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Is Laser the Best Treatment for Rosacea?

When your skin is characterized by Rosacea it is very likely that you feel socially unacceptable and lack confidence. It is good to have rosy pink cheeks but what if those cheeks are often mistaken as you are blushing? Rosacea hits hard especially if you have very fine and clear skin but only your cheeks are affected. There is nothing to worry about because we have got you covered. This article addresses some of the refined Rosacea Treatment in Dubai out of which laser tops the list. Let us learn about how Laser Treatment for Rosacea useful. 

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that is characterized by redness and inflamed areas, especially on your cheeks it is often mistaken as blushing and is also characterized by some small tiny raised bumps.  Your skin feels a lot rougher, scaly, and dry in areas affected by rosacea. In some cases rosacea is often mistaken as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), that is the butterfly rash. However, the diagnosis and clinical manifestation can differ vastly. There is nothing much you can do for rosacea except for seeking medical treatment because your home remedies are likely to fail if your rosacea is chronic and severe.

What are the Leading Causes of Rosacea?

Moving forward to the causes of rosacea. Let us learn how Mild Rosacea is caused onto the skin and what are the contributing factors: 


If rosacea is running in your families and it is very likely that you can be affected by it. It is kind of unavoidable and so there is no such treatment that can act as a prophylaxis treatment for rosacea.  However, some treatments for mild rosacea can be touched beforehand if it is diagnosed on time.

Congested Blood Vessels: 

Another important and very commonly occurring factor for Rosacea is the damage to the blood vessels. Candidates who have extensive exposure to the sun are very prone to Rosacea as the UV rays are likely to disrupt the presentation of the underlying capillaries causing them to break. This often makes skin a lot more prone to Rosacea. 

Infectious Agents:

A lot of the bacteria that rest on your skin can also trigger Rosacea.  there is nothing to feel ashamed of because bacteria do lie on your skin and can also transmit from others. Rosacea that is caused by infections is normally because the skin is either very oily that stores a lot of the sebum is one of the most favorable conditions for bacteria to survive on and so Rosacea is very likely to occur. 

Candidates with Acne:

Candidates who have acne also make a home for Rosacea. This is genuine because the pigmentation which is left after acne can often transform into Rosacea. 

The only difference is the pigmentation will be bright red and much more inflamed. 


In some cases either you or the doctors cannot even understand what is the cause of Rosacea. it can arise without any reason or cause. 

Candidates who Smoke: 

 Smoking has a very negative impact on skin conditions; the red inflamed patches on your skin appearing rough and scaly are often a result of regular smokers. This is all because the nicotine and tobacco are very hard on the skin and hence can contribute to the formation of Rosacea. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Rosacea?

Before we learn about Rosacea treatment in Dubai let us see how it appears on the skin and what can be the signs and symptoms of Rosacea:

  • Excessive redness on your cheeks, the nose areas of your forehead, and the chin.
  • The appearance of broken or congested blood vessels that can be visible across the skin
  • Mild to moderate swelling of the cheeks in case of severe Rosacea
  • Kind of tingling sensation that is also associated with burning
  • The skin targeted with Rosacea is a rough and dry scaly surface
  • Bulgy nose in case of Rosacea spreading up towards it
  • You can experience problems in vision if Rosacea has caused bumps on to your eyelids

How is Rosacea Diagnosed?

Rosacea is diagnosed by its clinical presentation. if there are no investigatory lab tests or other screening methods since the clinical manifestation is sufficient for the diagnosis.  If the appearance of red raised bumps and pigmentation qualifies your skin with Rosacea.  It is important to acknowledge that the earlier Rosacea is diagnosed the faster it will be treated and you can attain the results quickly. 

What are the Rosacea Treatment Options?

Here is a Collection of the common running treatments for Rosacea.  However medical treatment should be paid attention as they are the most successful Rosacea treatment in Dubai. 

DIY Skin Remedies: 

According to some old wives tales, using yogurt face masks mixed with wild turmeric can be very beneficial for Rosacea especially if it is mild.

It can directly target the pigmentation and reduce the inflammation and redness. 

Seeking a Dermatologist:

Seeking a Dermatologist is the most imperative and immediate treatment for Rosacea. This is because your dermatologist is the only one who can identify the skin disease and can elaborate about the best treatment fit for you. Secondly a dermatologist takes years to learn about skin conditions and so taking professional help for any disease should be your top priority when looking for treatments. 

Topical Agents: 

Topical agents such as retinol corticosteroid and some antibiotics are very helpful in the treatment of the pigmentation and fighting the microorganisms present in the deeper layers of Rosacea. Note that when using  topical agents it is very important that you prevent your skin from direct exposure to the sun or else the treatment can be altered. 


If your Rosacea is triggered by the sun then it is very important to choose a high spf sunscreen wisely. Sunscreen available over the counter but if the Dermatologist has prescribed you one then it is better to stick to it.

