Cube lovers should check out these cool accessories

These cubing accessories for Rubik’s cube lovers are ideal for anyone who loves solving this traditional puzzle-solving toy. From amateurs picking up the cube for the first time to pros who can solve it in a matter of seconds, there is just about something special about the cube! 

In this post, we have rounded up an amazing list of Rubik’s Cube gifts and accessories for cubers of every age and skill! All of the products mentioned below can be purchased from Cubelelo.

7 Great accessories for cube love

1. Lubricants 

Lubrication is a significant aspect of speedcubing and cubing in general. Lubricants can help a #heading=h.jygqynppzlnqcube perform well. On the other hand, poor lubrication leads to greater resistance when turning or rotating the cube, thereby leading it to work poorly and affecting a cuber’s performance. 

Therefore, having a lubricant handy can prove to be highly useful if you want your cube to last longer. You can choose from a variety of lubricants like the Cubeleo standard silicone, premium silicone, Maru lube, and GAN magic lube. 

2. Stickers

As you practice your cubing skills on your cube, the wear and tear will make your cube look older. Having cube stickers handy is absolutely great, especially when you feel that your cube needs a makeover. You can buy stickers as per your colour preferences or even as per the cube you own. You can easily find stickers for specific cubes like the YuXin, QiYi Warrior, QiYi QiXing, MF3RS2, MoYu WeiLong, etc. 

3. Magnets 

If you feel that your cube needs more stability and smoothness, you can easily do this on your own. You don’t need to buy a new cube, but rather add magnets! Magnet cubes are, of course, on fire in the market today. However, you can magnetize your own cube with the all-new neodymium magnets. You can choose from a range of the N30, N52, N45, N35 and N42 Neodymium magnets. 

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4. Cube Timers

Cube timers are made with a special curved design with touch sensors. The timers work on AAA batteries. If you are a speed solver or are working towards improving your solve times, then you must own a cube timer. A variety of cube timers are available in the market like the YJ Timer, QiYi Timer, YJ Pocket Timer, SpeedStacks G4 Pro, etc. Each cube timer has its own features based on the manufacturer that you choose and also based on your preference. 

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5. Cubing Mats

Cubing mats are sleek and stylish mats for solving cubes. They come in soft and dense material that absorbs the shock of the cube. As a cube solver, you should own a cubing mat as it is better at absorbing that a hard surface. What’s more, is that it also helps in keeping your cube in good condition. Some of the best cubing mats that you can opt for are the QiYi Player one training mat, QiYi Flash Stacking Green mat, QiYi flash stacking rainbow mat, Cubelelo X-Max mat, Cubelelo Cypher mat, Cubelelo windmill mat, Cubeleo honeycomb mat, and so much more. 

6. Bags and Pouches

Do you like to carry your cube wherever you go? Keeping your cube in pockets with other items or throwing it directly into your backpack can lead to a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. This, in turn, can reduce the life span of your Rubik’s cube. One of the best cubing accessories that you can own is bags and pouches specially designed for carrying your cubes. What’s more, is that keeping your cube in the cubing bag or pouch always can give your cube a longer life. You can bring home the Cubelelo cube pouch, GAN pouch, or the SpeedStack gear bag if you want to carry it while you travel locally. If you want a bigger bag for your cube, then you can also opt for the YJ Knapsack Bag or the QiYi Backpack.  

7. Keychains

Want to keep solving even when you don’t have a cube? Bring home Rubik’s cube keychains that can actually be solved! This way, you can keep practising your skills and your mind active even when you don’t actually have a Rubik’s cube with you. You can also bring home twisty cube keychains like the QiYi Gear 3×3 cube, QiYi Pyraminx, QiYi mini 3×3, QiYi Mini Pillowed 2×2, GAN 330 Mini 3×3, MFJS MeiLong Mini 3×3, and so much more.


Most speedcubers can be very picky about the brand or type of puzzle they want when it comes to puzzles. But with these accessories, you can beautify your world of cubes. We say this because all of these accessories are compatible with any cube you might have and also are fun to own. So, treat yourself to some great cubing accessories and step into the amazing world of cubing!

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