Download Mini Militia Mod APK: New Additions to the Game

Doodle Army 2 mini militia mod APK is a battle multiplayer game that is brimming with bursting highlights. The game is modern and fun, with a lot of exciting levels and free resources! The game comes with 2D graphics, and for the graphics, classic games like Rambo and Stickman were the inspiration.

What is Mini Militia?

In Mini Militia Mod APK, you can join the game free of cost, join the competitive social gaming league with your friends, or turn online multiplayer games. The game is played in real-time mode, where all the players will participate in the battleground from their phones and move forward by capturing and controlling the main objective, which is destroyed. The players are armed with a touch of each side, and if the players are using their fighters, then the shooter is put on. With every progression and gathering of resources, you will gather more points and be promoted as your rank in the game increases. Upgraded battle experience with highly augmented features and customizable user interface and game sound system to the massive community gamers.

Additions to the Game

The devs added:

  • Ten different zombies.
  • A new game mode is called “Threat Down”.
  • 12 different military robots.
  • A new game mode is called “Zombie Rush”.
  • 13 new zombie types.
  • Green lights in the street.
  • Two lanes.

Fixed wall jumps in several levels. Added special zombies for each of the new levels. Another upgrade is that zombies have regenerative health, but only for one round. In addition to that, players can now use old weapons. Some zombies got automatic weapons as well. On some levels, you can see greasy cars in the background. There is a new way to choose a level: zombie waves. This means that if you play a level with your friends, you can choose your specific zombie waves on demand. For all of those new features, the game comes with more than 120 levels.

Pre-installed Features

This game has a lot of hidden gems! To keep you busy, gamers may keep turning in the wait until they are ready to come out. You will be asked to choose the skin, and then you can select the size of the icon. The stickers are added as soon as you open the game, and we have the number of messages as well. We don’t offer any microtransactions in the game. There are only free game assets to start with, and the icons were created for the whole community. The game has a dynamic library of themes for gamers, writers, and artists. We are creating a battle with various themes and legends, and you are welcome to help us build up the database by sharing your stories. You can add your comment or image in the comments section by clicking the edit button.


The mini militia mod APK is free to download and play a game that is a lot of fun with a collection of awesome heroes, attractive art style, and a lot of excellent levels that are bursting with all sorts of different surprises that add to the drama of the game. The game will get the most time of any game that you can think of in your mind! The game features challenging levels, no in-app purchases, no advertisements, and works on both android devices and tablets.

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