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What Substrate Would Betta Fish Naturally Have In The Wild?

In the wild, bettas live in profoundly vegetated shallow waters, for example, waste trench, sluggish streams, swamps, and rice paddies. 

The substrate in these normal natural surroundings would comprise fine sloppy sediment and an endless supply of decaying (or spoiled) vegetation. 

In this climate they would have a lot of overhanging plants that make conceal, spots to shroud I they undermined, and even leaves going about as dozing cushions where they now and again let go. 

Reproducing a sloppy, decaying vegetation substrate is both hard and not suggested on the grounds that with every halfway water change, the water will turn out to be so overcast you would infrequently see your fish. Visit Your Aquarium Guide for the best color substrate for betta fish.

Best color substrate for betta fish

Yet, whatever substrate you do pick, in the event that you need your fish to be the most joyful it very well may be, remember that it should uphold plants, either phony or living, for the reasons given previously. 

Pick common plants or silk plants as they were. Plastic ones can have sharp edges that will catch a betta’s sensitive balances. 

Which Is The Best Substrate For Betta Fish? 

It truly relies upon the individual inclination and what you are attempting to accomplish in your tank. 

For little tanks and bowls under 2 gallons – We certainly suggest marbles. 

This is on the grounds that with a little tank, 100% water changes should be done consistently and marbles will make the undertaking such a ton simpler. The simpler it is, the almost certain you are to keep up the daily practice. 

For bigger, cycled tanks – We unquestionably suggest sand or rock, for a more common-looking tank and for more surface territory for microorganisms to colonize. 

For planted tanks – Sand, rock, or ‘planting substrate’ is ideal, to give the plants material to roots to spread into and to keep them secured. 

Be that as it may, which you use truly is up to you and we simply trust the above data assists you with settling on a more educated choice and removes the mystery from it. 

Betta FishSubstrates For Live Planted Tanks 

There are substrates planned and sold explicitly for live planted aquariums. 

These aren’t utilized half as much as a portion of the alternatives above yet with the rising prominence of leisure activity fish guardians developing live plants, they are getting more normal. 

Planting substrates are picked – or formed – to give plants every one of the fundamental components they need to effectively develop and flourish. 

They can likewise ordinarily be blended in with different sorts like sand or rock, so you can have a tank with a standard look, yet with some extra to help the requirements of your plants. 

Are Rocks Safe for My Betta? 

As a rule, yes. That being said, however, you can’t simply go get rocks from the stream or your front yard and put them in the tank, as these can convey risky poisons for the betta. On the off chance that you purchase rocks made explicitly to be a substrate (and you altogether wash them preceding use), they ought to be protected. 

I would note, however, that you shouldn’t attempt to stack rocks in the corner or fabricate wavering landmarks with them. While a level layer of rocks on the lower part of the tank is in all probability fine, a heap of temperamental rocks could fall and crush your poor betta! 


The Aquarium Gravel River Rock from CFKJ is for most the most ideal decision conceivable. With regards to a characteristic, perfectly tasteful betta substrate. 

The regular shading, size, and shape all fit making a more normal, inviting climate for your betta 

Most importantly, we love the amazing way common and delightful rock is. The fluctuating shades of light to dim stones increment the magnificence factor in your aquarium enormously while looking normal and solid. A spot betta fish should live, rather than some misleadingly hued fishbowl sand. 

We love that this substrate combines consummately with excellent sand for a characteristic. Layered substrate impact for a sound, upbeat planted tank, too. The rock gives huge loads of surface space to the great microbes to develop on. While added that defensive top layer over the sand for a definitive spot for attached plants to develop. 

We likewise love that these stones are excessively enormous for a betta to try and endeavor to take a stab at eating. Each stone is somewhere in the range of 1 and 2-inches in length. Normally, which implies it dispenses with any chance of unnatural utilization for the fishes. 


The stones have been cleaned and disinfected to forestall terrible microorganisms, organisms. And other wild angles from entering your betta’s home, too, which is significant. Also, it will not influence the pH in your water conditions. 

At long last, we love the sensible cost of these stones. Essentially anybody can bear the cost of them. Which implies we can prescribe them to anybody as the best substrate for betta fish. 

For anybody investigating a bigger substrate for their betta tank, the CFKJ Aquarium River Rock Gravel is your go-to decision. 

It has a characteristic look and feel – yet has been cleaned and disinfected. Making it alright for use in your aquarium – excellent tones. And a lot of surface space for that solid microbe to develop. It meets every one of our prerequisites for extraordinary substrate, in addition to looks ravishing. Shared benefit. 

CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Black Aquarium Substrate 


Best substrate for betta fish

The keep-going substrate on our rundown is the best substrate for a planted betta tank. CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate is intended to furnish live aquarium plants. With minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and iron, keeping them lavish and flourishing. It is comprised of little circle-like grains that help to keep the fish tank clean. Yet in addition, convert the betta’s loss into nourishment for the plants. Pretty cool, correct? 

At the point when I saw this item, my first idea was that possibly it wouldn’t be ok for bettas. In light of the fact that it has such countless minerals and different things added in. However, as long as you add it at the right time and adhere to the included guidelines. It is really an extraordinary choice for bettas in light of the fact. That it keeps the environment of their tank running easily and normally. There are some direct records of bettas being satisfied in tanks with this substrate.

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