Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants | Everything You NEED To Know

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As a new entrepreneur you quickly have to master how to wear all the hats how to balance a thousand things at once and it makes you never drop the ball but eventually at some point in everyone’s career you realize that you need to get help if you go back just a few years ago that meant hiring employees having insane overhead costs having new offices and workplaces and having this team that costs a bunch of money and really hurts your bottom line but today in the age of online entrepreneurship you can get highly skilled individual or team to help you run and manage your business for a fraction of the cost by utilizing virtual assistants now the question becomes when do you hire a virtual assistant how do you hire a virtual assistant how do you manage that team .



Amazon seller so if you wanna learn I want anything Amazon FBA without the BS they’ve come to the right place .

we’re going to talk about is how to get a virtual assistant to run your Emeline FBA business properly what’s the process for hi and what’s a process of training and when do you know when you’re ready to do it  you’re probably after passive income right that’s the reason to get in one of the main reasons at least sorry to get into online business is that you can run it from anywhere in the world and if you’ve set it up correctly you can run it at a minimal hours per day okay passively that’s the whole idea okay now the thing about Amazon FBA is it’s not that passive truthfully it’s not that passive if you’re by yourself you’re doing it as a one-man show especially once you have multiple products right once you’re up there into the five ten fifteen products and you’re still trying to grow and you’re still trying to launch new products you realize that it’s just it doesn’t make any more sense okay so when is the right time to do it now the right time some people like to break it down to you if you’re making so much money per month or if you’re you know you’re you’re doing you know this much revenue or you’re launching this much stuff or whatever it is but I like you simple okay so it’s the simplest way to figure out if it’s the right time is what is your day broken up into what are you doing in your day how many hours are you spending a day and what are those tasks going into so once you’ve reached a point where the majority of your daily duties for your business are going into maintenance and day-to-day like managerial tasks customer support tasks then that is when it’s time to maybe think about getting some help okay so if your time is spent on managing or or spent on you know basically brain-dead tasks that are repeatable as opposed to growth tasks that are actually going to move your company forward and grow your business then that’s one it’s time to seek help okay now the thing about this is that a lot of people are gonna look at this the wrong way now say you make it found those a month profit okay and that’s what you’re banking profit after all expenses it’s throwing your back down thousand every single month for your business okay now you’re spending 60 hours a week to make that happen and 35 of those hours are replying to customers dealing with reviews dealing with things with Amazon talking to suppliers and you know you know ordering new inventory you know looking at top of the funnel product research and and all these different things that aren’t actually what you’re best at what’s what can I grow your business just things that you know someone else could do for you okay now to get that someone else you need to spend $500 a month on that person so now you’re gonna look and you say hey I’m splitting my profit in half to get help right it’s not worth it right that’s what I lucky will we’ll look at it but instead of looking at like that look at it on the time aspect right so instead let’s say this person is gonna free up for you 30 hours a week now you’ve instead of thinking about your you’ve lost an expense of half of your profit instead you actually bought back half of your time right you’re not burning it you’re actually gaining time right which is a more valuable resource than the money right so if you’re looking to grow and Excel you business you have to look at it and what the value of your time is now that’s 30 extra hours we can go to actually getting another product that’s gonna generate you an extra thousand dollars profit again a month so now you’ve paid $5.00 a month you’ve bought back half your time and you’ve gained back another thousand dollars a month and pro right so that is kind of how you have to look at it it’s not on the money you’re losing but the time inside that you’re gaining as long as you know that time to be made valuable to you now of course those two sides of that if your goal is only to make a thousand dollars a month and that’s all you want it that’s your profit you’re happy with that you’re keeping your full-time job then you’re good to go but then you got to ask yourself is this what you want to do forever are you willing to put in the amount of whatever work you’re doing for this business to make a thousand dollars forever and knowing that if you were to leave you might die off right now a quick thing I like to do is always look refer back to the cash flow quadrant now this is something by Robert Kiyosaki where he really plays really well right so let’s look at this camera over here okay so we got a quadrant here I’m gonna fill it in here before you really quickly all right so if you look at the left side of the quadrant we have E right so e stands for employee employee of course is someone that has a job and they’re working for somebody else and their time there’s training time to make money right and then the bottom left side of the quadrant here we have s now s is self so self-employed or solo solopreneur now a self-employed is where most Amazon sellers are going to be starting right most people that start Amazon are gonna be II have a job and then they’re transitioning to S which is a self-employed self meaning you own a job right you you don’t work for you don’t work for a job you don’t have a boss you are your own boss but you still have a job meaning if you were to leave your income relies solely on you being there so you cannot leave you cannot take yourself away from that because it lives and dies with your existence okay and then on the right side of the quadrant the first thing we have is B so the B stands for business so business means you own a system and you have a team in place that makes money generates money for you so whether you’re there or you’re not there your business is making you money and then the other bottom right side of the quadrant here we have I then I stands for investors so investor is someone who doesn’t have a team or a system instead their money alone is making them money so the goal is to get from the left side of employee to itself to the right side of business and investor now that’s what guy thing about is where do you want to sit on the quadrant do you want something where you need to be there all the time to generate money or do you want to get over to business and have a system have a team in place that you can go peace for a few months and still make that money and still hopefully be growing your business as well with that in and kind of what I gave you about when is the right time I think feel for an al-anon business when you are having more time spent on day-to-day tasks instead of growth tasks now you can kind of decide for yourself if it’s the right timing for you right now to get a virtual assistant and if that’s the case if you decide it is the right time then the question becomes how do you do it and how do you manage them once they have