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Sports parent? Here’s how to choose the right strollers

The sport strollers are a ottimoale solution for many people who like to keep fit and play a sport for fun and none of them gives up just because it has become mom or dad.

There are trekking strollers, for hiking or long walks , and others that are even ideal for running, as the expert explains in an article on running strollers . These are models designed and equipped ad hoc and suitable for dealing with rough terrain, accidental paths and adverse weather conditions. Strollers specially designed to combine the needs of parent and child during moments of leisure.

When sport is a passion, do not worry, the thing to do is to buy a sports stroller suitable for jogging, running or walking in the mountains, the beach and in the open air.

What to consider when choosing a sports stroller

When buying a stroller, choosing isn’t always easy. There are many characteristics to keep in mind when choosing and vary according to your lifestyle. So, if you are a sportsman , here are 5 things to consider when buying your stroller.

1. Typology

As for the type of stroller, if your intention is to practice sports, you need a stable stroller ready for anything. In particular, if you are a jogging or running enthusiast, we recommend a sports or running three-wheeled stroller . These are strollers born with the specific purpose of carrying the child in a safe and comfortable way while the parent moves to do a sporting activity, be it running or trekking.

These are the main features:

  • suitable for jogging or trekking
  • equipped with spoked wheels or wheels with a wide circumference , with often inflatable tires and with important and adjustable suspensions; ensure great smoothness on the ground
  • frame with sporty lines, robust but, at the same time, light for greater aerodynamics
  • handle joined with safety strap to attach to the wrist
  • instant bicycle brake and parking brake , both located on the handle
  • usually non-reversible seat , always positioned facing the street
  • wide seat made with technical fabrics , resistant and very padded
  • large canopy usually with UV protection
  • various types of closure, generally not compact.
  • Some models with reversible seat close only by removing the seat.

In our guide to 3-wheel strollers , all the characteristics of 3-wheel strollers are reported in detail, which also exist in city and off-road versions, ideal for parents who are determined to share sport with their children and who they prefer agility even in urban areas.

For lovers of walks and excursions in the open air, for example in the mountains, it is also possible to orientate themselves on a 4-wheel stroller , which is generally a stroller with large wheels, suitable for less uniform terrains.

Both types of strollers have a considerable footprint, but easy folding. Moreover, they are often strollers equipped with excellent shock absorbers, an important feature, since it means that during your movement, vibrations are reduced and the baby remains comfortable.

Instead, to take long walks even only in urban contexts, you could opt for a light stroller , with reduced weight and more manageable, less bulky and easy to fold. In this case, however, it must be considered that the light stroller is usually suitable for children aged 6 months and over and is not suitable for uneven or unpaved terrain.

2. Wheels

Sand, slippery pavements, clayey soils, grass, holes and stones.
Whether there are three or four, therefore, the wheels of a sports stroller must face all this and, to do so, they must certainly be high and inflatable. All off  road all-terrain strollers  , in fact, have swiveling, lockable, removable front wheels with quick coupling, and in some cases with sealed ball bearings.

3. Sitting

You play sports, what about him? He is still too young, but he always wants to be with you and enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes during your training. The stroller you choose for him, therefore, must have a high, reclining and very padded seat . In addition to these necessary features, you will also find models with breathable seats on the market and you can also find among the optional accessories a very useful breathable seat cover .

4. Handle

How could you run or walk without problems if your stroller doesn’t have a comfortable handle ? When looking for a stroller, make sure the handle is joined and adjustable in height. And remember, some models even have a soft touch handle, even more ergonomic.

5. Accessories and Optional

The accessories of a sports stroller , depending on the brand and model, can be many and some, really functional. Together with your stroller you will need some useful options to deal with hot, cold and any climatic situation such as: the winter bag, the mosquito net, the leg cover, the parasol or the canopy and the other accessories for rain cover, windscreen and anti-UV screen .

Then there are the useful accessories for travel and movements such as: the bag, a storage pocket, the carrycot, the adapters for compatible car seats, the storage compartment under the seat, the cot mattress.

Finally, the accessories that cannot be missing for sports such as: the cup holder, the platform for the second child, the footrest and the strap with wrist strap, a strap to wear that, during the run, always keeps the stroller close to you.

And now that you know how to choose your stroller, sporty parent, are you ready for training?

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