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Evening Desert Safari – A Paradise for the Travelers

Are you a born explorer? Gratify your curiosities to unleash the wildest views of incredible landscapes. Step into the submerging sand sea in the majestic desert of Dubai. Dubai has preserved its exceptional natural asset beautifully by installing great opportunities for travel enthusiasts. The charms of evening desert safari Dubai invite hundreds of tourists every year to indulge in exciting sand activities and explore the colours of Arabian culture.

From bashing on the high dune of Dubai to having delicious bites from a royal feast in a widespread sand ocean, this conservation reserve of Dubai is an ultimate destination for those who love to explore, excite, cheer. 

Discover how an evening tour to desert safari is an ultimate destination in Dubai that a travel enthusiast assumes as a paradise in Dubai.

What Makes Evening Desert Safari a Traveler’s Paradise?

1. Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a popular sand sport on the golden terrain of Dubai. This fun-filled roller coaster dune ride can be achieved in a 4×4 SUV which is an off-road sandy vehicle. Hummer is the most common dune bashing vehicle which is 5 seaters allowing smooth drift in the sand. If you are visiting in the summer season, then must dress as per the summer wardrobe-essentials. Other popular dune bashing vehicles are dune buggy, land rover, Toyota land cruiser, and a jeep wrangler. These vehicles are driven by experienced professionals with whom you can rest assured about your safety. Drift between the highs and lows of Arabian dunes and experience a thrill like never before.

2. Sand Skiing

Grab a hoverboard and fix your feet to surf the insane crests and troughs of the golden sand sea of Dubai. Sandboarding on terrain is a riotous experience to fun-lovers as it’s filled with the madness of cuddling in the sand, non-stop laughter, and smooth glides in the air.

Sand skiing is quite similar to waterboarding and ice skiing, but hovering over a sand bed makes it more exciting form the others. Counter your balancing potential by competing with your squad which ends up in hysteric laughers. The sublime sand of Arabia keeps plenty of space for you to enjoy this coolest sand sport and roll up in chuckles.


3. Quad Biking

Live a daredevil’s dream by drifting an expeditious quad biking vehicle. Quad biking is a super enthralling experience to encounter at the bulgy dunes. Quad bike is a terrain vehicle with a light body of a cage-like skeleton and wide heavy-duty tires which facilitate a smooth delivery on the submerging surface of high dunes.

It has room for two out of one which one is usually your driver who supervises you with his expert quad biking abilities. It’s the second most favourite sand sport at desert safari as a quad bike is loaded with spine-tingling kicks. Cover the bumpy dunes in the highest spirits and enjoy this enticing sand sport.

4. Camel Riding

Camel riding is an ancient means of transport that is still alive in Dubai. You can explore the farthest limits of the desert by riding a camel over the high dunes of Arabia. Camel riding in an evening desert safari sets you on an ecstatic drive because here you cross the red dunes with mesmerizing views of the sunset. Also, a camel ride is complementary so the perks are doubled. Experience a crazy nomad’s adventure by riding this traditional mode of transport on the reddening sand sea of Arabia.

5. View through the Cultural Window

An evening desert safari is filled with the best fortuities to get inspired by the Arabian art and culture amidst the terrain. Celebrate your presence in Dubai by applying traditional style henna printing. Get dressed up in the folk Arabian costumes and snap it up! 

The appealing ambience of the Bedouin-style camp gives a cosy vibe with wonderful traditional embellishments. Moreover, an evening desert safari availed through a private itinerary offers you seating in the folk Arabian Majalis and taking pleasure in recreational activities like hookah and shisha smoking.

6. Sorcery of the Setting Sun

What makes a desert safari a perfect paradise for a travel enthusiast is its alluring landscape. Watch the whole terrain first bathed in gold, then turning colours from beige to orange, then eventually to radiating red. The scenic views bound your sight to mysticism that you can’t get over. The most pleasing prerequisite of an evening desert safari is the spell-bound view of the sunset. 

In the middle of insane enthralling fun in SUVs, take a moment to capture some filmy images in the beautiful background of the setting sun. Witness the sun in its highest agony epitomizing the high Arabian dunes in transitioning hues of nature.   

7. Best Time to Discover Wildlife

Evenings at desert safari are not pretty hot. Rather you can wander in a moderate whether to live your best time in the dunes. Take advantage of being here in a bearable climate and explore the precious signs of life here in the heart of a nomad’s place. Catch the hoping gazelles, running oryx, wild eagle owls, sand cats, falcons, and desert leopards inhabiting their wilderness.

8. Delicious Cuisines with Shots of Entertainment

The BBQ and buffet set along with unlimited free access to refreshing beverages like Arabian coffee, tea, and lots of soft drinks are simply divine and classic! Live shows and depiction of the exclusive dance form is another perk of opting for an evening desert safari. 

Enjoy the famous Sufi Tanura dance, the stunning fire show, and, amazing belly dance performances by tremendous artists. A hundred colours of the pleasing hospitality at desert safari Dubai are a source of creating enduring memories in the Arabian terrain.

9. A Perfect Frameset

Click the best portraits of your life because you are at the perfect picturesque location where every photographer would love to test his skills. Capture the running wranglers, the silhouette shots of camels, the orange sand ripples, your friend in Arabian costume, and hopping gazelle. These are just a few highlights of the myriad sightseeing and exciting activities which you can bag in your camera and photo gallery forever. 

There are a lot more opportunities beyond your imagination to observe from a keen eye of a true traveller enthusiast. As an evening desert safari is the one in all swing, you are exposed to the best views to lock them in your wonderful pictorials forever.


Evening tours at this myriad terrain are amazing. Mainly reason because these are budget-friendly and cover a great variety of fun-filled activities and entertainment so that you don’t have to compromise even a little. That’s why travellers love visiting this conservation ranch of Dubai in the evenings.



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