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Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy and How To Get Relief

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in someone’s life. It’s a stage of life that comes with happiness and joy. The feeling of motherhood is surreal. However, it does have some complications, especially on the physical health of the mother. One such issue is back pain during pregnancy. The rapid change in the body triggers chronic back pain, making life a bit difficult for you. But, there are several ways to fix this back pain and enjoy every moment of this process. 


If you want to get pregnancy back pain relief in Callao, VA, then you’re at the right place, as we’re here with a compilation of remedies to fight off back pain during pregnancy. 


What Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy?

The back, especially the spine, is a crucial part of our body that helps stabilize posture. As the body undergoes rapid physical changes, it can put some extra pressure on the back.


The body is biologically prepared to tolerate the labor, and thus it stretches the ligaments to get loose. The loose ligaments can affect the posture, disrupting the joints and muscles. Sciatica is a common problem during pregnancy as weight gain can increase fluid retention. 


The center of gravity shifts forward as the body gains size, which is countered by bad posture. The weight gain might force you to lean back a bit. It can cause pain and discomfort in the back region. 


These are all parts of the pregnancy, and you have a few ways to counter these.


Remedies to Get Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy-

Pregnancy Massage

The wrong posture can put pressure on the sciatica nerve, which is located near the lower back. A pregnancy massage is a safe way to loosen the muscles in this region and relieve the pain. Pregnancy massage can also lift the mood of the mother. 



With time, your muscles may get stiff, and there’s nothing better than stretching to release the tension. You can strengthen the back muscle group, which prevents backache. You can either contact a physical therapist or a medical expert to help you out with stretching.


You can add the stretching session to your daily workout regimen. However, don’t overstretch as it can result in an injury. 


Prenatal Yoga

The prenatal yoga class is an excellent option for pregnant ladies. The prenatal yoga classes are all about stretching, yoga poses, breathing, and meditation. Meditation helps tolerate pain, and thus, it could be helpful during the final stage of pregnancy. 


Yoga will prepare you mentally and physically for the process, and you can live a stress-free life. 


Proper Sleep

Sleep is something you can’t overlook during pregnancy. A sound, restorative sleep in a soothing environment can keep both mother and the baby healthy. Sleeping can also help fight off back pain as the body recovers while you’re dozing off. 


Doctors suggest getting proper 8-hour sleep, especially in case of chronic back pain. Also, the quality of the mattress is crucial too; thus, make sure that the mattress is soft and firm.



Meditation is an excellent option to alleviate anxiety, stress, and even pain. While you meditate, the body releases a feel-good hormone, which can help you relax. The breathing techniques can also help fight off inflammation and pain. 


Maintaining a Good Posture

The center of the gravity will keep shifting forward as the baby grows. The body compensates by leaning back, as it wants to avoid falling. But the compensation could be harsh for the muscles, and it can put your back under excessive pressure. 


You can always counter the muscle strain by maintaining a good posture. Keep these points in mind: 


  • Try to stand as straight as possible
  • Keep your chest high
  • Don’t put pressure on the shoulders or back
  • Keep your knees relaxed


Keep your stance wide while standing for better support. Always avoid standing for a more extended period as it can put pressure on the lower body. 


It’s crucial to maintain a good posture while sitting as well.



The application of hot and cold compressions is also an excellent way to alleviate back pain. Hot application fights soreness and stiffness. On the other hand, the cold application will help you to reduce pain. 


It’s better to consult a physical therapist or your doctor before using this method. 


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy comes with almost zero side effects, and it’s highly effective. You can consider physical therapy to get pregnancy back pain relief in Callao, VA. The therapist will do a complete evaluation and will provide a good therapy session.


You can consult your gyno before considering physical therapy as an option. 

Back pain is only one of the many health problems you can develop before or after pregnancy. One of the toughest things to recover from after pregnancy are c-sections. Luckily, there are things that can make the recovery a lot easier. Getting the best c-section belly band on the market is one of the many things you can try.



If the back pain is severe and it keeps affecting your daily life for more than two weeks, then it’s best to reach out for medical help. Back pain during pregnancy can also indicate other medical conditions; thus, it’s better to go for a checkup. 

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