How can I fix my broken air conditioner and why is it no longer cold?

How can I fix my broken air conditioner and why is it no longer cold?

In these times of extreme heat, purchasing air conditioning is a reflex for many of us. This device has a number of mechanically impressive technologies that ensure uniform and nearly immediate freshness. Therefore, it is usual to see malfunctions and home ac repair which can rapidly turn into hot subjects if they occur in the thick of the summer.

  • SummaryAir conditioning that is not cold: solutions to avoid heatstroke
  • Why is my air conditioner no longer cooling? 4 possible causes

Air conditioning that is not cold: solutions to avoid heatstroke

Does your air conditioner refuse to get cold? Rather annoying when the heat wave is in full swing, putting the nerves to the test.

Relatively quick to diagnose, the problem is not always very complex to solve. The outcome is usually simple and binary: you get there with a few gestures, or the intervention of a professional is mandatory. Explanations.

1. Try reprogramming

This is the very first reflex to have!

Devices equipped with digital microprocessors can sometimes change configuration unexpectedly. A power outage in your home may also have forced a reset of your air conditioning, or someone you know may have changed your usual temperature… It may also be that a delayed cycle is programmed, or that the economy mode of your energy is a little too stingy with freshness.

🤨 Unable to ac home repairyour machine settings? The remote control may be defective!

2. Check its power supply

Technologies evolve at a considerable speed! This is not without optimizing all aspects of the machines, including their noise emissions.

If you quickly get used to a silent device on a daily basis, you may not realize when it is on, off… or even broken down! Especially when it is programmed and lives “at its own pace”.

Pay attention to the sound it produces. If this is zero, and the device is not supposed to be off, it may no longer be powered. This failure can come from a fuse or from your electrical panel. A cable can also be cut in one place, in which case detection may be more complex if your electrical installation is embedded.


On the other hand, the control of the internal electrical circuit will be the responsibility of a qualified professional.

3. Make sure your home is ready to cool

Let’s explain. Although the air conditioner is a very powerful device, it does not work miracles without a little help.

In this sense, know that your home must be perfectly insulated and airtight to air inlets from the outside. Heat should therefore not penetrate through doors or windows, especially if they are only equipped with single glazing. So be sure to close all the openings in your home, then try to run your air conditioner again.

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4. Clean its filters

The maintenance of an air conditioning unit is more than essential. It guarantees, in fact, maintenance in good condition over time and also ensures the good health of the occupants of a dwelling.

Dirty mechanical filters can explain the lack of fresh air coming out of an air conditioner. By altering the cleanliness of the components, dust or mold can seriously prevent the air from circulating. The result is unequivocal: bad odors appear, and your level of comfort drops! Cleaning the filters, therefore, makes it possible, and very often, to restore all its vigor to an air conditioner; for that :

  1. Open or remove the cover,
  2. Take out the air filters,
  3. Vacuum the dust present on the surface of the filters,
  4. Clean them if necessary with slightly soapy water,
  5. Reassemble the assembly after they have completely dried.

5. Check compressor status

The production of lukewarm air is symptomatic of a faulty compressor.

If its thermal protection no longer works or works badly, it risks operating under undercurrent or overheating. If the compressor is noisy, it could be that it lacks oil, or, on the contrary, that the latter is excessive. The nozzle and regulator may also require replacement.

Finally, if it does not start at all, the phase controller may have tripped.

6. Contact a professional

Even if their design avoids it as much as possible, some devices can be victims of refrigerant gas leaks. Particularly harmful, the latter must be handled with care.

Do not run any risk and contact a professional to carry out the necessary checks and replacements.

The latter will also be the only one able to check the condition of the belts, and the possible presence of a plug or frost on the exchangers. He can also check the condition of the pressure switches or the calibration of the protection.

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Why is my air conditioner no longer cooling? 4 possible causes

Your favorite device is no longer doing its job? Discover without detour the four most probable causes of this problem, to judge coldly… and act hot!

1. He is deprogrammed

Have you recently entrusted the remote control to a guest who is not very familiar with your device? A storm (probably, in summer!) caused a power outage in your home? Have you activated the “economy” mode to reduce the impact on your electricity bill?

