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Home Upgrades that Increase Your Home Resale Value

If your home is built on a contemporary design and is finely maintained, then you’ll surely sell it for some additional value than your neighbor’s home that needs repair and maintenance service

If you’re already interested in selling your home, then, you’ve just landed on the right page! The upgrades that you need to do are not much big or require a hefty investment. The good thing is these are small upgrades and can be easily done with minimal expenditure over time.

As the property is a gold investment, you may want to consider investing in your home for modern upgrades. So,  if you’re planning to increase your resale value and gain a healthy return on your property, then here are the top home upgrades that will not only make your home appealing to the eye but will give you an advantage over others when you resell it.

Upgrade Your Drive-Way

Starting from the outlook of your home, curb appeal matters. According to Dallas custom home builders, “New buyers want a house that may be constructed years back, but looks like a new home and a fine investment overall”. Plus, they’re always looking for something that needs the least of repair and maintenance before they move in permanently. For the buyer, a home requiring little maintenance or upgrade is a blessing and true value for their investment.

You may start from your driveway. If you have a patio, try leveling it. Chip off the weed, to enhance curb appeal. Also, if you have a driveway, you may want to paint it and level it. This creates a solid impression on the buyer standing outside. They’ll expect you to do even better with the interior.

Clean Your Windows

This requires literally nothing. No money at all! All you need is paper and vinegar and hot water. Clean up your windows and remove gloomy, dark curtains that obstruct light from entering the room. The more light you’ve, the greater the space becomes visible to the buyer. The buyer does not expect a congested interior.

Check Your Faucets

For budget-friendly buyers, bathroom repair is a must. They’ll come to bargain if repairs need to be carried out. Considering the minimum, it may be a worthy investment if you replace your faucets with new ones. Old faucets create a poor impression. New faucets will make your buyer believe that they are moving into a brand new luxury house.

Bonus tip: Look for sanitary and ceramics too. If you can afford it, replace that as well or try repairing them. The buyer will be delighted and you’ll surely be able to side the bargain and get true value for your home.

Prime Holes in Drywall

One of the basics of home makeovers is priming your walls. Small holes because of paintings and fittings leave the wall damaged. Don’t let your buyer estimate a priming expense. Fill up the holes with sand and primer. You may either try it yourself with the help of several DIY tutorials on YouTube or get a team of painters on board to do it for you.

Check for Your Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash adds great appeal to the kitchen and provides amazing value to the buyer. A kitchen that has a modish touch is always the first thing on the list of the buyer. You may try to do it with marbles.

When you decide to choose a marble color, pick something that has a decent texture and slight contrasts with the cabinets and doors in terms of color. A contrasting backsplash gets the attention of the guests and buyers in seconds.

Check for Doorknobs and Cabinets

The most important of the cheapest upgrades are doorknobs and cabinets. Door knobs provide proper functioning to the doors. You might also want to check your cabinets and sliders in the kitchen. Missing or broken knobs show that you have been negligent towards your home’s repair needs. This is a pain point for your buyer and will push them to initiate a bargain.

So, repair your knobs or replace them. It’s easy and hardly requires any time. Avoid the bargain and tell the buyer that you have an amazing home.

Repair Flooring

The flooring may get damaged or rusted over time. You’re not being asked to replace it. However, repairing with matching pieces and polish is highly recommended. The flooring needs to be proper and leveled. Remember, we can’t afford the buyer to have murmurs of complaints about upgrades that need to be done. We need to carry out all upgrades by ourselves.

Refinishing and repairing damaged flooring is important.

Polish Your Counters

The counters may lose their look because of the oil and mess in the kitchen. A touch of polish may do wonders to charm your counters. Broken pieces need to be replaced or if you’ve scrap marble, you could save big and get the job done for the minimum.

Glow Your Interior

Your lightning in the room does provide the feel of luxury to the entrants. You may want to consider the lighting fixtures. If they do not glow much, then a replacement is a must. A glowing interior is what every buyer wants. In fact, you as a host would love to see guests left in awe after they have no option but to admire the beauty of your home’s interior. Glowing lights over the interior will create an impression of luxury on the mind of the buyer.

See If You Need a Paint Job

This is a must one! The only thing that increases your home’s resale value truly is an amazing paint job. The buyer’s biggest pain point is a home that requires a paint job including the value they need to pay for ownership.

If you’re planning to sell your home, then a fantastic paint job will surely increase your resale value. The most important point is to pick paint colors that are light. Dark and gloomy colors will only make your rooms look smaller when light enters through windows. Light paint on the walls shows that the room is spacious, not congested.

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