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Mobile Billing System for E-commerce: A Comprehensive Guide

Smartphones have already supplanted the clock, the music player, and other technologies. It has now replaced currency! Why not employ an innovative and practical mobile payment solution for your online store? By doing so you can easily cut costs, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Mobile Billing Systems are already available for various goods and services around the globe. They are convenient and easy to use. Multinational companies adopting mobile billing systems wisely include Apple, PayPal, Amazon, Facebook, and PayPal.com.

Suppose you are looking for a change and want to boost your business. In that case, you can also integrate a mobile billing system via an ecommerce development service to stay ahead of competitors.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about this billing system.

Billing Software: What is it?

Invoice and billing software is used by businesses to prepare and send invoices to clients to obtain payment for the goods and services they provide. Companies can decrease the time and effort needed to manage invoices and increase the accuracy of their billing procedures by utilizing this kind of software.

Although sales associates or project managers can also use this software to give customers estimates or pro forma invoices, accountants are more likely to use it. Managing invoicing for various goods and services, such as project billing for professional services and recurring billing for utilities, is made easier for businesses by billing software.

Billing software integrates with accounting software, ERP, and CRM systems that store information about customers and the products or services they purchase. When payments are received, the last stage of the billing process is carried out using accounting software or a module of a more extensive system like ERP.

For a product to be eligible for inclusion in the billing software category, it must:

  • Provide users access to tools for creating various invoice kinds.
  • Being able to divide a bill or group many bills together
  • Provide invoice and other document templates.
  • Enable users to send invoices using numerous communication methods in different file formats (PDF, MS Word) (email, fax )
  • Reports and analytics on the progress of each invoice are required.
  • Be sure to include payment alerts.
  • Link to CRM, ERP, and accounting tools, for example.
  • What is a Mobile Billing System?

Mobile billing, also called mobile carrier billing, is an alternative payment system that enables customers to make purchases directly from their phone bills instead of using a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or cash. Some mobile billing systems are SMS billing, mobile wallet, QR code payments, etc.

Benefits of Mobile Billing Systems to E-commerce Websites

Mobile billing systems revolutionize the e-commerce sector. It solves the cumbersome billing process and improves the customer’s shopping experience. The impact of mobile billing in the e-commerce sector is significant.

Let’s dive deep to learn the various benefits of the mobile billing system.

Increased Conversion Rates

One of the most crucial factors of the mobile billing system is that it improves customers’ shopping experience. With the help of this system, they can instantly pay and complete their shopping. This gaslights impulsive buyer behaviors. If you provide a safe and smooth billing system consumers will automatically turn to your company for their needs. It helps majorly in increasing the conversion rate.

Suppose a potential customer is searching for a particular product; they will generally find several buying options from various e-commerce sites. However, most customers will turn to sites that can provide faster, smoother, and more secure billing options.

Also, even if you can provide the best quality product, customers may only buy from your e-commerce if you provide a safe and user-friendly billing system. Therefore, if you want growth in your conversion rate, you must introduce a mobile billing system.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Online shopping is getting popular for its convenient istanbul olgun escort features. Most e-commerce owners try to satisfy customers’ needs by making the shopping experience comfortable. And the mobile billing system has a lot to do with shopping satisfaction. Customers who buy something from an e-commerce site want to complete the entire process comfortably.

One may choose an item and complete their order with a website, but without a mobile billing system, they must go through many processes to pay for their required items. In many cases, consumers feel uneasy and cumbersome. However, with a mobile billing system, you can provide a more straightforward, comfortable, and secure billing process, which helps improve customer satisfaction. And it leads to brand loyalty.

Faster Transactions

Suppose you are buying something, and after completing the entire process, you are asked for the payment. But the payment process includes listing your bank account or debit/credit card number.

Also, you must go through several other approaches to complete the transaction. This entire process consumes an enormous time. However, a mobile billing system will free you from that hectic billing process. You can easily pay your bill from your phone just with the tip of your finger. Mobile billing systems make transactions faster, smoother, and safer.

Increased Security

Another benefit of mobile billing systems is their robust security. Most mobile billing systems use end-to-end encryption and verification to tighten security. At the same time, they ensure that the process stays effortless. Also, companies hire ecommerce development services to check their security system regularly. This increases security and helps businesses to keep malicious attacks away.

Easy-to-use Payment Option

One of the significant advantages of a mobile billing system is its user-friendly payment options. With the help of a mobile billing system, completing a payment process is child’s play. En özel ve reel kızlar ankara escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. With a few clicks, consumers can pay their bills without any issues.

