What To Do After A Hoarding Cleanup?

Hoarding is a complex problem that can be difficult to address. There are numerous reasons for hoarding behavior, and it can often take a while to establish healthy habits after a cleanup. What should you do after a cleanup? This article will provide some handy tips on what you should do after your clutter-clearing efforts end up in victory.

Always remember that hoarding is a mental health issue. Hoarding is not just a case of clutter, but rather a sign of emotional struggle. You may see others labeling someone as a hoarder instead of lending support. If you don’t know how to start, contact this company for guidance on a hoarding cleanup.

What Is a Hoarding Cleanup?

Before we jump right in, let’s review what a hoarding cleanup is. This process generally involves a few significant steps:

  • Removal of hazardous items in the home to prevent injuries, fires, as well as cause health issues in the future.
  • A thorough cleaning of all areas of your home to prevent future hoarding. It will include sanitizing bathrooms, washing floors and walls with disinfectants, and removing debris from basements and attics.
  • An assessment of the home to determine why hoarders hoard as well as what is causing the clutter.
  • A plan of action for cleaning coupled with organizing, and rehabilitating areas of the home is the key.

What To Do After A Hoarding Cleanup?

You have won the battle against hoarding. You’ve removed, sanitized, cleaned, and organized anything that could be dangerous or harmful. The hazards have been gotten rid of from your house. The hoarding behavior has been curtailed. Now it is time to focus on some things one should do and keep those positive changes going long into the future. They are as follows.

Establishing Healthy Habits

Habits are an essential part of any life, especially if you have just completed a hoarding cleanup. They are powerful tools that can help us do things right the first time, saving us time and effort in the long run. So consider the following good habits to help you establish good cleaning rituals for your home.

Your House Is An Integral Part Of your Life

You won’t regret keeping your house clean and organized. It will make life easier for you and those around you.

You have finished cleaning up the hoard of items in your house; finally, it’s time to be sure that the cleanup sticks. That means that, along with your new habits, you are actively working to keep your home clean, organized, and safe. 

Monitor And Maintain High-Risk Areas

High-risk areas for cluttering can include attics, basements, garages, and closets. These are the places most likely to fill up again if you don’t watch out for them. 

Set Up Regular Cleaning Routines 

Keep on top of clutter by establishing a regular routine to clean your home. It includes getting rid of items you no longer need, disposing of old clutter that takes up too much space. 

If you cannot do the job yourself, then hire a professional to help.

Consider Joining A Support Group

Join a Support Group for those who have hoarding problems. If you think that you have a severe hoarding problem, then seek professional help right away. These groups are beneficial in helping to overcome hoarding behavior.

Don’t Push It

You can’t force change – and it doesn’t work well. If you are trying to do so, you are more likely to create unhappiness coupled with yourself by driving yourself crazy with negative emotions. It is better to let things happen naturally. So make changes one by one to make sure you get comfortable with the new habits.


Pay Attention To The Ongoing Process Of Change

It takes time for your home to go from cluttered to organized. It’s easy to think that a hoarding cleanup is an end, but it’s only the beginning. The next few months will be crucial for your future success. Additionally, hoarding can be unhealthy as well as dangerous. You can learn a lot about yourself in this period.

Be Sure To Reward Yourself

It is a great way to keep on top of clutter as well as reinforce positive habits that can continue long into the future. Rewarding yourself whenever you achieve a certain goal is a great way to keep you motivated when tackling the hoarding problem.

Help Others With Clutter Problems

Clutter makes it really hard to be happy, not to mention the problem only seems to get worse over time. If you have been successful at beating hoarding, you can lend a hand to others who are trying to do the same. As you have already gone through the problem yourself, it will be easier to resonate with those having the similar issue.


Hoarding cleanup can be a very emotional time, but it is essential not to go into the next phase without the proper support. The initial steps after a cleanup process are significant and can be followed by anyone. So make sure that your place is not going to be cluttered all over again by taking the steps mentioned above to keep yourself safe and happy.


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