Anyway, a change in your air conditioning programming can have an immediate result! Check the ambient temperature and also check that the one requested is not too high: a turn in the parameters would not be too much.

2. He has an electrical problem

This is a very common concern. Electricity is at the heart of our homes and appliances, and they are the first to suffer when it experiences a moment of weakness.

The failure can then be external ( circuit breaker, embedded cable, etc.) or internal to the air conditioner (electronic card, motor power supply, etc.).

3. Its filters are clogged

Reversible or not, any device can experience a drop in performance when it is dirty or clogged. Everyday life often means that we neglect the maintenance of household electronic or mechanical devices, although their capacities depend on it.

Just as we regularly empty a vacuum cleaner, or defrost a refrigerator, it is recommended to maintain the filters of an air conditioner periodically, so that it produces as much cold as when it started!

Poorly maintained filters can quickly create temperature problems.

4. An internal component is faulty

Air conditioners are in high demand when running at full capacity throughout the summer season.

These sometimes very expensive investments are optimized to last over time, however, their aging is inevitable, thus coming with a lot of small inconveniences; the compressor or the gas circuit may be damaged, and the pressure switches or components of the electronic board require replacement… This is somewhat normal, but it is better to confront it as late as possible.

To conclude, know that the installation of air conditioning should not be carried out lightly. It is essential that the commissioning is successful, to guarantee an optimal result. In concrete terms, this means that the tightness of the circuit must be checked with pressurized nitrogen or that the flare nuts of the device must be tightened with a torque wrench. Finally, an additional charge must be provided for long circuits… Scales and fine adjustments that only an authorized technician will be able to perform!

FAQ to Help You Fix Your Broken Air Conditioner

Has your air conditioner broken down? That’s no laughing matter. As you might know, central air conditioners can be one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, appliances in your home.

But rest assured, even if it’s completely stopped working, you can take steps to fix this problem. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

But first, we need to figure out what led to your air conditioner breaking down. Here are some common problems, including several you can fix yourself.

How Often Do I Need to Replace the Dirty Air Filter?

Generally, the air filter you have indoors needs to be replaced every 90 days. But if you have pets that shed or an older house, you might need to change it every two weeks.

If that filter is caked in hair or dust bunnies, it blocks airflow. It makes your air conditioner work harder.

Repeatedly neglecting this could lead to a broken air conditioner.

The price of a new air filter ranges greatly based on the size and quality of the filter. One source estimates that the cost to replace a basic filter is $200-$600.

Did You Blow a Fuse or Flip a Circuit Breaker?

Either of these electric issues could result in a broken air conditioner. If you blew a fuse, you just need to replace it. If you flipped the breaker, you just need to flip it back on your electrical panel. Be sure to check for this easy fix before calling a technician.

But a word of caution: If this happens more than once, you probably need to have an HVAC technician look at it to see why it’s doing this. You may have an electrical fire hazard on your hands since this happens when the electrical system is getting overloaded.

Unless you need an actual repair, there is no cost associated with this simple, yet common problem.

Does the Evaporator Coil Need Cleaning?

If your AC unit works, but the air doesn’t feel cool, this may mean debris on the evaporator coils. The unit might also seem to run longer than usual.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to replace an evaporator coil is $600-$2,000.  This is not a repair you’ll want to DIY. About 40% of the cost of this repair comes from the labor required for a skilled professional.

Could it Just be the Refrigerant?

Icing or inefficient performance are the top signs of a refrigerant leak and low refrigerant. In both cases, you’ll need to call a technician. Keep an eye out for any changes in your air conditioner’s performance so you can contact a professional early.

According to FixdRepair, the cost of air conditioning refrigerant is roughly. The average unit needs 2-4 pounds. In addition to the refrigerant itself, there may also be a service fee.

Is the Fan on the Air Conditioner Broken or Blocked by Debris?

Believe it or not, debris can stop your AC unit in its tracks. If your AC unit stops working after a storm, you could very well just have a small tree limb or yard debris stuck in the fan. To avoid short-circuiting, the unit will turn itself off.

If the limb is big enough that you can grab it without getting your hand anywhere near the blades, you can pull it out. Then it should just boot back up.

Do not attempt unless you know you can safely do so. Once the limb is out of the fan, it may start spinning immediately with no time to withdraw your hand.

