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Checkout the Student Visa 500 Checklist and Eligibility Criteria in Australia

Australia is a favored destination for many international students for higher studies. The country has 40 Australian, 2 international, and 1 private specialty university. The general trend of education here is higher-level courses, and most of these institutions offer bachelors, masters, and doctorate courses. The institutions also offer a wide range of courses, including science, management, commerce, arts, and engineering, law, and health sciences. Studying in Australia is possible through Student Visa 500.

The appropriate visa for students

The Australian government has a specific type of visa for its foreign students that allows them the chance to study in the country. Named as the Student Visa Subclass 500, this visa is the most referred visa for students of other countries. The student can bring his or her family members to Australia. Along with their studies, the students can work for a specific period. The interested students can know more from proficient Australian Migration agents.

Necessities Of Student Visa 500 Australia

The visa is for the students but separate rules are followed depending upon the several conditions and characteristics of the student like age, chosen courses, whether married or not, etc. Mostly, the student visa 500 requirements ensure the educational necessities are summarily fulfilled, and so it is important to follow the existing guidelines of requirements for this visa, mentioned as follows:

  • Qualify the age restriction

There are certain age restrictions present for the person(s) applying for the student visa 500. For example, if the person is a school student but does not participate in a secondary school exchange program, he or she must be aged 6 years or older for the application to proceed. Similarly, the following conditions have to be fulfilled for the applicant of student visa 500;

  1. Less than 17 years at the start of year 9
  2. Less than 18 years old when applying for year 10
  3. Less than 19 years old at the beginning of year 11
  4. Less than 20 years old at the start of year 12.
  • Enrolment in a registered course

The applicant must be enrolled in a course registered at the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Documentary proof of enrolment has to be provided, otherwise, the passport application will not proceed further.

For students outside and inside Australia, a certificate of enrolment or CoE must be provided with the application. If the student has applied for more than one course, then CoE for each of the courses will have to be submitted. The student can take multiple courses, provided one of the courses led to another. Gaps between the courses must be less than three calendar months unless the first course finishes at the end of a standard academic year and the second course starts at the beginning of the following academic year. Details can be obtained from the most proficient Immigration Agents Perth.

  • Welfare arrangements

The applicants must arrange for welfare arrangements for themselves if they are arriving under a student visa and are aged under 18 years.

  • English language skills

The applicants will have to provide proof of their skills in the English language. The department accepts qualifying marks in one of the well-known English language tests, like, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. The applicant must provide evidence of the qualifying marks or be included in one of the exempted categories.

  • Health and character requirement

Students applying under the Student Visa Subclass 500 have to qualify for the health and character requirement of the visa. Essentially, they cannot carry any condition that can harm the general population of Australia, and the applicant shouldn’t have any record of criminal activity or shouldn’t be involved with individuals, companies, or institutions that are associated with criminal activities.

  • Genuine temporary entrant

The applicant must fulfill the status of a genuine temporary entrant, i.e., he or she must return to their homeland after their course of study is completed.

  • Sign the Australian values’ statement

The applicant must sign the Australian values statement indicating that he or she will accept the Australian values and way of life. And will also respect the rules of the visa he or she has been allowed to enter the country.

In addition, the applicants will have to repay any outstanding debt they have with the government of Australia. The department can also cancel the visa if they feel it against the best interest of any accompanying children, in which case, it may become problematic to get a visa in the future.

Student Visa 500 Checklist

The application of the visa 500 has to be completed properly and be accompanied by the required documents. Providing them at the start will ensure lesser processing time and reduced visits or communication before acceptance. The must-have things to include in the Student Visa 500 Checklist can be listed as:

  • CoE for each of the courses applied.
  • Overseas insurance documents for each of the applicants.
  • Evidence to prove welfare management and/or arrangement to live in Australia for the course duration.
  • Digital and hard copy proof of conditions satisfying the genuine temporary entrant facet (like details of property in the homeland, employment in the homeland, etc.).
  • If in a relationship, evidence confirming the same.
  • For research students, a copy of your project/thesis topic will be needed.

The application becomes easier to perform if someone with the knowledge of the nuances and having information about the different developments in Student visa 500 is available to look it over. So, seeking out the help of an experienced and Registered Migration Agent in Perth will be a good idea.

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