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Mozilla competes with Google Chrome with a new web browser called Firefox Quantum.

Firefox Quantum was released in November 2017 for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows users. This latest version was released more than a decade after Mozilla first launched the iconic Firefox browser. Mozilla says Firefox Quantum is designed to be twice as fast as last year’s Firefox predecessor and uses 30% less computer memory as the Chrome browser.

That’s a great marketing word, but is Firefox Quantum really better than Google’s competing browser? If you want to know what types of updates Firefox Quantum provides in the table, or how these two top browsers stack up, we hope it helps you and we’ve broken down all the statistics and features worth paying attention to. You can figure out which browser is better.


In December 2017, a month after Firefox Quantum was released to the public, Mozilla announced that Chrome users’ downloads had increased 44% compared to this time last year. Firefox installs jumped 24%, especially on Android and iOS devices.


First, when Chrome was released in 2008, it quickly became existing web browser of choice. Before that, everyone seemed to be using Firefox as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari. Chrome made Firefox pointless. It’s a stigma just starting to change direction. According to the Digital Analytics Program, Chrome dominated US web browser usage (44.5% market share) in January 2017, followed by Safari (25.4%) and Internet Explorer (15.5% market share). Firefox fell to fourth place (7.4%).

However, a month after the release of Quantum Firefox, Mozilla confirmed that a total of 170 million users had installed the new browser, allowing them to open more than 1,500 tabs in just seconds.


The name “Quantum” comes from the project that made Firefox what it is today. But the name remains the same. Everyone says so, and so will we.


Beneath the redesigned interface is a new browsing engine from the Quantum project and a new multiprocessing technology that Mozilla has built for the browser. Firefox Quantum also has an AMD VP9 hardware video encoder that helps reduce battery consumption by reducing video decoding in background tabs. The result is a streamlined browser that allows you to multitask multiple tabs with 86% less downtime while using less RAM than Chrome. Run 3D games at near-native speeds and browse with confidence knowing that Firefox is using enough memory to work, leaving enough memory to keep your computer responsive.


We all want a browser that feels fast and concise, but we also want a browser that looks good. Luckily, Firefox Quantum doesn’t disappoint. Instantly see visual changes across the browser, including toolbar icons, settings menus, and new tab pages. This makes Chrome feel outdated. If for any reason you don’t like the new look, you can use Firefox Quantum to customize it to your preferences. You can move all the buttons, change all colors and fonts, and even control the browser’s visual density.


Firefox Quantum is full of cool tricks. Like Chrome, it has a built-in QR code reader and a menu item for copying the URL. Firefox Quantum also simplified screenshots. Capture a section, everything on the screen, or an entire webpage at once. You can also invert the browser’s colors by turning on “Night Mode”. You can also install extensions and add-ons, sync browsers, share open tabs on your mobile, desktop or tablet, manage passwords, give your computer a master password for extra security, and browse privately. .

Mozilla bills Firefox Quantum as an open-source browser that doesn’t sell access to your online data, giving you freedom to browse with opt-in privacy. Private mode, for example, allows Firefox Quantum to actively block unwanted content, including ads, analytics trackers, and share buttons on social media, that may record your actions without your explicit permission.



Both browsers have been subjected to comprehensive benchmark testing on several sites, including ZDNet. In most cases the latest version of Firefox will outperform Chrome especially when it comes to advanced workloads and programming skills. The results from our tests show that we’ve put a lot of work into Firefox’s performance over the past year. But we also couldn’t feel the speed difference too much. It’s not surprising given how fast modern browsers are and how close the gap between the two has become.

If you want to know more about the technical details of Chrome and speed like WebKit, the V8 JavaScript engine, and more, checks out this comic book by Google. It explains everything you need to know with illustrations. For those of you who want to know more, such as DNS pre-checks or the inner workings of DOM binding.

That said, Mozilla has released a self-promotional video comparing the two browsers directly. We tested the page load times of the 10 most popular websites. In each case, Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as the Chrome browser.


Despite Google’s Material Design efforts, Chrome looks the same over the years. If you are a little tire of Chrome’s look, you may be enchanted by Firefox Quantum’s sharp Photon interface. Don’t expect a jaw-dropping new browsing experience. It’s still just a web browser. In fact, Firefox Quantum is very similar to Chrome. Instead of separating the search bar and the address Chrome and the tabs of both browsers are simple with a rectangle. Moreover, we have to admit that it is on time. Firefox Quantum isn’t the only web browser that has its own theme store for customization. Here you can easily find thousands of themes available for Chrome.


Google has always tried to promote Chrome as a safe browser. It has built-in malware and phishing detection thanks to sandboxing and safe browsing technology, as well as automatic updates that deliver security fixes. There are also several privacy protection tools at your disposal. For example, like private mode in Firefox Quantum, Chrome has a feature called incognito mode. Instead of automatically blocking ads you track, most automatically delete cookies. However, Chrome allows you to customize a few preferences for each website, such as permanently muting autoplay video ads.

Finally, Chrome gives you instant access to your synced bookmarks, history.Other settings across all your devices by simply signing in. Also similar to Firefox Quantum, there is also a Chrome Web Store with add-ons and extensions, where you can find everything you can install.

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