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What are the Perks of Online Learning of Islam?

Islam is the 2nd biggest religion in the world. Lots of folks from every nook and corner of the world learn it and enter into the circle of those fortunate fellows who are already endowed with this unprecedented religion. The significance of this pious religion can be practically observed through the grand congregation of the Muslims every year in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It Is a Muslim-only venerable place where millions of God-fearing fellows gather together to perform the sacred pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah through different Hajj and Cheap Umrah Packages.

However, we must be ever mindful that Islam is not bounded within in the confines of spirituality, Ibadah (prayers), and pilgrimages alone. It is a complete practical way of life. It is a life that we have to live according to the will of Allah (SWT) under the divine directions of our Holy Prophet (SAW). So in order to live our life in accordance with the pre-described ways of Islam as new converts or born Muslims, it is the dire inevitability to read, learn and understand our religion. This is the best way to strengthen our faith (Iman) in Allah (SWT) and reverence for our beloved Holy Prophet.

Modes of Learning

During these times of materialism and rat race, we as Muslims must strive hard to save and strengthen our Iman. In these times the least we can do is to read minimum one page of the miraculous Holy Quran with translation. But we know that many of us are still delinquent about the teachings of our religion Islam. A lot of Muslim fellas among us still struggle to learn Islam and the life of the last Messenger Mohammad (SAW). As far as learning is concerned, it has two modes. These are Physical mode of learning Online mode of learning

Why you should go for Online Mode of Learning?

You may think why I haven’t mentioned physical mode of learning? Yes that’s right. I am in favor of online learning of Islam. I know that many of us don’t find it feasible to be taught by someone who is not in front of us. Many of us are willing to learn through the live gestures of their mentors. I agree that there is no considerable substitute of the physical mode where you can see your teacher sitting, standing and smiling. It is the traditional way of learning where you can see your teacher walking in and out of the classroom. This is true that the classroom learning also enables us to make friends, interact with our classmates and discuss with them.
However, on the other hand, we must be mindful that we are breathing in the era of online and digital media. Furthermore, we must never forget that how the hardest hit of the monstrous pandemic turned our traditional lifestyle upside down.

So we must mold ourselves according to our present times. In these post-pandemic times life has been transformed from the physical to the online mode. The public gatherings were barred. The in-person businesses operations were restricted. The schools and all other educational institutes were closed. The governments started encouraging the people to work and learn from home. But with the passage of time, the people have garnered plethora of so many other advantages of working and learning from home Perks of Learning Islam Online Following are the perks that you will find out for sure when you intend to learn the miracles of the glorious Holy Quran at home.

Online Class is less time-consuming

Many folks find the online mode less time consuming because they don’t have to leave the comforts of home for this. Many online platforms also allow you to record your lectures which you can listen to whenever you find time. There is a plethora of Islamic educational websites that are offering productive online Islamic courses. The learners can join these courses online without any kind of long traveling from their homes.

It is easier to find online teachers

Many Muslim communities of Non-Muslim vicinities struggle to find the best teachers for the Islamic education of their little kids. Many of us have to strive for the authentic Islamic schools in the Non-Muslim areas. But we should pay thanks to the online mode for resolving this otherwise troublesome matter. The world of internet is crammed full with a lot of competent Islamic guides and scholars with years of teaching experience. They are available to teach your kids as per their requirement. You have to register your child for online class. So, you even need not to go to the institute for registration.

Online Mode is Suitable for female students

Many female students especially girls in Hijab or Islamic attire have the security concerns in their educational institutes. As Islam doesn’t encourage the free intermixing of opposite genders, many Muslim families show concern while sending their daughters to the male teachers or co-ed institutes. However, the online classes are entirely different from the physical learning mode. Here your daughters need not to travel alone to the long routes to learn their religion. The online mode would enable them to learn from anywhere from anyone they want. The online forums for Islamic education also provides with the female religious scholars to earn their halal livelihood through online teaching of Quran, Sunnah or fiqah. So you can find a lot of female Islamic alike for the safe and sound religious education of your dear daughters.

Learn Through Mobile Apps

Now you can read the glorious Holy Quran whenever and wherever you want because you can have this holiest book within your mobile phones. You need not to carry it every time with you. There are lots of mobile apps to learn and read Quran. So in this way you can even learn the Holy Quran with translation in any language you want. You can download them from the play store in your smartphones. Many Quran learning apps also enable us to listen to this soul-soothing doctrine off-line. Some of these Apps are Quran for Android, Al-Quran free, I-Quran Lite, Read Quran offline etc.

Author Bio:

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