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Online Teacher Training for Restorative Yoga


If you have been to a restorative yoga class, then you might be knowing why it is the cure. The aroma of those lavender essential oils that hits your nose every time you step into the class brings you instant calm and peace.

The idea of those yoga props is to support your body when you practice different restorative yoga postures is very tempting. We do not doubt that there is simply no better cure to stress, tension, and anxiety than the Restorative yoga class.

If you have undergone the restorative yoga practice in a class and thought, “Even I can share this with others,” But as you begin exploring hundreds of possibilities, then it becomes tough to conclude what training is good for you.

Getting ready for restorative yoga training is also very important, just like giving attention to the training. Because practice enables a class to fall deeper into understanding, and it encourages participation. The better you will learn and practice, the better you can teach and become a better teacher.

Online Teacher Training for Restorative Yoga

To become an excellent Restorative yoga Teacher and getting training for it, you need to follow and keep these few things in your mind that are mentioned below:

  • Accustom yourself to beginner yoga poses.

You don’t have to have the experience to become a restorative yoga teacher and get training for it, yet it would be helpful to accustom yourself with different restorative yoga postures, or at least you should feel relaxed practicing these postures before you get the training. 

  • Create and maintain a consistent daily practice.

If you start doing the tasks even before the training starts, then the Restorative Yoga teacher training will be incredibly influential for you.

It varies in the duration of activities and length, but your everyday practice must contain some conscious exercises, breathing workouts, and meditation. Focus on thinking about how you can develop the success of your classroom.


  • Establish a helpful team outside of yoga teacher training. 

However, many graduates of the Restorative yoga teacher training gush over the rapport and help they attain with their training sessions. It is also essential to pursue support even before the training.

Let people around you, like your family, co-workers, and friends, know what you are about to do and ask them to hold room for your procedure. Self-motivation and motivation from closed ones are essential.

  • Identify your learning style to set yourself up for success.

Understanding your learning technique can help you create maximum concentrated training, such as yoga teacher certification, and help you set up for your success. 

How to Select the Right Online Course for Restorative Yoga Teacher’s Training?

When you decide to select a course to start with your training to become a restorative yoga teacher, you might find it complex and confusing. We are here to help you and point out some aspects you need to keep in mind before selecting the right course for yourself. 


Look at whether the course involves teachers who are good at research work and make sure that the system consists of qualified and eligible teachers who can make you feel relaxed and comfortable for the whole duration of the course and teach the course type you have selected. 

  • COST

The Costs of the course you are choosing should be reasonable and worth the investment with many valid options. Registered Yoga Alliance courses might cost you some thousand dollars, summing up the fee to the teachers, location, material for the course, etc. 


The duration of the courses can depend on the content. There are different courses with different durations like some offer weekend courses that are 1 or 2 weekends per month. Some offer immersion-style, which means teaching runs for a whole month or is divided into divisions.

Anticipate the time for home assignments or outdoor classwork like practice teaching.

Make sure that the course includes the time for practicing, such as students teaching one another or opportunities for conducting an actual class is given.

Homework in the form of reading or writing assignments is essential, as this permits you to explore beyond the time of course, and it also improves your studies.

Things To Avoid While Selecting A Online Restorative Teacher Training Course.

It takes time to Become a satisfactory yoga teacher, generally with a certified teacher, to develop productive skills. There are two basic things you should Avoid when you select a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course.

  1.  You should strictly avoid short courses that provide you with an immediate certificate without much practice.
  2. You should avoid online training If possible. Though online training is potentially fascinating, it requires deepness in many perspectives. Working with a certified teacher will help you develop skills in teaching in a longer duration of time.When you ask queries and interact with other learners, it will help you broaden your understanding of several factors connected to teaching. Teachers can guide you about things like safety in specific yoga postures, etc. And you can miss this in an online course.Online learners also miss out on the community that is developed in an ordinary life course. Most considerably, it is stricter learning to teach delicacies from the online courses.

    Though they are beneficial in the short term, you should avoid choosing if you consider becoming a good and successful restorative yoga teacher.

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