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What are the Different Types of Clay Mask?

Clay Mask

If you have never heard of what a clay mask is all about, it’s time to do so. Simply put, these masks are beauty products made from clay which is infused with various beneficial ingredients. They can help your skin stay moisturized, de-wrinkled, and smooth even if you’ve been experiencing some acne problems. It can also reduce inflammation, itching, and redness of skin. Below are the different types of clay masks you can buy in your local drug store or on the internet.

Clay Mask

Bentonite Clay Mask 

This type of mask is often found at beauty supply stores as well as at online sites. It contains essential nutrients that are good for the health of our bodies in the form of clay extracts. It is made of bentonite clay, which is an alkaline clay that can remove toxins in the body while at the same time promoting cell growth.


Red Clay Mask 

This type of clay is rich in volcanic ash and other minerals such as sodium, iron, and magnesium. Red clays contain high levels of potassium and calcium while Bentonite Clay has high levels of magnesium, iron, and potassium. This is a great addition to your day to day beauty routine. When applied to the skin, it makes your skin feel silky soft and smooth while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Red claying also has an anti-bacterial effect, which makes it ideal for fighting acne.



Pink Kaolin Clay Mask 

Both pink kaolin clays offered by OOA and red kaolin clay are ideal for use on all skin types. They are all excellent for deep pore cleansing. Pink kaolin clay has excellent skin healing and skin softening properties, while red kaolin clays provide skin protection from UV rays. These two types of clays have excellent moisturizing abilities, which means they are ideal for all skin types regardless of what type of skin you have.

Bentonite Clay Mask

Rose Clay Mask 

Rose clays can be used on any type of skin. It is excellent for facial skin care. Rose clay can tighten the skin pores while at the same time reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Its minerals make it ideal for acne and blemishes because it has antibacterial properties that kill bacteria. Red rose clay has a nice shade of pink that makes it ideal for almost all skin types and all skin colors.


Ghassoul Clay Mask 

Used for dry skin, this type of clay improves skin texture and elasticity. Its properties improve moisture retention in the cellular level. It also contains natural mineral antioxidants to fight against harmful free radicals. It is perfect for those with oily skin because it retains water, thereby reducing oil production. It is also known as one of the best face savers as it tightens the facial skin while soothing it and improving skin elasticity.


Bentonite Clay Mask 

This type of clay is effective in absorbing toxins and impurities, such as lead, mercury and other metals. It is used as detoxifiers. As an antioxidant, bentonite clays neutralize free radicals while at the same time absorbing minerals. It is also effective in killing bacteria and viruses by enhancing microcirculation.

You can use these plans for sensitive and dehydrated skin types. It is important to remember that you can add just a little amount to your regular skin care ritual as you don’t want to overdo it. If you are using salicylic acid based acne treatment products, you should avoid using these clays as they will only aggravate the condition.

Red Clay Mask

Aloe Vera Clay Mask 

This type of Bentonite Clay mask contains aloe-vera which is a well known natural treatment for acne. It helps improve skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and provides moisture to the skin. It helps fight infection and inflammation, which are some of the factors that cause acne. It is also effective in retaining the moisture in the epidermis and tightening the facial skin to reduce wrinkles.


Bentonite Clay Mask 

These clays are rich in zinc and iron properties, making them ideal for those who have an underlying problem with mineral deficiencies. The clay works by stimulating the circulatory system and improving microcirculation in the face. This improves the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. It works well for those with dehydrated skin as it is especially effective in regulating the PH level in the bloodstream which is beneficial for sensitive individuals.


Kaolin Clay 

This type of fine clay is a derivative of kaolin, which is a material that can be found naturally occurring in some types of clay plants. The kaolin clay content is usually combined with other elements to create a powder that is then compressed into clay masks. It is commonly used for dry and irritated skin, as it has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It’s fine texture allows for easy application. It absorbs oil very quickly so it is safe to use daily.

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