EID Clothing Ideas for Women 2021

The Holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and preparations to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr are in full swing. For women the exciting part is painting their hands with henna, getting bangles and of course shopping from their favorite brands. Pakistani brands ready to wear collections sell like hot cakes at this time of the year. You see new items arriving and disappearing in moments!

If you are one of those people who shop at the last moment or just don’t want to step out during the COVID-19 pandemic, you don’t have to fret because there is a solution. You can still get your eid special dress sitting at home. Just browse, pick your style and book an order in a matter of minutes. Online shopping makes everything easy and convenient. All you have to do is go to your favorite brands’ site and fill the cart. Onsite sites have improved their navigation and check out processes to facilitate customers and encourage online sales, due to safety concerns. Since shops at these times are bombarded with EID collections, you will definitely get something you like! 

Confused About What to Wear this Eid?

Most of us are usually confused about what to wear on this special occasion. Some want a very fancy look and opt for luxury clothing, while others may want to settle for something modest and graceful. It all depends on your fashion choices. But all of us can do it with a little help, so let us give you some tips and ideas on what you can wear this Eid. 

Party Dresses of All kinds 

Smart Casual for the Practical Women

These dresses are versatile and thus practical, you can make them work for formal as well as casual occasions. Those of you who do not want to go overboard on one party dress should explore these party dresses that can be worn almost on all events and celebrations and even on a regular day. Check out the fusion tops by the top brands that are quite in vogue. These can be adorned with the lowest of your choice and you can stylize them any way you want. 

Festive Look for the Diva in You

Some women don’t wish to settle for anything less than a glamorous and glitzy look which shows you have dressed up extra special for a special event. Such women can explore the luxury collections and festive clothing launched by different brands. One such brand that is making quiet noise is So Kamal which has collaborated with famous designer Ali Xeeshan for festive formals. It features stunning ensembles with all kinds of embellishments for the ultra glamorous look. These ensembles will make you shine at any event.

Ethnic Eid Outfits

Mostly women want to go for a more traditional and eastern look on Eid. Keeping that in view, designers and brands come up with exotic silhouettes, rich with extravagant embroideries and embellishments. If an eastern attire is what you are looking for, you will find plenty of choices ranging from shalwar kameez, frocks and A-lines the peshwas, angrakhas, gararas, ghagras and embroidered shirts with tilla, sequins and zari work. An ethnic outfit is never complete without a dupatta. For a special occasion you can use a fancy dupatta to complete the look.

Minimalist Style

Who says minimalism is boring; we will show you it is just the opposite! This is because it gives you room to do so much with your look. Those of you who only want items that add value and grace, rest assured that there is a world of choices for you. You can go with neutrals or even a simple lawn dress that can be enhanced with simple embroideries or motifs either on the neck or hemline. An entire outfit in plain can also look classy if you style it the right way. The styling can be entirely your choice and depends on your creativity and aesthetic sense. It can be the cut, the touch of color given by an addition of a scarf or a fancy dupatta or simply by adding on some tasteful accessories and jewelry. 

Embroidered Clothing

You can never go wrong with this one. Embroidered ready to wear dresses are so popular that you will see women wearing them on casual days as well as at parties. They can be seen at all women’s ready to wear stores, so needless to say you get lots of options in this category. Find embroideries of different kinds and motifs from paisleys, florals and abstract patterns. 

D-536 Rustic Maroon

Mostly designers choose to decorate a certain section of the shirt with needle work instead of going all out and filling the entire shirt. Embroidery can be on the neck, hemline, sleeves or a motif at the back. These colorful patches of threads enhance the entire outfit and the result is pleasing to the eye. 

Embroidered trousers are also quite popular nowadays. You can step up your style game with embroidered trousers to add a more luxurious look. At times, a plain outfit with an embroidered dupatta also looks very classy. It balances out the ensemble beautifully and the overall look is a sophisticated and elegant one, perfect for eid. 

You can experiment with any of these styles this Eid. It should flatter your body type and complement your personality, so you can carry it with confidence. Have fun creating your Eid look!

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