them on a team so let’s jump in my computer here and I’ll show you how I find virtual assistants that really kill it for me with my business so the first place that I like to go for virtual assistants is a website called online jobs dot pH now all in jobs at pH is where you find virtual assistants in the Philippines that are gonna be doing tasks for you ok so similar that it’s for virtual stays in the Philippines and the nice thing about it that I like using Filipinos is that they’re always very hard-working that was very honest most people in the Philippines are taught English as I going through school right so I really just always have great experience with still cleanup workers it’s not like I don’t have for anywhere else I’ll show you when you’re going up work I do have other employees from other places but starting online job the pH from the Philippines and of course as well top of that the pricing is not gonna break the bank for you ok so with all my pH you’re gonna need at least a pro account to start because it allows you to view job applications and read the reviews and then highlight worker so the free is really just going on you can check it out right now the thing about this is that it’s nine bucks six nine bucks a month but once you’re done once you hired you can always cancel the subscription so I basically whenever I need to hire I’ll sign up for pro you know get a bunch of applications go through the hiring process and then once I’ve actually found a hire that I like and I’ve tested for a few weeks then I’ll go ahead and cats or you know a few days I’ll cancel the account okay so all I know the pH or the first place to start all you post a job and then it’s like posting anything anywhere else like Craigslist or whatever it is okay 84 and everything like that so all I drop the pH is number one and the next is up work so up work is a great place on the top the pH of Philippe’s only up work is worldwide right so you’ll see Philippines New Zealand Germany United States and these are literally Amazon excellent product and listing copywriter and these are like higher-end obviously for $10 an actor $50 an hour but if you just search I just searched Amazon but if you search for like a virtual assistant you’ll find different things here so let’s do that and then you’ll see you know ten bucks an hour six bucks an hour eight bucks an hour six twenty six twenty five an hour again you can teach them and train them in your ways in your process for Amal FBA but again you actually will see a lot of Amazon FBA experience virtual assistants on here as well and I think what up work is that you can pay right through up work it tracks their hours and everything for you so that once you know it kind of takes makes a service super simple for you so you don’t have to all sit and have your own you know kind of payroll thing and and have a whole new system you can keep it on upward and keep it very very easy okay so that is how you do it now the next thing is once you’ve gone through the process what do you do to manage and keep everyone in track and what are you gonna be doing what are these virtual system could be doing for you so these are just kind of how I do it and I run it through Trello so if you don’t know what Trello is Trello is a free website totally free thing where you can have these things that they call boards right and in these boards you have these carts right so this is called a what do you call it call these thing a list so within the list different list and then different tap or cards inside the list the nice thing is it’s just drag-and-drop so if they’re like doing something here you can bring it over there if you I need to add a new task just add a new card and it’s just very simple very easy to use and I’m not gonna it’s not a Trello tutorial let’s kind of show you how I do everything so I have think customer questions so the first thing on the board is training so how to use the board for them and then training material now I have an advantage in that my training material is actually a lot of stuff for specifically for the business but then I also have my entire Amazon FBA Empire Academy which is my Amazon fake horse so that’s my sell trick if you all remember that bar Academy you can show some of those videos to your virtual assistant and train them on a specific things that you need them to know right so that’s a training one they can really go back to customer questions so will as probably give me superpowers right you never know what kind of questions you’ll get on Amazon so that what basically what’s gonna happen here is VA sees a question whether it’s on Amazon email Instagram Facebook or our Facebook wherever your questions comes in they out of here how do I fly like Superman right and then they’re going to add that and then they’re gonna go ahead and add a label and say that’s from email right now what I do is to have them answer the question here in the description a drink red bull right so they answer the question there how they think they want to answer it and then what can happen is I’ll get an invitation I’ll come in here and if that’s a good answer if I if I feel like the answer it’s correct drink red bull then I’ll go ahead and add approved okay so that that’s approve that you want to answer that question so it’s for like the customer supports as they’re learning how to interact with customers how to answer questions and typically I’m only doing this process for like a week or two weeks and then eventually with the product they know how to answer the question so it’s not that like you’re doing it forever but for the very beginning if you want to be know that the answers that are going out to customers you’re comfortable with them that’s kind of a fun little approval process easy simple approval process to go through and then they have things for what they’re currently working on right tasks that I want them to do so export is any PPC report for August and that’s set for a secret certain date so they know when that’s due and then they can go to calendar and be like hey these things are due on this certain date but that’s September 2018 and then do you have random tasks if you want to throw around tells me that you throw it in and then here we have like other tasks that have them do like but for doing part research for you they can throw the products out there you know that they found on here I think I’m throwing quote that they have four suppliers and this is just kind of an example board of how I run it how I run the show and how I can be everything organized and kind of in a you know very systemized way so everyone knows what’s going on everyone’s accountable for what they’re accountable for and stuff like that this is a totally free way to do it now with other soft wares I use like asana which is paid but just starting out if you have just one VA and use it as kind of your whole team and you want to manage the process through here Trello is a very nice way to do it so there you have it guys so now you know when is the right time to get a v8 kind of how you should be looking at managing and balancing your time to get from an employee and then a self-employed to actually running a business that is really passive and you can leave and you can actually start seeing scaling and start growing exponentially we’re using and utilizing the help of highly talented and highly skilled people from around the world that are going to help you just through the power of the internet if you want to harness more of the power of the Internet one little cool trick besides drinking Red Bull that’s actually going to help you fly like Superman all you do is click the like button for me right on this video that definite helps me out and then if you’re ready for more training.

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