If there is nothing visibly stopping the fan, it may have just stopped working. That will require a service call.

Cost to replace home ac repair fan: depending on what’s wrong with it.

Is the Compressor on the Air Conditioner Broken?

The compressor is crucial to a working air conditioning unit. Without it, freon can not be depressed through the home to cool it.

home ac repair units make strange noises when the compressor breaks. It may just sound louder than usual or different. But this can also be a failure or electrical components.

The cost to repair the compressor ranges  

depending on the size of your air conditioning unit and if it needs to be repaired or fully replaced.

You could purchase an air conditioning compressor on your own, but it might now save you any money since professionals can typically get the parts for less than market value.

Do I Have Bad Airflow or Blocked Registers or Vents?

This is a simple problem people do not always If curtains, furniture, etc. block your vents or registers, the air conditioner will not heat or cool as it should.

It will have to work harder. And you could be shaving years off its life. A room with a blocked vent will usually feel much colder or hotter than the other rooms.

This is definitely something you can fix. Find all the vents in your home, and make sure you don’t have any beds, dressers, curtains, or anything else blocking them.

Cost: Free! We like Free.

Why Is My home ac repair Unit Staying on All the Time?

Aside from the causes we already mentioned, you might have poor insulation or drafty doors and windows. Draft doors may need a new weatherstrip at the bottom.

You can usually fix home ac repair drafty windows by re-caulking them. Then you may need a professional to look at the insulation situation.

Cost for insulation:

Cost for weather stripping, caulking, etc.: Less than $100

What’s It Mean if it’s Blowing Cold Air When The Heat Is On?

This can be a dirty filter or something more serious like:

  • Bad furnace heat exchanger
  • Overheating of the unit home ac repair
  • Bad thermostat, or one incompatible with your unit
  • A flipped breaker or blown fuse caused by overheating

Cost for a furnace heat exchanger: Is Sunlight Canceling Out the Cooled Air from my HVAC System?

If your AC is running, but it feels like it’s not working well? You may just be canceling out the cooling effect. The UV rays from the sun can penetrate windows and heat a room, especially if they’re hitting shiny surfaces where the heat amplifies.

You may need to plant a tree outside or get some heat-blocking window covering for that window.

Cost: Just the price of a good set of curtains!

How Do I Clean the Dirt off My Outdoor Unit?

Yes, you can use a hose to spray off your air conditioner. It’s designed for the rain, making sense that a little water won’t hurt the outside or anywhere that water can reach from the outside. You should spray your dirty coils at least twice a year.

How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

An HVAC technician will typically charge a service fee just to come out. This may be around $80-$100.

If the repair is super easy, like you have a limb stuck in your fan, they’ll probably just pull it out, charge you the service fee, and move on to their next appointment. But if a major component has malfunctioned, a repair can exceed $3000 or more. At this point, you’ll need to consider whether to pay it or get a new unit.

How Much Does a New AC Unit Cost?

Air conditioner broke beyond repair? According to HomeGuide, a new AC replacement can cost $3500-$6000 on average. However, it depends on the features you need. Ductless mini-splits can exceed $10,000.

Can I Sell My Home Without Fixing the home ac repair?

Many people need to sell now but don’t have the money for a new AC unit. So can you just sell it as-is? The truth is that most homebuyers would require you to fix the AC per the contract.

Not only do they not want to have to deal with the hassle of replacing an air conditioner. If the weather is very hot, very cold, or very humid, you may develop mold, frozen pipes, and other issues if you don’t have the AC running. They don’t want to buy a home with those issues.

Can I Sell My Home Fast to Get Out of Replacing the Expensive AC Unit?

You’d be surprised how easy it is to just sell your home as-is when you have a major repair instead of paying that costly expense. home ac repair

Home will buy your home for a fair price, and you don’t have to fix anything. Our licensed real estate agents can make you a firm cash offer, and we can close in under two weeks, sometimes even home ac repair7 days.

If you need some time to move, we understand and have a flexible leaseback option to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience with HomeGo. We want to earn your 5-star reviews as one of the most trusted home buyers in the country. We’re proud of that because it means we take care of our customers.

Air conditioner broken down? If you’re not looking forward to expensive repairs and are even curious about what your home might be worth, get your no-obligation home ac repair.

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