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7 Interesting Facts About Shrimps

All of us have ordered shrimp many times at a Seafood Restaurant In Greensboro. What we all know is how tasty and delicious shrimp is and they are a must on every seafood menu. But there is a lot that we don’t know. Shrimp is an interesting specie. You will be amazed to read some fantastic facts about shrimp.

1.      Numerous Species

While viewing the seafood menu crowded with shrimp dishes we came across a question. How could they manage to offer plenty of shrimp dishes?  Where does a great deal of shrimp come from? And we get to know something really jaw-dropping. These decapod crustaceans, shrimps, have more than 2000 species. Just because the shrimps spread widely, you can find them close to the seafloor of various estuaries and coasts. You can also find many of them on local rivers and lakes.

The lifespan of some shrimp species is quite small i.e., they only live for a few (1 to 7 )years. On the other hand, there are some shrimp species such as Hawaiian Red shrimp that live very long. In captivity, they can live for more than 20 years.

2.      Size Variations

All shrimps do not have the same size. Some are a few centimeters in length while others are even several inches longer. Their body is characterized by side-to-side compressions, long legs, lamellar gills, a semitransparent thin exoskeleton, and a fanlike tail. They also possess thin and long antennae.

The smallest shrimps have a size of 2 centimeters including head and tail. The longest shrimp has an approximate size of 12 inches inclusive of the head and tail. Some species are even longer such as tiger shrimp. The tiger shrimps have invasive nature in the Gulf. This specie of shrimps can roughly grow to a length equivalent to an average adult forearm. More tail meat is present in these shrimps compared to an average lobster.

3.      Small brain, Complex Behavior

Shrimps have small brains, but the size is not the point. The shrimps, despite having small brains, exhibit really complex behaviors. Some shrimps are also called cleaner shrimps due to their property of cleaning parasites from other fishes. These cleaner shrimps feed on these parasites as well as on dead scales. The interesting thing is not what they are consuming but the behavior they adopt to get their food.

In order to attract other fishes, the shrimps perform a stylized dance. This dance attracts the fishes to come closer so that shrimps can feed on the parasites present in their mouths. The shrimps intake these parasites and in return, the fishes get rid of them. In short, the shrimp and the fishes live in a symbiotic relationship. Sometimes, the fish having this relationship with the shrimp is twice the size of the shrimp.

4.      Noisy Shrimps

These peaceful-looking shrimps are not always such peaceful. Even they have the capability to destroy the peace of the whole ocean. Whenever there are snapping shrimps around the ocean can get pretty much noisy. Their snapping sound can be louder than any sound in the ocean. They produce this snapping sound by hitting all their small and large pincers together. This sound is loud, shrill, and piercing having such a high pitch.

The actual purpose of making this noise is still ambiguous. Still, some theories say that this sound is produced for the purpose of communication between shrimps. Besides this, it is also believed that shrimps produce this sound to stun and even kill their prey. Noisy Shrimps!

5.      Swimming Experts

Catching shrimps has never been an easy task. Additionally, they are good at preying. All this is due to their ability to swim excellently. They are really great at swimming. They can swim forward to follow or catch their prey. To move in the forward direction in the water, they paddle their swimmerets present on the underside of their abdomen. They can also swim backward to escape their predators. They do so by quickly reflexing their abdomen and tail muscles. Their tale flicks play an important role in quickly moving them backward, making them hard to catch.

6.      Nutritional Facts

None can deny the nutritional importance of shrimps. Besides being tremendously mouthwatering they are excellent for human health too. The shrimps comprise an antioxidant material, selenium. This antioxidant has the capability to activate enzymes that can fight and limit the growth of cancer-causing free radicals. So, making these small creatures a part of your diet will reduce your risk of encountering cancer. Knowing this fact all must try to consume shrimp at least once a week.

Intaking shrimps also reduce the incidence of heart attacks. Apart from selenium, shrimp also have astaxanthin which is vital to strengthen the arteries of our body. Appropriate levels of astaxanthin also help in increasing good cholesterol levels. Good cholesterol is an important factor for maintaining heart health. In addition to all this, astaxanthin can also impose positive impacts on your brain health. It has anti-inflammatory properties, that are beneficial in preventing brain cell damage. Ultimately, preventing neurodegenerative diseases and memory loss.

Shrimps are also considered healthier due to the fact that they are a low-calorie food. There are only 7 calories in a medium-cooked shrimp. So, you do not feel guilty selecting shrimp from the seafood menu even if you are on diet. There are enough proteins in shrimp to be a part of a balanced diet. They become more nutritious when served with brown rice or other healthy carbs.

7.      Do not Defrost in the Microwave

If you are getting late for dinner and have decided to defrost the shrimp in the microwave, then think again. No doubt, it is an extremely nice shortcut but not a nice idea. The reason behind it is that shrimps cook very quickly. Before you just know it, it will go from frozen to overcooked. Literally, just in no time. So, the best idea to act on is to put the frozen shrimp bag in a stream of cold water. It is ideal for an emergency situation as it will only require 15 minutes to defrost shrimp in this way.

Bottom Line

Next time you see a seafood menu crowded with shrimps do not think much, just order and enjoy. If you have not tried them before, do try them now. They are easily available. They are not only delicious but have numerous nutritional benefits. They improve your heart and brain health. Save you from heart attacks and memory loss issues. Even if you are on diet, you can consume shrimp as they have lower calories.

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