How to Set up Your Products for Better Visibility and Sales on Amazon

Amazon has become the ideal destination for product search, a lot of surveys and studies have revealed. And where there is demand, there is competition. More brands are competing to look at the top of these Amazon hunts than ever before. That is why understanding how Amazon’s A9 algorithm is essential to your success at this platform.

A9 is the system accountable for rank product results on Amazon, and although it shares a few similarities to classic search engine algorithms such as Google’s, there are a lot of differentiators which will affect your listing’s visibility.

Optimizing products for a search on Amazon starts before your listing goes live. All these will be the optimization components you’ve got control over before a single unit is sold.

Amazon Product detail page:

“Amazon keyword searches against the data (title, description, etc ) which you provide for an item,” Amazon Seller Central’s site on optimizing listings clarifies. Sellers should consist of relevant keywords inside their product listing title, product description, essential product characteristics bullet points, as well as the backend keywords (the keywords hidden from clients that vendors may add to a product’s catalog information ).

“The number one thing which I recommend for keyword search will be harvesting your advertisements,”. Thus, looking at keywords that you’ve historically switched on and integrated that in your product description and titles, [etc]. That is the number one bit since you are then driving significance relative to the keywords that you have already transformed on.” Furthermore, sellers may also experiment with hunt tips to discover keywords.

Product images & Videos:

Though the A9 algorithm carries text like your title and description into consideration, it doesn’t seem in pictures. Pictures are, nevertheless, crucial to some other element: your earnings.

Since images can supply clients with the information they will have to create a purchasing decision, ensure your images catch your merchandise’s various features and elements. 

Display your merchandise from other angles and also have a large enough resolution which shoppers could zoom into thoroughly analyze it. Adding lifestyle pictures and a merchandise video may also be persuasive methods to appeal to potential clients.

Read this blog to know How can professional product photography impact your E-commerce business?

Amazon A+ Content:

Amazon A+ Content assists brand owners to produce complex listings, boosting their products with thorough descriptions, charts, high-quality graphics, and brand-centric revenue copy.

An + Content shows up on your Amazon product listing rather than the item description. A+ Content basically “covers ” the item description section so that you can not see it anymore. If you’re wondering how to create amazon A+ content, SellerApp will help you in Creating A+ content on Amazon.

A+ Content can make your Sponsored Brand Advertising more successful. Whenever someone clicks on your advertisement on your listing, they will find a solid awareness of your manufacturer’s existence. It is going to give your listing a much more cohesive and superior appearance and texture.


It is in Amazon’s best interest to market products that sell. The other factors being equal, the products with the cheapest cost is going to have the greatest sales. The price that you put comparative to compare competing goods variables into your natural position.

For things that are not attempting to compete on costs, like luxury products, attractive pictures, and enlightening descriptions will be able to allow you to tell a persuasive story about your merchandise.


If you are low or out of stock, you can overlook Amazon Publish your merchandise in search success. Keep tabs on your earnings and be sure that you adjust your stock accordingly for seasonal tendencies to provide shoppers with a favorable experience to remain on the fantastic aspect of Amazon’s algorithm.

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