what to do to keep our instant cash for scrap cars in the best condition. Some tips are spread so far and wide, and they are not even true. 

That’s where we arrive, and not only do we want to ensure your car’s in the best feasible body, but we also need you to know more about it in the process. That’s why we’ve assembled this myth-busting list, turn of your resident car service exponents at Car Wreckers. 

Read on to learn what top ten car maintenance myths are, in fact, wrong.

Myth #1 – You Should Harm the Engine up Before you Drive in the Winter

Yes, engine parts require warm-up before they can function altogether, but modern machines tend to warm up faster when you’re on the road. 

Moreover, other parts like your wheel bearings & transmission only warm up once the vehicle pushes. You also get optimum fuel by using the car rather than idling it. Beginning your vehicle and letting it sit on the driveway does more harm than fair with newer cars. 

Ipswich car wreckers will gladly fix it on the off-chance that you run into mechanical problems. Our hassle-free and complete car engine repair team can care for all your engine-related troubles. 

Myth #2 – You Should Still Opt for Premium Fuel Since it’s Better for your Vehicle

This one’s typically secured for higher-end vehicles, and every so often, it obtains told to owners of regular cars too. The truth, however, is that it doesn’t matter unless your vehicle has a high-performance engine. 

Premium fuel only impacts cars whose engines run hotter than others. The regular choice will work simply good for your vehicle, and it won’t cause any harm to your engine.

You’re always informed to check the owner’s manual for more details. Check what your car manufacturer guides and go with that choice. 

Myth #3 – You Must Return all Four of Your Tyres at Once

If we have to think, this one was manufactured by tyre stores. It turns out you don’t require to replace all four of your tyres at once, and you can replace individual tyres whenever needed, as long as it’s the same brand as the others. 

Moreover, you can switch your tyres around whenever needed. But, it would be best if you secured that your tyres get rotated with every oil change to maximize their life.

Myth #4 – You Must Get an Engine Oil Change Every 5,000km

Since in the old days of the automotive industry, this rang correct. But, automotive technology has exponentially increased since then. That hasn’t stopped significant oil and lube firms from promoting this myth, though.

Most cars manufactured within the last ten years can do with an oil change every 8,000-10,000km. With better quality of synthetic oil and efficient engine designs, you don’t have to obtain an oil change too frequently. 

New technology has impacted the automotive service industry as well. You can obtain a mobile oil change at your doorstep thanks to modern automotive service solutions like Ipswich car wreckers.

Myth #5 – You Must Always Get your Car Maintenance Done at the Agency

We can all guess the source for this one, and there are several moving elements to this. It began as a guarantee clause as a piece of your service agreement. Yet, most people use their vehicles for more than five years. 

It then changed to the quality of work and the used parts. Yet, separate car workshops caught on to both of those factors. Nowadays, you can access agency-level mechanics and simple, manufacturer-approved features in independent car garages. 

That’s precisely what you get with Ipswich car wreckers. You can get vehicle service at a workshop that specialises in your brand with an expansive service network.

Myth #6 – You Must Get your Information Fluid Flushed Every 80,000km

As with modern engine oil, modern transmission fluids last up to 160,000km. It still differs between cars, so you’re suggested to refer to the owner’s manual. 

It’s critical to know what’s in store when you obtain a car service. That’s why Car Wreckers Ipswich has tailormade service packages that adjust your needs. We also firmly adhere to manufacturer guidance to ensure your car obtains precisely what it requires.

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Myth #7 – Your Battery Restores After a Short Drive Following a Jump-Start

After a long drive following a jump-start, your battery can only get charged up entirely. Moreover, it may take even longer if you’re using different accessories like the radio, cabin lights, phone chargers, etc.

You can drive around for several hours to get back to full charge as a quick solution. But, you’re suggested to get a vehicle battery replacement from a trusted location like Car Wreckers Ipswich. 

Myth #8 – You Should Wash your Car with Dish Soap or laundry Detergent

We’re not sure how this arrived about, but now’s a good time as any for a fast science lesson. Dish soap and laundry detergent tend to be the most stubborn to remove oils and impurities.

Since they’re effective on dishes, utensils, and clothes, you’d expect them to work the same way on your car. It may sound great by that logic and could save you money, but it is highly inadvisable.

Using dish soap or laundry detergent poses a severe risk to your car’s wax finish. You don’t need to end up with paint chipping off, exposing the metal in your vehicle to rust.

Instead, opt for Ipswich Car Wreckers premium car wash. We use luxury car shampoo and conditioner to leave your car looking at its best.

Myth #9 – You Should Move Down the Windows Instead of Using the A/C for Better Power Efficiency

While you’d think this makes sense, it just requires a more profound thought to be debunked. Your A/C does down more fuel, but rolling your windows down improves wind resistance.

Since the vehicle will steam more fuel to balance the wind resistance, it makes little to no difference. Moreover, not using the A/C often can result in A/C damage.

Myth #10 – You Must Refuel in the Sunrise to Obtain More Bang for your Buck

The idea here is that gasoline is considered to grow with warmness. Thus, filling up on warmer fuel would mean not obtaining the best value. However, this one’s busted by the easy fact that energy is commonly stored confidential. As a result, it doesn’t matter what time of day you move to fuel up.

All in all, there are many more myths to trade with. We’re barely scratching the surface here. What’s essential is that you entrust your vehicle with professionals.

Car Wreckers Ipswich enlists the help of specialized car technicians specializing in all of the region’s biggest car manufacturers.

Getting a car service has never been easier. All you have to do is book your desired service package on our website or the Ipswich Car Wreckers. Get your car serviced and all your car maintenance queries answered now.

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