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Reasons for slow internet speed and solutions

I believe many people have encountered this situation. After installing a dedicated line or broadband, sometimes they feel that the network speed is slow. The technical house will log on to the professional website to measure the network speed. But even for operators in the industry, it is difficult to specifically explain why the network speed is slowing down. This article analyzes in detail from the four main factors that slow Internet speed and solutions. Why do you always feel that the Internet speed is slow.

From the perspective of the end-to-end process of wired broadband Internet access, the impact on the user’s Internet speed involves four links: client, access network, core network, and content resources.

The client configuration is incorrect or the Internet device is unqualified

Among the problems affecting broadband network speed, the problem of poor user perception of broadband services due to user-side client reasons accounts for about 40%.

  1. The performance of the PC terminal does not meet the requirements. If the performance of the user’s computer terminal network card or system memory is insufficient. It will cause the user to fail to reach the agreed rate during speed measurement. When the rate supported by the computer network card is greater than the broadband bandwidth accessed can the contract rate be guaranteed.
  2. DNS domain name configuration error

This error usually occurs after users switch to broadband operators. The DNS used before is still set to the DNS of the former operator, causing customers to access resources on the network and being erroneously scheduled out of the network.

  1. The performance of the wireless router is not up to standard

Among the client reasons, user complaints caused by router failure or setting problems about 30% of network quality complaints. The brand, price, and quality of the routers purchased by users are uneven, and the failure rate varies.

From the perspective of usage, users use more than 80% of routers under 100 yuan, and the failure rate of routers of major brands at this price is generally above 15%, while the failure rate of routers above 100 yuan has dropped a lot, generally below 10% .

The vast majority of users use wireless routers with substandard performance. Which leads to problems such as failure to open web pages or video freezes or dropped connections when surfing the Internet or watching videos.

When choosing a router users are advise to choose 802.11N at the lowest. In addition to price and brand factors, and recommend 802.11AC and above.

In addition, there are fewer reasons for the unqualified ONU quality provided by the operator, usually because the ONU optical power does not meet the standard, resulting in bit errors and packet loss at the user end, which affects the network speed.

The sudden increase in traffic causes congestion in the uplink of the access network aggregation equipment

Among the problems affecting broadband network speed, the poor perception of users’ broadband services due to substandard optical power of the access network, bandwidth congestion, and the number of connected users exceeds the limit, which accounts for about 30%.

  1. If the optical power of the PON port does not meet the standard. It will cause bit errors and packet loss on the user side. Increase line attenuation, and result in low ONU optical power, which will affect the network speed. The number of users connected to the PON port exceed the limit, which will cause traffic congestion on the PON port. Cause packet loss on the network side.
  2. If the uplink power of the OLT does not meet the standard. It will cause bit errors and packet loss in the network, Which will affect the network speed. The high utilization rate of OLT equipment uplink bandwidth and PTN ring network utilization rate will easily cause packet loss on the network side. Customers need multiple requests to access successfully, and the network speed will drop, which will affect customer access perception.

A typical judgment is that if the user feels the webpage opens slowly at night when it is busy. The perception is very different from that during the day. It is likely to be a problem with the access network.

Because there are a large number of users in the community. A large number of users surf the Internet at the same time during busy hours. The sudden increase in business traffic causes congestion equipment uplink congestion. Which affects the Internet perception of users in the entire community.

Maintenance personnel are required to re-calculate the access bandwidth of the cell and implement emergency expansion. The number of accounts, contracted bandwidth, and peak online users of the cell, and all services can be use normally.

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