Global Reach

After the integration of mobile billing in online shopping, people from all around the world can buy their required items. Now any local business owner can sell their products all around the world. Advanced billing systems enable international transactions, which allow people from different countries to buy their required products from any corner of the world.

Low fees

You can integrate mobile billing into your e-commerce site with a low fees rate. Many mobile billing software companies provide their services at reasonable prices. So you can use the system with a lot fewer fees than other billing systems.

Types of Mobile Billing Methods That E-commerce Websites Can Use

There are several mobile billing methods that e-commerce can use and some of them are written below.

QR code payments

QR code (Quick Response code) is one of the most popular mobile billing methods. On a white background, it consists of a pattern made up of squares or black barcodes placed in a square grid. Via the QR code scanner, these codes can be read and these scanners are now commonly found in mobile cameras.

In most cases, QR codes produce a pixel pattern, with each component storing a piece of data including transaction data, merchant information, etc. When scanned, the software decodes the QR code patterns and turns them into a string of characters. The Qr codes (used for accepting payments) typically contain commands pertaining to transactions.

A retailer can produce QR codes for his store or any fixed or varying price. This command causes the QR code to be created. It performs any further specified actions, such as opening a payment link or verifying a transaction. All the customer needs to do is scan the code with their phone to complete the transaction.

SMS Payments

Every payment made by an SMS text message is referred to as an SMS (Short Messaging Service) payment. The client may receive a text message from the business including a link that must be clicked to complete payments. Customers can frequently conclude an SMS transaction by simply replying with a text. With this answer code, a third-party mobile payment service provider authorizes the transaction and deducts the cost from the customer’s prepaid account or applies it to their monthly phone bill.

Direct Carrier Billing

Customers find the DCB (Direct Carrier Billing), also known as direct operator billing, payment method easier than premium SMS billing because it doesn’t need them to sign up, send an SMS, or log in to complete the checkout process.

Direct carrier billing is indeed another popular mode of payment used for mobile websites, applications, and games. Customers that check out on their mobile phones, computers, or tablets can use direct carrier billing to pay the merchant.

Other names for this service include mobile transaction billing and mobile transaction processing. Because their product changes into a money service business in addition to their usual carrier services, carriers typically need special authorization from their Central Banks to offer this service. As a result, not all locations offer this service.

Mobile wallets

A mobile wallet contains credit card or debit card information on a mobile device, such as your phone, tablet, or smartwatch. Using a mobile wallet makes it simple for you to make offline or online purchases from businesses set up to accept payments using the wallet. Because of the technology they employ to safeguard your account information, they are more secure than traditional payment cards.

In-app Purchases

IAPs (In-app purchases) allow customers to use real money to purchase consumables, non-consumables, and subscriptions through the applicable app store or another payment mechanism.

As most apps are available for free download, in-app purchases are a significant source of income for app developers.

How Does Mobile Billing System Work on E-commerce Websites?

A mobile billing system needs to be integrated for better business. The entire process of the billing system completes in a few seconds. The process starts when customers select their orders and land on the payment page. However, the method may differ for different billing systems, but most follow this below written system.

  • Customer Selects the Payment Option
    On the payment page, customers can find several payment options and can choose any one of them. There they need to select one of them and continue with the process.
  • The Payable Amount is Confirmed
    After selecting the payment option, customers must confirm the amount, check if the price is accurate, and learn about the other charges (if any).
  • Payment is Authorized
    Now they need to authorize the payment on the application from where it is requested. Then the customer must go through the security check and proceed.
  • Payment is Processed
    After the authorization, the customers are redirected to the e-commerce site, and they got the notification to proceed with payment.
  • Payment is Confirmed
    Customers receive a confirmation from the seller within a second of the processed payment.
  • Payment is Billed
    After the compilation of the process, the customer will receive a confirmation as payment is billed.

Popular Mobile Billing Systems That E-commerce Businesses Can Use

Various companies use many mobile billing systems. If you are looking for a billing system, you should learn about the most beneficial ones. Here some of the most popular mobile billing systems are enlisted.


PayPal, the largest online payment service provider, has entered the face-to-face or physical payment market. It is a portable credit card reader that you may use to receive payments directly into your PayPal account online.

You can instantly receive payments into your account with PayPal without paying a monthly charge. The best feature is that you may use it without touching any buttons. Therefore, contactless payment. The system is compatible with the PayPal app, which provides users with a wealth of functionality.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a cutting-edge payment system allowing in-person, online, and person-to-person transactions. The app supports NFC payments and is compatible with iOS, Android, smartwatches, and the web.

