Effective Ways to Store Your Cardboard Storage Boxes Properly

Cardboard storage boxes are widely used shipping item that is generally bought in bulk. It is best to store them correctly as they can be repurposed in a number of ways.

These boxes are pretty easy to maintain, you don’t need special storage units or equipment to store them. They can get damaged due to many factors.

When you buy cardboard boxes, there is much more you can do to store them than throwing them aside. Storing these boxes properly helps to keep them in better shape.

In this piece, we will point out effective ways to keep these boxes safe.

Empty The Boxes

Before moving to store them, it is necessary to empty the boxes completely. Remove any packaging paper, tapes, or anything that might prevent you from folding these boxes.

If you find packing peanuts or bubble wraps, neatly remove them and keep them aside if you don’t want to discard them.

Flatten The Boxes

It is always better to flatten the boxes. This allows you to stack multiple boxes together, convenient even if you are storing them in a limited space.

Grouping Same Sized Boxes

As a retail company, you are likely to buy cardboard boxes of various sizes to accommodate all your products. This step allows you to organise your packages properly. Group similar-sized boxes together.

Start with the smaller boxes and then move to the bigger ones. When working in a limited space, this will keep your workstation super controlled, making it easier to find the right size when needed.

Keep The Boxes Tied Up

Once you are done with grouping the boxes, tie them up with a rope or string. Stacking the boxes might be risky as they can fall off anytime. Secure them with a rope to hold them together.

Check On Them Occasionally

Most retail businesses buy stacks of cardboard boxes for the entire season. While it isn’t possible to regularly check them, check them occasionally to see if they are in proper condition. This will help you to note if there are any issues regarding moisture trapping or dust.

Things To Avoid While Storing Cardboard Boxes

While storing cardboard boxes, there are a few things you need to maintain. Here is a list of things you need to look out for:

  • Moisture– Moisture and high humidity is the primary enemy of cardboard boxes. Humidity makes the boxes prone to mould and mildew. Damp cardboard storage boxes can be torn easily, making them useless for shipping items.
  • Insects– Most retail businesses complain of bugs and insects destroying cardboard boxes. Even for rats, cardboard boxes serve as a nesting ground or food. Make sure to keep your space clean and free from grease or food particles. Check up on them frequently to ensure that they aren’t attracting any bugs.
  • Wasted space– When you don’t fold and flatten storage boxes properly, they can take up a lot of unnecessary space. This makes for a cluttered and unorganised work environment.
  • Flammable items– It is very crucial to remember that cardboard boxes are explosive. So, while stacking them, make sure they are not near any flammable materials like petrol.

For small businesses that operate from home, they choose to store cardboard boxes in the garage. Sometimes, garages or sheds can become damp or attract insects. There is also a possibility of getting fire. So, if you wish to store these boxes outdoors, make a wooden plank and keep them in an air-tight container couple off the ground. This will protect the cardboards from water damage, bugs, and inflammation.

Whether you are storing them for the future or using them for your business, there are plenty of ways to use cardboard boxes. If you have any questions about cardboard boxes or search “cardboard boxes near me,” head to Packaging Midlands. They are the leading manufacturer and wholesale cardboard box suppliers in the U.K.

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