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How Do Dental Braces Change Your Face

Large teeth? Misaligned teeth? Big teeth? If you don’t like the shape of your teeth, there are many options available, one of the most famous and widely used options is Dental braces in Dubai. Ceramic braces and metal braces are all options for teeth straightening. Aligned and shaped teeth not only boost your confidence but also improves your personality. To know more about these braces read the blog carefully. 

Types of Dental Braces:

What are ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces have the same goal as metal braces. They are made up of transparent or tooth-colored ceramic material. Ceramic braces are also referred to as clear braces. This treatment is for teeth straightening performed by using wires and metallic brackets. This treatment is for adults and old people as well. They are famous because of their aesthetic benefits. 

What are Metal Braces?

This is a treatment for teeth straightening. There are other options also available but the best one of Dental braces in Dubai is metal braces. This treatment helps to achieve a younger, more natural, more beautiful, and even smile. These braces date back more than a century. They are extremely reliable and long-lasting.  Our clinic has the most updated technology and dentists who gives you updated treatment for this problem.

This problem also gives you a lot of pain and other diseases of the mouth and gums as well. Nowadays, many individuals feel that it is not a matter of concern, but it can be very unhealthy for them. Self-conscious candidates know the seriousness of this problem.


The average cost of ceramic braces in Dubai is typically between AED 12,500 and AED 14,500. Depending on the misalignment of teeth, the surgeon doing it, and the hospital where it is done, the price may be more or lower. In some cases, the number of visits also affects the cost. At your initial visit, following a thorough examination of the issue, only your surgeon can provide you with an accurate price.

Damon bolsters

The Damon braces system is a more recent yet effective method that is utilized in place of conventional metal braces. This type of Dental braces in Dubai is the most widely used and have advanced aesthetic dentistry to a new level. When the wire is put on to them, no rubber O-rings need to be placed over them. Without the need for any rubber rings, the wire is simply adjusted on the Damon brackets. The wire is held within the brackets.


Damon brackets are tooth-colored like ceramic brackets; they take less time to straighten teeth; they are more comfortable; and unlike conventional brackets, they are simple to clean.


  •  May result in mild gum conditions.
  • Can’t replace the wire, so a piece of metal is still visible in the smile.

lingual braces

Do you still have doubts about wearing braces of any kind? Do you dislike how your teeth look with metal on the exterior surface? We at the Enfield Royal Clinic are delighted to present something that is now sweeping the dental industry. The Lingual Braces in Dubai are a brand-new, enhanced method with incredible characteristics. The lingual braces are distinct from other braces since they are all attached to the front of the teeth. On the inside of the lower teeth, they are bonded. Only the patient and the dentist are aware of their location, and they are not visible from the outside.


  • These are not visible on the tooth’s outer surface.
  • have a strong connection with the teeth and can withstand chewing pressure.
  • Display assurance while grinning.


  • The tongue may experience some soreness.
  • Compared to traditional braces, they take longer to straighten teeth.


Following Dental braces in Dubai, you do not need to stay at the hospital. You might feel a little uncomfortable eating for the first few days, though. But in a few days, you will be used to it. Your doctor would set certain limitations on what you could and couldn’t eat for a few days.

  • Attend routine medical checkups and let your specialist know about the issues if any. For the braces to work effectively, the maintenance must be done carefully.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal. Please take notice that if your surgeon is skilled, there is very little danger involved.

Reasons for misaligned, and unshaped teeth:

The reasons or causes behind this problem;

  • The size of the teeth
  • Shape of gums
  • The short size of the upper lips
  • Any injury or accident
  • Any dental eruption which went wrong
  • Genetics also plays a vital role in causing this problem
  • Side effects of any kind of medicine
  • Poor hygiene 

Changing facial features, braces, and age

Your age is one element that affects how much Dental braces in Dubai will alter your face. Because the body is still developing and growing at that age, the teeth, gums, jaw bones, chins, and oral muscles are more malleable and more likely to alter in growing children and teenagers.

Braces will have a stronger influence on modifying a patient’s face from the younger they are. For this reason, preteens and teenagers are often advised to get orthodontic treatment.

Although the overall procedure may be slower and any changes to the structure of the face won’t be as obvious in older people, braces can nonetheless move teeth into the correct positions. However, some older patients may notice that the skin beneath their chins feels tighter due to the changed jaw alignment caused by their braces. In turn, this can make wrinkles appear less prominent and make the entire face appear younger.

Since aligners are only intended to repair mild to moderate bite abnormalities, they do not produce changes that are as apparent or obvious as those brought on by orthodontic braces.

In particular, if your lips were being forced outward due to the degree of tooth protrusion, you may notice a slight change in the shape of your mouth if your orthodontist prescribes aligners.

However, the overall effects of Dental braces in Dubai is on the shape of your face will be minimal.