Medical Treatments:

The above-mentioned treatments were those that you can carry out by yourself, however when your Rosacea is severe then it needs frequent medical help. some of the prime treatments done routinely include: 


Dermabrasion is an aesthetic procedure which is done by removing the outermost fine layer of the skin.  It is not sufficient in a single session and so you need to take multiple treatments of dermabrasion in order to get rid of Rosacea, however the results are still not as promising as laser treatment. 


As told that the minor blood vessels can give rise to Rosacea  you can undergo an Electrocautery treatment done by professionals. It involves de-congesting the blood vessels and reconstructing them. 

Laser Treatments: 

Moving on to the most impressive and highly efficient treatment. Laser treatments are considered the safest, most effective and long lasting treatment for Rosacea. The treatment is done by a light therapy that deeply penetrates into the skin and clears the Rosacea. 

Which is the Most Effective Rosacea Treatment?

When you report to the Dermatologist for the treatment of Rosacea the most common treatment and effective one they will suggest is a laser treatment. 

It is quite potent, new and innovative techniques but the results are a lot more refined when compared to the conventional treatment for Rosacea. 

Why is Laser the Best Rosacea Treatment?

The reason why  doctors and a lot of the superior top notch specialists recommend lasers for Rosacea Treatment in Dubai is because the technique used and the ability of laser heat to directly target the blood vessels is quite effective in diminishing the appearance of Rosacea.  

The treatment is completely pain free and it does not cause any bleeding. The rocky and bumpy appearance can also seize. The visible blood vessels will also start to disappear from the very first session.

Major Types of Laser for Rosacea Treatment in Dubai:

Pulse Dye Laser:

The exposed blood vessels or their connected redness can best be treated by a pulse dye laser. The inflammation  to a great level and the skin starts to appear smooth and clean. 

YAG Laser:

This is also known as erbium laser. It helps in clearing off the pigmentation caused by the inflamed blood vessels. Its main target is the bulbous nose which is often a clinical manifestation of Rosacea. 

Intense Pulse Light Therapy:

The intense pulse light therapy technology is a very effective treatment specially for Rosacea if it is extensive. The technology is based on the different forms of wavelength that is emitted through light. All the multiple pigmented patches on your skin with or without Rosacea can be well treated by this form of laser treatment. 

Carbon-Dioxide Ablative Laser: 

Over a period of time treatments consisting of carbon dioxide have shown to have maximum results especially in skin related problems. A carbon laser facial that is used to purify your skin and impart pigmentation is a clear example of how effective it is. 

Similarly, carbon dioxide ablative laser therapy is suitable for the treatment of Rosacea and even clearing out the Rocky bums that they come along with.

This treatment of Laser technology is very helpful in treating the lumps or the second bums that are present on the entire surface of your nose associated with  Rosacea. Once this treatment is carried out you will be able to notice that your nose has become a lot clearer and looks well contoured and symmetrical. 

How many Sessions are Required for Rosacea Treatment?

The number of laser sessions for the Rosacea Treatment in Dubai depends upon the response to the treatment. In some cases, the result will be achieved from the very first treatment. However, those having extreme levels of Rosacea need to undergo a maximum of 3 sessions per month.

Are there any Hazards of Lasers Rosacea Treatment?

Laser treatments in Dubai are considered as quite safe for any kind of skin condition. You can experience some of the following conditions such as:

  • Mild to moderate rashes 
  • Tingling sensation 
  • Feeling of itchiness 
  • You can experience your skin feeling a bit tighter
  • Some mild level of contusions at the sites of the bumps
  • Little raised level of redness

There is an important thing you need to acknowledge here is that the hazards and risks of Rosacea Treatment in Dubai will genuinely cease from the 3rd to 4th day of the treatment. The risks are quite temporary and nothing to worry about. 

Where to Find the Best Laser Rosacea Treatment in Dubai?

Being a resident of Dubai, it is very likely to understand the fact that everyone wants to have a perfect glowing skin. Skin conditions such as Rosacea are a major turn down and trying to fit into the competition of beauty you often go for treatments yourself.

If you want a perfect and long lasting laser Treatment for Rosacea in Dubai then head towards the Dynamic Clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their skin department deals with the various kinds of laser Technologies. Other Dermatological treatments are also available that are safe and sound for your skin.

Preventive Measures for Rosacea:

  • Seek a right dermatologist when you have noticed the science and symptoms starting to appear
  • Use up proper skin friendly high spf sunscreen to prevent the rat of UV rays
  • Never miss your laser sessions if your dermatologist has told you to take them. 
  • Avoid any skin remedy if you have an allergic skin
  • If you notice any adverse reaction after using topical agents then report to a dermatologist immediately
  • Refrain from following any second persons advice
  • Never miss your followers because they are important in judging the progress of the treatment

The Final Verdict: 

Skin problems should never be ignored, especially those that need medical attention. You need to seek the right treatment at the right time. It is said that having problematic skin is very disturbing mentally. Consider the right kind of laser treatment for not just relief your skin but will also ease your mental state. Book your appointments in the dynamic Clinic and avail free consultation in hand.

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