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What is the best payment gateway for cryptocurrency?

All card transactions have a fee, and any service claiming to give you free online payment processing should be avoided at all costs.

Although a handful of companies provide free payment gateway registration or no monthly service cost, the hefty transaction fees connected with these accounts usually outweigh any savings.

Other companies, like Lloyds Cardnet, claim to give a “free” payment gateway as part of an all-in-one merchant account package. However, the actual expenses are concealed in the bundle price.

Rather than searching for a free payment gateway, it’s a better idea to concentrate your efforts on finding the most cost-effective payment gateway for your company.

Choose your monthly turnover below, and then answer a few questions about your company and the types of card payments you’d want to accept.

How We Selected the Most Effective Payment Gateway

For this study, we looked at over a dozen payment gateways. The suppliers that supported the most payment options were at the top of our ranking. Because not every company has to provide every payment option to its consumers, we weighed these benefits against the cost.

Our evaluation looked for software that was easy to integrate with significant e-commerce and point-of-sale platforms. Finally, since the advantages of a payment gateway to a business may be nullified if a consumer does not feel secure providing their payment information, we chose gateways with good reputations and security features. Payment gateways will offer the security and possibilities that both consumers and companies need as they seek more straightforward methods to pay and trade.

Worldpay | Payment Gateway

Worldpay is one of the biggest card payment processing businesses globally, and its online payment gateway offers the sort of dependability and flexibility you’d expect from a powerhouse in the industry. It also comes with several additional benefits, like a simple pay-as-you-go fee of 2.75 percent + 20p for each transaction. A virtual terminal for taking Payment gateway services over the phone is included and a ‘Pay by Link’ option for sending payment URLs through email.

Standard PayPal Payments

Well, you’re probably familiar with PayPal, which is an e-commerce veteran and one of the most commonly accepted digital payment methods for merchants in North America.

  • PayPal has a track record of success: companies who utilize the gateway see a 44 percent increase in checkout conversion.
  • Scales to your needs, whether you’re a high-traffic hotshot or a budding local company. Additionally, they provide various payment options, such as PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and Braintree.
  • Customers must leave your site to pay (an in-site checkout is available for a $30 monthly charge if you upgrade to Pro).


The Stripe explicitly designed for e-commerce Payment Gateways, Stripe offers comprehensive capabilities regardless of what your company sells and boasts a long list of high-profile clients like Pinterest, Lyft, Slack, and OpenTable.

  • Stripe has all of the most significant characteristics of today’s E-commerce payment solutions, it’s safe, flexible, fast, and simple to set up. The features, such as enabling consumers to purchase goods straight from a tweet or storing card information for one-click checkouts, will also win you over.
  • Stripe’s Sigma service enables companies to see real-time sales data and analytics, giving information that may help you streamline and optimize processes for greater efficiency and growth.
  • E-commerce companies must think globally worldwide retail e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $4.5 trillion by 2021. With more international clients, your company will need to consider different payment methods. Fortunately, Stripe goes beyond conventional payment methods, allowing companies to take alternate — but more popular — methods such as Alipay, ACH, and Bitcoin. You can get your cha-ching! from anywhere in the world.Price per domestic transaction: 2.9 percent + $0.30

Square, founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in 2009, paved the way for merchants by offering an online payment option that could be utilized on mobile devices instead of cumbersome and costly POS gear. It was chosen as the best for brick-and-mortar companies because it allows users to take in-person and online payments with no setup or starting fees, and it comes with a free mobile card reader.


Square supports all major credit cards and other Payment gateway services methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, although it does not accept PayPal, one of its key rivals. However, it can handle ACH and electronic check payments and take payments by website, invoice, or phone.

One of Square’s most significant advantages is how simple it is to get started. Users may contact the app for free on any iOS or Android smartphone and use a Square-provided free mobile credit card reader to accepts  Payment gateway services. Food carts, farmer’s markets, artisan booths, and other mobile businesses can take credit card payments using just a smartphone or tablet, making it an ideal option.

  • A free point-of-sale app
  • A free magstripe reader
  • 2.6 percent plus $0.10 for in-person or online transactions 
  • 2.9 percent plus $0.30 for invoicing transactions 
  • 3.5 percent plus $0.15 for manual or card-on-file transactions

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