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Top SEO Trends in 2022 (Infographic)

SEO is critical for getting noticed and reeling in customers. It tells search engines that your website is relevant to their users’ searches. However, it can feel like a moving finish line. Businesses must keep up with the most recent trends, or risk doing a disservice to their business. In 2022, there will be a tremendous shift in the way the industry views SEO. Here are a few things to consider in the coming year.

User search intent

Developing winning content depends on user search intent. As the way people search evolves, so does SEO. In the Year in Search report from Google, the theme “how to heal” reoccurred time again. Brands that develop content with a healing theme have a better chance of boosting their SEO rankings. Hence, it’s important to think about user search intent when creating content.

Before the emergence of the internet, making changes to articles was extremely costly. Publishers had to consider distribution issues, material costs, and how to get refreshed information to their readers. But thanks to the Internet, any change can happen anytime. Therefore, website owners must always reassess their current content to add details, make their copy longer, and incorporate more focused keywords. Once they’ve analyzed the latest trends, they should start creating new content that meets the needs of their audience.


The rise of AI-generated content and automation as one of the top SEO trends in the next two years is likely to continue to grow. Both methods help companies optimize their websites and increase page rank. Advanced AI-based insights, testing dashboards for site audits, and database management can help businesses take advantage of automation. Automation is expected to increase the number of search engine results for any given keyword, domain, or product, as well as increase the quality of the content created.

Moreover, it is a vital part of online businesses if they want to reach their target audience in their own country. This type of content can significantly influence the user’s behavior. However, the use of MUM-friendly content will be more important in SEO trends in 2022. By creating content that appeals to multiple audiences, online businesses can increase their reach and potential audience. As an added benefit, the use of multilingual content is a great way to improve the reach and potential audience. Moreover, SEO trends in 2022 will place an emphasis on MUM-friendly content as it will broaden the potential audience for the business and provide more traffic.

Mobile-friendly websites

The shift to mobile continues to be a dominant force in the digital marketing world. While the term “mobile-friendliness” is not directly related to the desktop version of a website, it is still relevant to ensure the mobile version is as easy to navigate as possible. Likewise, make sure your website is accessible to users who use screen readers. Moreover, use descriptive page titles and CTAs to increase SEO.

To test the mobile-friendliness of your website, use Google’s free tool. It can help you determine if your website is mobile-friendly by checking for errors. This tool requires the domain URL, but shows you how your website looks on different mobile devices. If you have issues, you can fix them as quickly as possible by implementing simple fixes. Another free tool is provided by Google to test website responsiveness.

Brand SERPs

As search engine results pages (SERPs) get more complex, brand SERPs are also undergoing a transformation. Brands are now able to increase their brand presence by focusing on a specific keyword that people use to search for information. By offering more relevant and timely information, brands can position themselves as experts and become trusted sources of information. To achieve this goal, brands should consider improving their content with additional details, longer copy, and more focused keywords.

In addition to visual search, SEO agencies are increasingly automating their processes, using Python to make the process more efficient. Using automation to automate routine tasks, like technical audits and competitor analysis, will increase the quality of visitors. While this trend is already here, it will only become more widespread and sophisticated over time. Brand SERPs can be a highly profitable strategy for any website that provides quality content.

Rich results

Structured data and rich results are a great way to enhance the way your website appears in search engine results pages. These new technologies allow you to display information in standardized formats and improve the search engine’s ability to interpret your data. For example, you can use structured data to generate a recipe card, FAQ, or product review. This data is then automatically classified by Google and used in a rich result. Here’s a closer look at the different types of structured data and how they can benefit your business.

Using structured data is essential for Google to serve up rich results. It helps Google analyze user behavior and determine which results are relevant to their queries. If you don’t have any structured data yet, you can check whether your site is ready for rich results by logging into Google Search Console. You’ll find instructions on how to set it up and use it for your website. However, if you don’t have the necessary data, you can still use the traditional page elements to optimize your website.

Longform content

According to SEO experts, long-form content is better for search engine rankings, attracts three times more traffic, generates four times more shares, and gets 3.5 times more backlinks than short-form content. Long-form content adheres to the E-A-T (expert authority, trustworthiness, and transparency) guidelines. For example, a blog post with more than two thousand words is probably too long for most readers, so it is essential to break it up into digestible sections and to use H subheadings and bullet points. Relevant outbound links should be made to sites with high domain authority, and content should be easy to share.

In addition to content that follows E.A.T guidelines, Google is introducing more features to its SERP. Google is trying to make the user experience more relevant, so it is critical for SEO experts to stay on top of these changes and strategize new ways to make content that meets user expectations even more valuable. This means developing compelling content that incorporates relevant keyword metadata. To make sure your content is relevant to users, consider including a storyline.

Throughout the digital age, the technological advancement was a success. Now, experts are focusing more on the enhancement of its adaptability and convenience. Digital marketing is one of those beneficial tools that specialists created. It made buying and selling easier and faster.

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing a website’s rank in the search engine results page (SERP). The reason behind its foundation is for its users’ convenience and productivity. People utilize search engines to look for information and optimizing a website’s content will help it rise to the rankings. However, not all websites are optimized for search engines. That is why entrepreneurs need to understand how these algorithms work and what your website needs to be optimized for their succession in SEO.

Business owner should be aware of the instruments and stratagems they can use for victorious SEO.

  1. Video and image search

The popularity of visual SEO has grown. It has shifted from focusing on images and videos to writing over the past ten years. In line with this, Google has steadily improved its ability to understand and see behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Visual search engines enable users to find information based on visual displays from search results. Google released a few algorithm modifications. One improved the system’s ability to understand and accurately deliver user search intent. Multitask Unified Model (MUM), an AI that can analyze photos, videos, texts, and 75 more languages, is called Multitask Unified Model. It allows Google search to produce more detailed, nuanced, and complex results. Users may end up with a mix of text-based and imagery-based results in their search results.

Several SEO companies offer to outsource illustration services online. It would be best to avail of their services since they help their clients with outsourcing SEO.

  1. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a Google metric that measures the performance of websites based on speed and user interactions. A significant web vital was implemented in the middle of 2021 and early in 2022. These changes will have a substantial impact on desktop and mobile site competition. Page experience is now a quantifiable Google rank factor.

These updates will affect SEO strategies this year. That is why new SEO standards will require web developers to assist companies. These firms shall expand their services to Core Web Vitals page optimization.

STAYING Ahead of the Curves with SEO Support

SEO is a dynamic industry that sees a lot of change daily. Quick and flexible companies gain an edge over slower-moving competitors even from the beginning. By applying the new SEO trends, businesses can maximize the benefits of all available actions and give their site the best chance of success. 

Continue reading the infographic below created and designed by the famous SEO firm known for their outsourcing design work, Digital Marketing Philippines, as they highlight all the top SEO trends in 2022:

Top SEO Trends

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