How to keep the spirit high while being stuck in lockdown

‘When will our life get normal again?’ Well, this is the only question that the world has been asking since last year and no one on this planet has the answer to it. Well, it seems like the virus is actually having way more fun than we would have expected. This year, countries like India entered the lockdown state again. Since there iis no cure to the virus yet, the only way to control the damage in majorly populated countries is the lockdown. 

Although lockdown keeps us safe from these deadly diseases, it can also push us into other health issues such as obesity, mood swings, boredom, stress and depression. No matter how much you craved to stay home for a longer time in the past, now when you have nothing else to do but stay home, it can be depressing.

You are not alone, if it makes you feel any better, crores of people are living the same routine. Its like work, eat, sleep and repeat, life can get really monotonous drawing every inch of your positive spirit. I won’t judge you if you say you just want to run and get lost somewhere, because same! At this time, all you need are some easy ways to keep your spirit high and save yourself from depressing evenings and devastated mornings. Cake delivery or cake order in gurgaon definitely pulls our spirits up. Similarly, let’s have a look at the other ways. 

Spend time at Gardening

Gardening has become one of the most practiced activities in recent time, all thanks to lockdown that people have started focusing on nature around them. It is very important to understand that nature is very giving, it always gives you benefits without expecting anything in return, and yet, we hardly care about it. Well, now since you have comparatively more time to do extra curricular activities, how about trying your hand in gardening. You can spend time in your personal garden, if you have one. If not, start a balcony garden or bring plants for your indoor space. Having plants indoors is beneficial for health, so you can order plants online and maintain an indoor garden and take care of them. This will keep you occupied.  

Try Baking

Another thing that you can try to pass time whenever you need a break from work and boredom, is baking. Baking new things helps you pass a lot of time when you have completely nothing to do and you know you will sit and overthink in your spare time. Just checkout an easy recipe and bake, bake, bake! Choose a recipe according to the time you can spare. It may unleash the hidden talent in you, you may have a hidden baker inside you. If not, at least you will have a new treat to binge eat every time you put on those oven mitts. These treats can keep you happy, just like words like cake delivery or Online Cake Delivery In Hyderabad brought a smile to your face.  


In a modern and hell busy life, who had the time to meditate. Well, despite the fact that meditation can bring peace to mind and fitness to health, we hapily give it a skip, because time is what we are short of, right? Well, now you have lots of spare time, I mean you may have lots of office work to do, but hasnt the lockdown cut your travelling time? That’s enough time to try meditation. A few minutes of meditation will help your body to relax, kill your stress, boredom, depression and you will feel a lot refreshed. 

Self care 

Ah! This one is my favourite. Besides all things that changed due to the pandemic and lockdown, one thing that I loved was that we now have enough time to focus on yourself. You can go for self care, caring for your body inside out. We hardly focused on our body, even if we wanted to because we were too busy to match the pace with fast moving life. Well, now, whenever you feel down, depressed, whip in some face mask, put on your face, turn on music and dance to your favourite tunes. You will see that this type of selfcare actually makes you feel so much better. 

These are some ways to keep your spirit from dying during the lockdown period

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