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Detailed About Top 7 Features of Kareo EHR Software

Whenever you decide to change an EHR software and choose a new one, there is always a lot of indecisiveness regarding what software to choose. With the constant advancement in technology number of vendors have been able to update their software and come up with new and improved features frequently. This has caused the industry to be highly competitive. 

Choosing EHR software could always be a hassle and a time-consuming process. Find EMR aims to help and assist users with their decision-making process. 

There are a number of top-rated EHR vendors in the industry, one of them is Kareo EHR Software. Kareo EHR software is one-of-a-kind EHR software that offers its users amazing features and constant updating of the software so that the users stay up-to-date. The software aims to help users with their clinical and administrative functions within their practice. Its also offers users a Kareo EHR Demo. This software demo allows users to learn about the software before they actually purchase it. This greatly helps them in their decision-making process as the users already know whether the software features would be helpful for their practice or not. 

Kareo EHR Software

Founded in 2004, Kareo EHR Software has been servicing the healthcare industry for more than 16 years. The software has been designed to cater to the needs of small independent practices. It caters to a number of specialties as the software enables users to customize the software according to their specialty and needs. The software offers a number of useful features and is extremely user-friendly software. Kareo EHR software is Meaningful Use Stage I & II compatible. The software also is ICD-10 compliant. 

Find EMR has shortlisted some of the highlighting features of Kareo EHR Software that set the software apart from its competitors. 

Kareo EHR Software Features

EHR Software

Kareo EHR software is Electronic Health Records Software, which provides users with a complete technological solution for their practice. The software helps users in storing patient information online on a centralized database. The software can be deployed on a cloud-based system. Then, its further provides users with ease of access to the information at any time, even remotely. EHR Software works like an employee and helps users reduce their labor cost and also helps in eliminating paper allowing users to save time and physical space within the practice. 

Kareo EHR Comprehensive Dashboard

Kareo EHR Software also offers its users a comprehensive dashboard that displays all the important patient information such as patient vitals on a single screen while the doctors diagnose their patients. This helps practitioners in saving a lot of time as they do not have to switch between multiple tabs. The comprehensive dashboard is also very helpful for accurate diagnosis. 


The charting module is highly praised in Kareo EHR reviews. The users have stated that the charting is extremely easy and fast. Plus, they are able to share the charts with other practitioners regardless of their EHR software. Kareo Software offers interoperability and better efficiency. 


E-prescribing helps greatly with time management as users are easily able to avoid unnecessary calls regarding ordering prescriptions. The e-prescription feature has allowed users to easily order medicines. E-prescriptions can also easily be sent to patients. This way, they do not have to visit the practice to receive prescriptions.  

Integrated Patient Portal

The software also offers its users an integrated portal for patients through which they can connect and communicate with their doctors at all times. The patient portal has significantly helped during the pandemic as the social contact was restricted, and people were hesitant n visiting practices. The patient portal proved very fruitful for remote communication between patients and doctors. 

Secure Messaging

Kareo EHR Software also offers a secure intra-messaging feature where practitioners can easily message anyone in practice, for example, someone from the billing team. This allows users to achieve better collective efficiency by staying connected and well-informed. 

Appointment Management

Kareo EHR software allows users to schedule appointments automatically; the software also automates the reminder sent. This allows users to drastically reduce no-shows, increasing their capacity and daily revenue for the practice. 

Kareo EHR Demo can give users a complete tour and experience of how these EHR features could help them in their practice. You will use the demo to understand the software before the actual purchase.

These are some of the highlighting features of Kareo EMR Software. To seek more information about Kareo Software, visit Find EMR, where you can read the Kareo EHR reviews, or you could also talk to our expert.

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