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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE needs to be the passage level of the S20 series. By making slight trade offs to accomplish a somewhat more alluring price. We tried the cell phone to check whether the formula was persuading.

“FE” for Fan Edition. To plan the Galaxy S20 FE 5G (and the 4G form), Samsung went to study its local area to discover what increments clients might want to have on a cell phone from the Korean monster’s S range, while attempting to offer a gadget somewhat more reasonable – yet at the same time situated on the high end. Here is our full test.


This Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a S20 without truly being one. Hmm, all things considered, indeed, OK… This fairly unimportant assertion merits some explanation. This cell phone bears a comparable name to the brand’s three gadgets dispatched in mid 2020, yet the plan is sufficiently diverse to be effortlessly recognized from the remainder of the series.

First thing to take note of: the screen is flat. A compromise that isn’t really one, as many individuals whine about the controls completed unintentionally on the bended chunks of some smartphones. The Galaxy S20 FE tries to stay away from these sorts of issues and, then again, it experiences plainly noticeable lines around the presentation area. Nothing really awful, the gadget doesn’t turn out to be revolting, it essentially has a less exceptional look.

For the remainder of the front face, we are on an exemplary equation with a punch focused at the highest point of the screen to house the front photograph sensor. The other significant thing to recall about the plan of the Galaxy S20 FE is its back. The back surface advantages from a brushed touch with a matte completion, paying little mind to the shading picked.

Generally speaking, it’s very acceptable, however if you run your finger a few times over it, you rapidly understand that it is a plastic material. The feel under the forefinger or thumb isn’t so plush as on the matte bronze of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE benefits from a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen. A huge slanting that offers Full HD + definition, without being able to go up to QHD + dissimilar to the next S20s. This is anything but a major misfortune: with the exception of computer generated reality utilizes, such a top quality on a cell phone isn’t actually relevant. We additionally recollect that the board has a revive pace of 120 Hz to offer a substantially more charming ease than on a customary 60 Hz screen. Note that this well known 120 Hz mode isn’t versatile and will along these lines consistently show 120 edges each second in any event, when the substance doesn’t really need it.

Obviously, Samsung’s aptitude is still there: the difference is awesome and the greatest splendor cresting at 724 compact disc/m² will guarantee great coherence in all circumstances. By default, the Galax S20 FE is set to distinctive mode which makes the shadings stand apart more.


One UI, Samsung’s product experience, is still truly pleasant to use. The flawless plan, the decent decision of customizations and some consistently welcome choices (dull mode, two route frameworks by signals, screen recorder) add to the appeal of this interface. Add to that menus where it is not difficult to explore in by far most of cases.

The cell phone benefits from Android 10. It is additionally totally prepared to peruse the substance of your SVoD platforms like Netflix or Disney + in HD quality, since it benefits from Widevine DRM at the L1 security level (the most noteworthy).

To find out about One UI, you can counsel the part committed to it in the trial of the Galaxy S20 Ultra or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra . It ought to be noted in passing that the interface locally implants the Samsung application store, the Galaxy Store. Usually, we don’t really try to specify it, however the news prompts us to remind that the Fortnite installer presented by Epic Games is as yet accessible for download on this stage when it is as of now not present. on the Google Play Store. You will consequently not need to go through the authority site of the distributer to exploit it.


We have effectively seen more remarkable speakers than those of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, however they are not left out. While the telephone will neglect to muffle encompassing commotion on a bustling night out, the telephone can fill in as an improvised speaker during a little party gathering. The sound quality is at the meeting with all around reestablished tunes, complete, regardless of the bass somewhat behind.

We should see the value in the great sound system here: even with a somewhat less incredible top speaker, the Galaxy S20 FE offers a wonderful spatialization of the sound being listened to. For earphones and headsets, empowering the Dolby Atmos choice is consistently a smart thought to appreciate more comprehensive music. An equalizer is accessible in the settings, just like the Adapt Sound capacity to change the listening quality as indicated by the client’s age bunch.


Disregard the 100x zoom, 108 or 64 megapixel stills and 8K videos. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE doesn’t mirror the advancements of other S20s around here and is more calm on its back photograph configuration. The triple module hence comprises of a primary sensor of 12 megapixels (f/1.8), a ultra wide-point of 12 megapixels (f/2.2) and a fax x3 of 8 megapixels (f/2.4).

The general quality is very satisfactory. In open air, we appreciate shots with a decent degree of detail, solid differentiation and all around oversaw dynamics. The Galaxy S20 FE, in the same way as other Samsung cell phones. Has a little propensity to adorn reality with colors that stand out. If you’re not a devotee of this little immersion. You can moderate it by winding down the Scene Optimizer, yet it’s anything but a panacea. However, an exceptionally larger part of clients appear to see the value in this treatment.

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On the off chance that you go for a 4G variant of the Galaxy S20 FE, it will not come as a shock. You’ll manage a similar Exynos 990 of the brand’s other very good quality items in 2020. In any case, 5G renditions – like the one we’re trying here. Exploit a Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm and it’s quickly seriously captivating, on the grounds. That the chip has effectively demonstrated its prevalence as far as crude force against Samsung’s SoC.

I need confirmation of this in the benchmarks beneath where we can see that the Galaxy S20 FE performs better compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Without a doubt, the Snapdragon 865 is more remarkable than its Exynos change self image. Yet its genuine benefit lies in its fuel efficiency. From then on, there wasn’t a lot of tension encompassing the perseverance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. This cell phone doesn’t frustrate and is to be sure more independent than its S20 siblings.

With its 4500 mAh battery, the telephone figures out how to last an entire day peacefully even. With an exceptionally dynamic utilization of the gadget and with the screen invigorates at 120 Hz. The Galaxy S20 FE isn’t among the most incredible in independence. Yet it fits effectively in the upper section of the overall average. So you will not need to stress a lot over finding a charger late in the early evening. Before you head out to join companions for a late evening out. Aiming for 48 hours without associating the terminal would anyway be exceptionally yearning and beyond difficult with ordinary use.


Here we are trying the Galaxy S20 FE 5G. This model, clearly, is viable with the 5G network, however it costs more than the exemplary rendition delivered at the very time. Beyond that, the telephone is viable with all 4G recurrence groups.

For calls, the Galaxy S20 FE will end up being truly adept at eradicating the commotions of the city around you. While your voice stays entirely clear to your conversationalist who won’t see any genuine compression. It’s truly clean. On the geolocation side, I didn’t have a significant problem. On Google Maps, I recently saw that the blue dab addressing me. Could require a couple of moments prior to demonstrating my position exactly.

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