Three significant orthodontic problems can be resolved with braces. When they are fixed, your facial muscles undergo remarkable alterations that can dramatically improve the shape of your face.


When the bottom teeth are in front of the upper teeth, an underbite develops. As a result, the lower jaw sticks out. In this instance, there may be a significant change in your face before and after braces. Your lower jaw will look to be more symmetrical with the rest of your face once the imbalance has been fixed. Your features will appear more delicate and organic.


When your dentist fits you with braces, this is another orthodontic issue that may be resolved. They may significantly alter the way your jawline looks. Sunken cheeks and a fragile chin might result from the top teeth sticking out too far in front of the bottom teeth. By aiding the arches to come together properly and straightening the bite, braces users can create a more symmetrical facial structure with a stronger chin and jawline.

Wide Bite

Your lips and mouth seem to be stretched when you have an open bite. Because the top lip may protrude and, in extreme situations, the mouth may not even close normally, it is a conspicuous problem. Your Plantation dentist can easily solve the problem with braces. Your bucked teeth issue will be resolved by pulling the teeth together into a more vertically aligned position. You’ll be able to close your mouth properly and your smile will be more functional as a result.

Advantages of having this Treatment:

  •  Non-Invasive:

In Dental braces in Dubai, candidates do not require any surgery and the treatment is minimally invasive.

  • Pain-free Treatment:

This procedure is a pain-free procedure and even you will feel relaxed after having this treatment. 

  • Enhance Confidence:

One more advantage this method provides is that it enhances or advances your confidence level.

  • Healing Time:

Most of the patients get back to their work on the same day. Only those patients have more problems who have any kind of health issues. 

  • Results:

It gives you complete results in 6 months.

The Factors Influencing These Changes

Your braces’ ability to change the shape of your face depends on a number of additional elements. Your age and the state of your dental health often determine the extent and degree of change. Before receiving braces, it is essential to speak with your dentist.

Young Children & Adults

Growing children and teenagers have more flexible teeth, gums, jawbones, and muscles because their bodies are still developing. At this time, braces may have a more significant effect on development. As a result, youngsters are especially advised to have these orthodontic procedures.


The surrounding bone of our mouth cavity gets tougher and less changeable as we age. Additionally, because your body may create fewer bone-growing cells as a result of poor oral hygiene and other dental problems including periodontal disorders, this can have a significant impact on your body’s capacity to adapt. In order to prevent periodontal illnesses and achieve the greatest outcomes from your orthodontic procedures, you must take proper care of your gums and teeth.

Do braces alter your lips and give them a larger appearance?

Yes, Dental braces in Dubai can alter your lips’ position, but only to the extent that the teeth directly behind them are altered. Nothing about braces altering the shape or fullness of your lips is relevant.

For instance, if you have an underbite and we align your upper and lower front teeth properly, it may give the impression that your top lip is fuller. If we move your top teeth back a few millimeters because they are protruding outward, your lip will also be able to reposition slightly.

Your lips serve as a covering for your grin. They protect you from a broken teeth if you get smacked in the mouth. Simply changing the “foundation” that your lips rest against will not result in receiving treatment like Invisalign or conventional braces.

Are You Prepared for Invisalign or Braces? The following Steps

What makes orthodontic therapy such a difficult service is comprehending the intricate link between your facial characteristics, your jaw, and teeth alignment. When preparing a treatment plan for you, orthodontists will consider your physical traits, such as your front and side profiles.

Requesting a consultation with our orthodontists is the first step towards acquiring braces or Invisalign braces. We’ll examine your face and mouth upon your arrival, including your lips, chin, jawline, nose, and teeth. In this manner, your individual orthodontic strategy will work to your overall advantage. There are many factors at play than simply teeth!

Experts will discuss the best form of orthodontic treatment for you once we’ve established your smile goals. You have a direct say in whether you receive traditional braces or Invisalign.

Does Invisalign alter your jawline, nose, and lips?

In rare cases, Dental braces in Dubai can also affect the position of your lips. There isn’t even a “buffer” between your teeth and your lips while using Invisalign, though. So, during the process, you don’t notice much of a change in the size or contour of your lips. However, Invisalign still has the ability to realign your top teeth, which may indirectly affect the shape of your lips and your side profile.

Most of our patients choose transparent aligners over conventional braces since they don’t seem to have much of an influence on their looks or daily activities.

Choose Us:

Braces aren’t merely given out to fix malocclusions. The overall effect they will have on your face is also taken into consideration when prescribing them. It is extremely unlikely that braces will worsen your facial appearance.

Dental braces in Dubai is a less surgical solution that requires little dedication. However, it is among the most effective techniques and, in the hands of a skilled orthodontist, may produce amazing results. On account of this, it is suggested to follow the doctor’s pre- and post-operative advice.


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