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Myths That Make People Ignorant About Back Pain

The lower backbone problems have become common. The reason is that almost 80% to 90% of the adult experience lower backbone issue at some point in their life. Unluckily, research shows that many people with this issue do not have access to the treatment that is compliant with the best evidence-based techniques. 

If you are suffering from this condition, you should contact an expert for immediate relief. It would help if you did not believe in myths that make people ignorant about back pain. 

Myth: It Is A Revealing Sign of Pregnancy in Women 

Studies show that it may lead to spinal issues in the later stages (second or third trimester) of pregnancy if you undergo functional and hormonal changes. At the same time, a handful of women experience this problem in the early stages. 

Suppose you feel pain in your lower back. In that case, it might not be due to pregnancy unless you observe other revealing symptoms like missing menstrual periods, nausea, exhaustion, headache, or body distress. 

Myth: Spinal Pain Can Be Due to Gastric Issues 

Stomach bloating and bowel gas can lead to mild to profound uneasiness in the upper body. An increased sensation of bloating and the gas issue can tighten the upper body and causes shooting pain. If you have spinal pain, it is usually not due to stomach issues unless the abdomen is referred back. However, this condition is rare. 

Usually, backbone discomfort is due to the gas bubbles in the spinal canal or the cerebrospinal fluid. This natural fluid protects the spinal column. You should know that this gas is completely different from bowel gas, and the symptoms are also unrelated. The gas particles in the spine may move gradually depending on the posture and focal regions of the pressure on the backbone tissues. Hence, this causes pain in the lower and upper back. 

Myth: Sitting Can Result in Back Pain 

Sitting engages the muscles and joints in the backbone, hips, and renal pelvis. If you follow an ergonomically supported posture during sitting, you minimize the pressure on these muscles and joints. Hence, you may not experience any back pain Dallas

Experts suggest adopting the following postures: 

  • Sit straight with shoulders set back and shoulder blades down. 
  • Maintain a hip-distance among the legs 
  • Place your feet flat on the floor. 
  • Make sure that your backbone follows its natural curve. However, you can use a small cushion to support your back.  
  • Even if you follow an ergonomically supported sitting posture, you should take frequent breaks, usually after every hour. You can walk around or stretch your muscles. 

Hence, following these steps will provide adequate support to your back, encourage blood flow, and nutritional supply to the spine. If your job demands long hours of sitting, you should prefer using active workspaces, sit-to-stand counters, or stability balls. Therefore, it will help diminish the risk of backbone issues. 

While unsupported sitting postures like hunching or slouching for long periods can stress the abdominal muscles, hence, with time, the blood circulation is decreased that eventually leads to stiffness and feebleness of the spine. Also, a wrong posture increased pressure on the lower spine leading to disc bulging or sciatica pain. 

Myth: Constipation Is Not Related to Spine Pain 

It is a fact that constipation does not impact the lower spine tissues. However, it can cause certain disturbances in the body that can lead to spine issues. When you have constipation, your intestinal microbe may be unbalanced that can enhance pain and anxiety. If you have a sedentary lifestyle or low physical activity, you have greater chances of spine pain. Hence, women are more likely to suffer from constipation than men. 

Myth: Stress and Spine Pain are Unrelated 

When you are stressed, you feel emotionally exhausted. You experience behavioral and psychological changes in your body. If you have depression or anxiety, you have a higher chance of suffering from a lower backbone issue. 

If you lack social support and laborious jobs are a common cause of skeletal pain. Hence, it would be better if you opted for physiological management as the primary approach to deal with mental stress. Medical treatment alone for the spine may not be sufficient. 

Myth: Your Backbone Pain Is Not Due to Kidney Problems 

Some health issues related to the kidney can lead to shooting backbone pain that may demand emergency treatment. The typical renal problems that can lead to spinal discomforts include kidney infection and kidney stones. You may sense a dull or sharp pain. 

However, if you suffer from a more severe renal cell carcinoma, you are likely to suffer from lower back pain Fort Worth. This cancerous condition may spread to other body parts. You may experience radiating leg pain at night. 


Many people use remedies to treat their backbone without a diagnosis or medical consultation from a specialist. Experts do not recommend it. If you have persistent pain, you should immediately consult a doctor. 

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