A Guide to Diesel Generators

The utilization of power has increased in recent years. People have become completely dependent on electronic devices. Whether it’s a large or small machine, everything is used throughout the day. To sustain this situation people have started using alternate sources of power. One such common device that is popular in many regions is a diesel generator. Many industries, government organizations, and even households have started utilizing these products for various purposes. Diesel generators has become a piece of basic equipment that delivers the required power supply. This mechanism of generating power at any location is made possible with these machines.

Several new technological changes have been made in diesel generators. One of the major changes was the production of a large-scale power supply with a portable and compact form factor. Products like Cummins Generators can not only handle high load conditions but also save fuel.

In this article, we have provided all the information about diesel generators. This information will help you in purchasing the right product from the market. Furthermore, the diesel generator price distribution is given to all consumers.

Working of Diesel Generators

To its core, the functionality of any type of generator remains the same. Diesel generators convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. This converted energy, in turn, helps in producing electrical energy which is then used in several devices.

The entire process of a generator keeps running in a loop until the fuel is completely depleted. Being dependent on diesel is the only drawback of these electricity generators.

Having a diesel generator is extremely helpful in 24×7 working places. Whenever the main grid fails, the power can be taken directly from the generator. As these systems work instantaneously, no loss of work or data occurs.

What are the Types of Diesel Generators?

Diesel generators are available in several varieties. Some of these devices are listed below:

Water and Air Cooled Generators

Depending on the condition, maintenance capability, and budget one can either go with an air cooling or water cooling system for generators. Where an air-cooled generator can work without any significant help, water cooled generator requires more work and time to effectively cool the machine. However, water cooling does significantly reduce the temperature of the generator when compared with an air cooling system.

Residential Generators

These are small devices that can be used in homes. They provide an adequate power supply to a small area. Also, these diesel generators need less fuel and come in a small form factor.

Industrial Generators

Diesel generators that are specifically built for big organizations can provide continuous electricity for long period. These are heavy-duty machines that can take extreme power load. Though, industrial generators do cover a larger area and consume a high amount of fuel to run.

Portable Generators

If you need a constant source of electricity for a remote location or construction site, then a portable generator will be the ideal choice. These devices are compact and movable. One can seamlessly install them at a particular location and start producing electricity.

DC and AC Generators

Both direct and alternating currents can be used in an electronic device. However, an alternating current is preferred due to its range and reduced loss of energy. You can purchase a specific generator according to your budget and availability.


A diesel generator has several advantages. We have listed a few key benefits below:

Cheaper than Other Fuel Options

This is one of the primary reasons to purchase diesel generators. Not only do they perform optimally, but are also less taxing on our pockets in the long run. This is due to the simple fact that diesel is cheaper than petrol.

Less Maintenance 

Another great benefit of a diesel generator is the low maintenance rate. It is especially true for some products like Cummins Generators that work exceptionally.

High Durability

Diesel generators have a long life span. Some machines can last three times more than a petrol generator.

Large Power Generation

These devices are built to produce a better power output. They can withstand heavy usage and are quite reliable products.

Price Distribution 

Any diesel generator price depends on the capacity of the device, quality of the material used, cooling efficiency, and the use in a commercial or residential sector. Depending on all these factors, the minimum diesel generator price can range at Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 85,000. This can go to Rs. 2 Lakhs or more according to the power produced by the machine.

Best Investment

Purchasing a diesel generator is a perfect choice that one can make. Just remember to check the power requirement of your place and the quality of the product. After that, get a generator and work without any worries.

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