One of its best characteristics is that it substitutes virtual card numbers for regular ones, increasing payment security. Via Google Pay, you can also manage gift cards and reward programs, and it’s fairly simple to use (much like all of Google’s other products).

Apple Pay

Like Google Pay, Apple Pay is a type of digital wallet. The process is made incredibly simple by doing away with the need to fill out forms or input credit card information. This is advantageous for your online store because fewer people will abandon their shopping carts thanks to the more straightforward checkout process. 100% of Apple Pay is free. No setup fees or transaction expenses are required.

Some key elements of Apple Pay are given below,

  • Face recognition or fingerprint recognition for mobile payments
  • No setup or transaction costs
  • Customers using an iPhone 8 or later see a default card option.
  • Nearly all nations and regions, including Canada, the United States, and Europe, accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a fantastic choice if you value simplicity and want to save money.


Millions of users utilize Square, a well-known payment platform, all around the world. The service owes its success to the fact that, aside from the flat-rate transaction price, it doesn’t collect any of the monthly or annual account maintenance fees that most businesses do.

You can integrate digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Masterpass into your checkout process in addition to traditional payment methods with Square. Also, you can create a personalized payment experience for your website or app or select from a pre-built payment flow.

Amazon Pay

If you already sell goods on this monstrous e-commerce platform, Amazon Payments might be your best option. Several e-commerce plugins, including Shopify, OpenCart, BigCommerce, 3dcart, and others, are among the many integrations it offers. And most significantly, it won’t cost a fortune. You will pay the regular 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction, plus tax because Amazon Payment costs are transaction-based.

It does, however, impose a processing fee for international purchases. If you receive payments from outside the US in this situation, you will pay a transaction fee of 3.9% rather than 2.9%.

Few Key Elements of Amazon Pay areas follows,

  • Integrate with practically any plugin or e-commerce platform
  • Add, modify, and configure bank or credit card details as well as notifications
  • With integrated analytics, track customer satisfaction and handle consumer disputes and chargebacks.
  • Full access to your account’s payment information, transaction and settlement records, and more
  • Full-featured mobile checkouts

Amazon Payments is a fantastic alternative for starting as an e-commerce firm. As so many people use this platform, many resources are available to assist you whether you have a technical problem or a general query.


You may send, request, or even spit payments among your friends quite easily with the help of the peer-to-peer mobile payment software Venmo. It is a social payment app since it provides a smooth transfer of funds among your friends and acquaintances.

Splitting payments is by far Venmo’s best feature outside of money transfers. You can split your groceries, utilities, and even travel costs. You can even give your buddies cash as a gift. Also, using the service is free of transaction fees.


If you’ve been looking at various payment options, Stripe has caught your eye. Credit cards, foreign currencies, and wallets are just a few of the many payment methods that Stripe, a well-known third-party payment processor, provides.

Due to their affordable pricing, many smaller e-commerce enterprises employ them. Stripe waives both the setup fee and any monthly gateway fees. It does, however, impose a flat fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each transaction.

Some Key Elements of Stripe:

  • Processing of more than a hundred different currencies without additional fees
  • A unique user experience that enables businesses to design their mobile payment forms
  • Features that speed up mobile checkouts
  • With the help of Stripe Billing, businesses can send clients personalized invoices, request payments, and send scheduled tier-based payments.
  • Using modified algorithms to find fraud

The attributes of Stripe are rather good. Also, the cost is comparable to that of many other payment processors.


BOKU is positioned to be another strong contender for the most comprehensive mobile payment systems available, with a global reach of 66 countries and supporting 240 carrier mobile network providers. Via its alliances with well-known online retailers like Facebook, Disney, EA, and Zynga (among others), clients can choose from various goods and services for mobile billing.

The BOKU two-step verification procedure for mobile billing is entering your cell phone number and responding “Y” to a message sent to you by the online retailer to authenticate the transaction, just like other mobile payment services.

Due to its long history in the industry, it can guarantee customers bank-grade protection and has dependable customer care to offer aid when needed.

To Conclude

In this blog, you gain comprehensive knowledge about mobile billing systems. Also, in this blog, you acquire knowledge about popular billing systems which can be used by e-commerce.

If you are looking for a mobile billing system, you can hire an e-commerce development service to integrate the billing system into your e-commerce site. So what are you waiting for? Hire professionals and get your billing system to attain new commercial success.

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