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The effect of DNA genetics on nutrition will tell you what to eat

What is a generic diet?

The effect of DNA genetics on nutrition will tell you what to eat. A generic diet is something that is the same for everyone, can be found on the internet, or can obtain from a dietitian who analyzes your body’s needs. ‘One size fits all!’ If you are serious about setting health and weight loss goals, this type of diet may not work well. In some cases, following a fad diet can also backfire and create new, unexpected health problems.

Replace t with r, and the diet becomes much more personalized for you. A gene nutrition test is based on your DNA (genome/genetics). Since this type of diet is based on your own genetics, it works more efficiently for you in terms of weight loss and health maintenance.

How does a genetic diet help you stay healthy?

Everyone, even siblings and twins, is genetically different – which makes everyone’s body needs different.  That’s where the generic diet fails.

Your DNA / gene helps you better understand yourself and your needs. For example, milk which is considered to be a good source of calcium may not be good for your body, it can create lactose intolerance.

Choose a diet based on your DNA – you can plan your meals according to the nutrients you need to boost what is good for your metabolism. Your nutritional needs depend on your genetic makeup and directly affect your metabolism, transport through the body, and removal of toxins.

A predictive genetic test makes you aware of lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and the need for exercise that your body needs according to your DNA.

Once you plan your diet seriously based on your DNA-based test report, you can manage sustainable health and weight.

The nutritional requirements of a family member are different so each member of the family should base their diet on their own DNA testing.

The effect of genetics on nutrition

Have you ever wondered why two people on the same diet show conflicting health results? This may be due to your genes.  Therefore the response of different food ingredients varies with a person’s genetic make-up.

Everyone needs a balanced diet with macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber) and micronutrients (minerals and vitamins). But when it comes to specific performance for weight loss, your need for stamina or optimal health and response to food may differ from others.

We spend a lot of money on the ideal healthy food source and the perfect exercise plan for ourselves. Thus, nutritionists are advising DNA-based diet and exercise plans.

Nutrition and genes

Nutrigenomics, a science that studies the interaction of DNA nutrition tests and genes is enriching and changing lives. DNA testing for diet and nutrition can give us information about foods that can be healthy for us and that can create risks for various health conditions. Choosing a diet based on your genetic predisposition can help you achieve your desired health goals.

DNA testing can help you find out about the following:

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies – Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and many more.

Bone mineral density (BMD)

Body Mass Index (BMI)

The response of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fiber to your weight.

Salt intake and blood pressure sensitivity

How do nutrition and genetic testing work?

DNA-based tests were performed with saliva samples to produce genetic reports. Why saliva? Saliva is a non-invasive sampling method that contains enough DNA to produce excellent genetic reports on health, nutrition, and fitness parameters. 

Consulting a doctor/dietitian with your nutritional DNA makeup can help you plan your diet goals. This diet plan is designed to reduce the risk of malnutrition, control your body weight and structure, prevent food sensitivity, and reduce the risk of various food-related health conditions.

Planning to go to the gym? Learn the importance of genetic testing first and get your DNA-base test do. 

Genetic testing is user-friendly and easy can do at home.

Learn more about the benefits of genetic testing.

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