Know Your Mods – A Comprehensive Guide for Intermediate or Advanced Vapers

Vape Mods are usually more suitable for intermediate, as well as advanced vapers. Most individuals use mod devices when they want to tailor their vaping experience and get the best performance from a device.

The type of vape mods available out there vary depending upon the features you need or can control. Some mods are well-suited to advanced vapers who like to be hands-on, while other mods are for those who want a little more than the basic cigarette.

In this article, we will walk you through the different types of vape mods out there, and what they are most appropriate for:

What is a Vape Mod?

A Vape Mod is a vaping device that is modifiable. With the help of the mod, vapers can tailor, enhance and even alter their vaping experience. A mod vape device is generally bulkier and more complicated than other ordinary vape devices.

The modifications that are made to a vape mod device ranges from a longer-lasting battery, a larger tank capacity, more power to heat the e-juice, producing more vapor, and much more. These characteristics are less likely to be found in the usual vape pens or e-cigs.

Type of Vape Mods


Regulated are mods that contain a circuit board that helps regulate the current through the kit. Regulated mods also have various built-in protection mechanisms, which ensure safety for the user while vaping. It features an adjustable power/voltage, as well as various settings and modes.

Thus, a regulated mod is a good option if you are just moving on to vaping or you don’t want to tinker with electronics.


An unregulated mod is more appropriate for those vapers who want to build their own coils and have full control of the power output. However, you must have adequate knowledge about the ohms law to keep your device safe.

Moreover, when using an unregulated mod, you will need to push the button each time you take a puff. This is necessary in order to complete the circuit and heat the coil. However, in case you push the fire button on the mod for too long, you can end up heating the battery or burning the coil.

However, unregulated mods do not have the same protection feature as the regulated ones do. It does not shut down when it reaches certain thresholds that are unsafe.

Thus, if you are opting to fully customize your vaping experience, and are well-known about ohm’s law and electronics, then an unregulated mod would be a good option for you.

Mechanical (Mech)

A mech mod uses full battery power in order to fire up the coil in the vape. The current flows into the atomizer as soon as the battery is charged, which heats it up and allows you to vape.

This type of mod is simple, as well as durable. However, its simplicity does not mean it is suitable for beginners. Users will still need adequate knowledge of electronics, as well as physics, before taking on a mech mod.

Moreover, there are no safety regulations on these mods. You will also not find any modes, settings, or even an adjustable power on a mech mod. Thus, you will have to manually build your own coils and create some decent clouds.


A squonk is a type of vape mod that does not need to drip e-juice onto the coil each time you take a puff. Vapers, instead, have to deliver the e-juice to the coil via a squeezy bottle built into the kit that helps feed the atomizer and saturates the wick as well.

Although this technique reduces mess, the ‘dripping’ part isn’t always appropriate, for example, while driving.

Box mod

A box mod is box-shaped. This type of mod has the most adjustable settings, such as watts, voltage, temperature, and various other modes.

You can also get different tanks, with several resistances to fit. It is also important to know that box mods can be either regulated or unregulated.

Adjustable Wattage

Adjustable wattage allows you to tailor your vape. Higher wattages are more suitable for a warm vape and large clouds. If you are looking for a cooler vape, turn down the wattage.

Variable Voltage

Some mods allow you to alter the voltage as well. You can enjoy cooler clouds and a smooth throat hit if you turn down the voltage. However, increasing the voltage will result in a warmer vape and heavier throat hit.  With variable voltage, you are able to find your own sweet spot.

Built-in Battery

The type of vape mod comes with built-in batteries that are suitable for those looking for simplicity. However, the built-in batteries have a certain shelf life. Moreover, an internal battery is internally fixed, so cannot keep spares with you. The lifespan of the battery will also determine the lifespan of the device.

External Battery

Using a mod with an external battery(s) means that you can always keep some spare ones with you.

Moreover, you can even replace it, without having to buy a whole new device again. Some devices are powered by a single battery, double, or even triple battery. A higher-powered battery means a more powered device.

Temperature Control

Temperature control (TC) mode helps to prevent hits that are burnt and dreaded. By setting the temperature, you can allow your vape to maintain the same temperature when you take a long drag. This way, you will not end up burning the coil out or taking a dry hit.

Pod Mod

The pod mod is a new type of vape mod. It is basically a hybrid of a small pod vape, with features of a mod, which include variable wattage, external batteries, TC mode, and various other settings and modes.

Thus, when you know what you want out of your device, it will become much easier for you to find the right one for you out of countless different kinds of vapes available out there in the market.

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