Laser Marking Spray vs Laser Marking Ink

When you develop an interest in a process, you look for additional elements for help. These important features help your work immensely. For example, they improve the final work and make it appear presentable.

And once your work appears clean, you will attract eyes. Marking is a key process that aids manufacturers. Previously, every engraving was a manual task and the final result was not appealing. Thus, the manufacturers had to look for other options that were not good likewise. But with laser technology, there is a new technique, laser bonding,  where marking is easier. Also, the marking result is clean, neat, and improving the final work.

While marking has different types, you can find a laser beam for it likewise. The ideal difference between engraving and marking lies in the name. An engraving process will cause your work piece or material to disturb.

An engraved marking will be of a 3D effect but if your piece is thin, it will break it through or make it hollow. However, marking does not cause damage to your piece. In addition, you can observe that the work feels like neat lines of colors. Marking is popular since the final work appears clean. Moreover, you can bring in various additional tools to help your needs. For this, sprays and inks aid your work.

The ideal difference is clear that a spray carries gaseous or a mixture of particles. You will direct the spray onto a place and obtain the results. But a laser ink will be liquid mostly and appear thicker. But we can discuss how their application and process differ. However, their requirement is immense presently.

Why do you Need Laser Marking Technology and Substances?

Marking and engraving processes appear in bulk these days. This comes after manufacturers have to find ways to put labels on their work. The simplest use of an engraving or marking process is to produce labels, diagrams, and other information on a product.

The substrate can be of metal, wood, ceramics, etc. But it depends on the machine you use for the engraving process. We insist that people apply different elements to improve the final result. It is since a process appears incomplete if you do not use additional substances. Hence, once you improve the process, the final result will show glimpses likewise.

The marking process does not operate ideally through a laser alone. A laser will direct the heat from the system onto the surface you want to mark. But people mistake engraving processes for marking. The ideal thing you find from marking is the ability to keep your surface safe.

Lasers will not pierce your workpiece rather they will keep them clean. However, you will need sprays and inks to assist you in this. Sprays differ from inks in basic ingredients but their usage is identical. It is just like one prefers something suitable per their requirements. In essence, various categories lie in this region.

Laser Marking Spray: Basics and Products

Initially, a spray is ideal to use and appears clean than ink. From a general perspective, ink can be dangerous to contain. And if you deal in heavy workpieces, you will avoid ink. Sprays can assist greatly in your usage. Furthermore, you can apply them directly onto the surface since they can dry the laser beam effectively.

Sprays assist in various ways moreover. You can contain them in bulk and use them per your needs. When you use ink, you do not know the portion you will be using. Whereas a spray can be used per your needs and then added likewise. Another common use of sprays comes when you do not know the intensity of your work. Some work requires you to judge on visuals carefully. With a spray, you can decide on this since you will know the amount you are spraying. Once you bottle the ink, you cannot control the intensity.

Ideal Directions for Use

Sprays can be used easily but care will be important when working. It is since sprays have to be introduced indirectly. This means your spray nozzle will not touch the surface or be close to it. By this, you can control the amount you will spray on the surface. While you want a thicker or a thinner result, you will adjust your position likewise. A good understanding is to keep the spray nozzle around 6 to 8 inches away from the work. This will result in an effective result. But you can adjust your position per your requirements.

Common Marking Sprays

You can find great laser marking spray nearby and through online vendors. Following are a few sprays available in the market to assist you:

1. CerMark

CerMark offers a good strength to your work. Anyhow, it does not work with metals like aluminum and copper. Also, it is slow as compared to its competitors in the market.

2. CRR Dry Moly Lube

This spray fails to work on metals. It has a lot of drawbacks poor spray quality, slow laser speed and difficulty in clean up.

3. LaserBond 100

LaserBond 100 is an all-purpose spray that can assist against the use of metals. Good corrosion, fade, and abrasion resistance appears beneficial. It is one of the best laser marking sprays available in the market.

Laser Marking Ink

While the laser marking sprays can go in different directions, you can consume more there. It is since the particles of the spray will fire through a nozzle and disperse. Thus, you will not make a great deal when using sprays.

In addition, their usage can cause frequent new purchases for you. Hence, you will need to put a break on your break. But laser marking inks avoid such a mishap. They do not require more quantity to make a permanent mark.

Moreover, the diversity available improves your work greatly. In addition, manufacturers prefer marking inks since the brightness appears greatly through them. An ink works greatly when quality is the requirement. The thickness is great, and the brightness appears appealing.

In contrast, a spray does not provide great shine but dries quickly. Hence, different benefits lie for users likewise. However, for ink lovers, the final result appears great but with a waiting time. In addition, laser marking over thick surfaces is great with inks likewise.

Ideal Directions for Use

While sprays can fire from a range and give ideal results. Inks do not come with great assistance here. Laser marking ink needs dilution with denatured alcohol but can be used over larger surfaces.  In essence, you will have to wait once the marking finishes or is about to begin. You cannot pour or direct ink while the machine is working. Hence, you can bring the ink close and then fire it into the position. However, for your use, you can improve the thickness by keeping the ink close or away from the surface.

Common Laser Marking Inks

A laser marking ink differs in amount, size, and color requirements. You can locate one through searching and placing an order instantly. Some popular inks for the process include:

  • Aerosol Black Laser Ink
  • Brilliance Laser Inks
  • Laser Bond 100

Laser bond100 tends to stand out among these inks due to its consistence and quality of work you can try it for good results.

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