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How To Market Your Content through PPC Campaigns?

Do you know content marketing and PPC marketing go hand to hand?

Surprisingly, yes. If you want to increase your content marketing ROI, investing in PPC campaigns will be an incredible attempt.

High-performing PPC ad campaigns are responsible for building your content ROI. The experts at a PPC marketing company in Delhi or Kolkata or other places upheld this magic very well.

Before we speak about marketing your content through PPC campaigns, we would like to discuss the reasons why you should make such investments. Several reasons are there behind such decisions. Following are a few.

  • PPC campaigns are responsible for drawing quick and relevant traffic. Good quality content makes the process easier.
  • PPC ads are used to draw in bias people towards the brand. Informative and engaging content is required for this.
  • PPC ads are linked directly to the landing page. These landing pages should be rich with appropriate content relevant to the brand.
  • PPC ads can steal high rankings for the website. You can’t expect such results without creative and engaging content.

Now, that you know PPC ad campaigns can’t be successful without proper use of the content, it is time to learn how to market your content through them. Give it a look.

4 Tactics to market your content through PPC ad campaigns

  1. Promote your content through social media ads: The best way to promote your content through PPC ad campaigns is by using social media ads. For example, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and Twitter ads. You can simply choose any of these ad types to promote your content across social channels.

Social media advertising features allow marketers to market the content targeting the right audience across the channels. For example, you can use Facebook’s Audience Insights to categorize your audience and target new visitors to the ad. Here you also get an option “boost post” using which you can advertise your content to two types of audience – one that follows your page and like your page, people whom you target.

Several varieties of ad formats can be used when you want to promote your ad content. For example, instream video ads, newsfeed ads, story ads, etc. Use these display ads to enhance your content visibility.

2. Focus more on irresistible headlines: Next is to focus more on the irresistible headlines. No matter what your ad content is all about, make sure the headline you choose is short, crispy, concise, and to the point.

Engaging and captivating headlines are much more important than lengthy and formal headlines. These headlines have the potential to seek the attention of the audience and compel them to stop and shop from your brand. They generate quality leads and make a chance of building more clicks and more conversions.

You can even make use of online tools to perform an A/B test of your headlines. Choose more than two headlines for an ad campaign and test them based on their performance. This will help to judge the better one from them.

3. Make your content mobile-friendly: Nowadays, people always prefer to browse mobile-first pages. Due to the high use of mobile devices, it is necessary to develop ads that are easily visible to mobile users. Hence, the ad content you choose to promote should be mobile-friendly.

How to ensure that your ad content will appear in the mobile search results? Here are a few tips.

Make the headline short and limited.

Don’t forget to add keywords in your ad headline and ad copy.

Avoid pop-ups on a mobile screen.

Adjust the ad content and images according to the screen size.

Use short paragraphs.

Almost 60% of ad clicks are generated through mobile devices. Hence, avoiding mobile-friendly approaches is not a good idea.

4. Include CTAs in your content: Every ad content intends to generate high conversions for the brand. This happens only when you add powerful CTAs or call-to-action to your content.

Call-to-actions are designed to connect the visitors straight to the landing page. They are short and clickable elements that drive the prospective buyers to the landing page of the advertisements.

Every content should have a proper CTA in the end. This generates excitement among the prospects and ends up the campaign with more conversions. You can develop a CTA through a form field or even add a pop-up option for it. The choice is yours!

Key Takeaway

PPC and content marketing help in maximizing the business ROI by drawing high conversions and generating strong leads. It is obvious that if you consider PPC, you have to consider content marketing. However, the opposite doesn’t work actually.

Guys, if you are serious about marketing your business through PPC ad campaigns, don’t forget to outsource your content to the agency offering content marketing services in India, UK, or the USA. It is equally essential like your PPC.

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